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UNITE HERE drums outside union-busting Crystal City Sheraton

The Crystal City Sheraton and other Sheraton hotels have been in the habit of illegally firing their workers for trying to organize a union. on July 30, this earned them well over a hundred picketers with DRUMS in afternoon rush … Continue reading

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DC Mayor Fenty gets home demo from dept of parks and rec workers

Mayor Fenty is closing child care facilities run by the Dept of parks and Recreation in defiance of emergency legislation demanding they be kept open/ Furious with this, parks and rec workers, supported by Empower DC and others, marched on … Continue reading

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Novartis Nightmare:HLS protests July 6 in DC

On the 6th of July, animal rights protesters paid an 8 AM visit to the DC offices of Novartis, a customer of puppy-killing Huntingdon “Life” Sciences. The DC office of Novartis is located at 701 Penn Ave NW. Audio coverage … Continue reading

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Protesters at State Dept warn, fear Honduras coup could spark civil war

At Noon on July 1, protesters from a long list of groups showed up outside the US State Dept with three demands: Cut off all US aid to Honduras until President Zelaya returns safely to office, impose financial sanctions against … Continue reading

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