Notice to WordPress’s own advertisers: this site is not “brand-safe”

Notice to advertisers on WordPress itself: As we have no interest in selling ads ourselves on this site, no attempt is made to make any post or any page on this site “brand-safe.” We could care less if our content is appropriate to appear next to ads for shoes, roofing, or anything else.

Those who on the one hand post anti-capitalist content, then sell ads on their sites and complain when advertisers object that their content is not “brand-safe” and pull their ads are HYPOCRITES.

Here at DC Direct Action News, we support campaigns to get advertisers to remove their ads (and their money) from fascist sites like Breitbart News, and have no objection to getting the same treatment ourselves in response. Breatbart needs ads and we do NOT, so we are a net beneficiary of a symmetrical “extremist content” advertiser boycott.