DC Mayor Fenty gets home demo from dept of parks and rec workers

Mayor Fenty is closing child care facilities run by the Dept of parks and Recreation in defiance of emergency legislation demanding they be kept open/ Furious with this, parks and rec workers, supported by Empower DC and others, marched on Mayor Fenty’s home (4712 17th st NW)  on July 11 at noon.

Radio coverage from WSQT Direct Action Radio 88.1 FM


Most of the parks and recreation workers HAD TO MASK UP for fear of workplace retaliation. One person was wearing a beekeeper’s mask-and cited prior incidents of illegal workplace retaliation by Fenty’s henchmen. I haven’t seen this much fear of retaliation since GMU students were disciplined for protesting the circus! Anyway, the response was the same-mask up for security.

beekeeper's Mask to protect from workplace retaliation

beekeeper's Mask to protect from workplace retaliation

Can you believe this? A Parks and Rec worker had to resort to wearing a beekeeper’s mask to avoid stirring up an hornet’s nest of illegal retaliation at work from the Mayor’s flunkies!

Fenty wasn’t home, but a neighbor was taking care of his dog. This prompted protesters to point out that Fenty’s dog was getting better care than children too young for school will get if the 15+ day care centers are closed as Fenty is planning.

Perhaps the next march against the child care closures will have to be at midnight instead of noon to make sure Fenty’s home?

It’s good of Fenty to have someone look after his dog, but DC’s working families often need child care as well-and many protest participants said the child care centers are needed more than the new dog parks that are opening!


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