COPYRIGHT NOTICE for corporations and law enforcement

Updated 3-10-2013

for individuals and social activists

Copy and redistibute freely if you are a blogger or an activist. Post on your blog, spread the news!

License is hereby granted to freely distribute, reproduce and to create deriviative works based on all original media published on this site for any and all noncommercial use by individuals and social activists. That means YOU, bloggers!

For corporations

License is also granted to publishers and republishers of news or entertainment media to reproduce, distribute, and to create derivative works based on all original media published on this on condition that such news or entertainment entity is not engaged in the filing of civil lawsuits or sending of communications threatening legal action for copyright infringment or alleged copyright infringement against any individual or not-for-profit entity.

Certain organizations denied license

Copyright license shall be denied and permission to use original images, printed stories audio, and video recordings on this site shall NOT be granted to the following organizations, nor their agents, nor their attorneys:

Getty Images


Any client of PicScout

Any content-fingerprinting “bot” or robot similar to PicScout

Any corporation engaged in the development of real estate

Any law enforcement agency or “national security” agency of any kind absolutely without exception

Any representative of any bank doing business in three or more states of the US, or investors holding more than a 1% stake in same.

ANYONE involved in any way with the enforcement of foreclosures or evictions.

Any representative of any entity involved any form of extractive industry or investors holding more than a 1% stake in same. That includes mining, oil, gas, coal, and any net extraction of timber or clearcutting, as well as any other industry that removes a resource from the Earth and fails to replace it.

Any representative of Huntingdon Life Sciences or any other vivisector, or any bank, investor, or other entity having a financial relationship with Huntingdon Life Sciences or any other vivisector.

Any representative of any organization or individual who has ever initiated civil or criminal proceedings in any court, in any jurisdiction, for the purpose of prosecuting, enjoining, seeking damages after, or otherwise limiting or restraining protest and social activism by antiwar, by anti-gentrification, by environmental or by animal rights organizations.

These above listed firms shall be denied license to reuse any materials found on this site, for any purpose.

8 Responses to COPYRIGHT NOTICE for corporations and law enforcement

  1. Moe Hacken says:

    Would you folks be interested in joining a class action against PicScout for violating people’s Fourth Amendments rights by sending a bandwidth-hogging crawler to search for evidence on web servers under false user-agent names? They obviously do not have a warrant or court order to do so since their prime motivation is to feed “evidence” to their list of copyright trolling clients. Plans for such an action are very much in the hypothetical realm, but we’d like to see what kind of traction we can get for it. Our forum at has been inspired by a class action taken in Israel against Getty and one of their copyright trolls who was shaking people down illegally by pretending to have the right to enforce Getty copyrights when in fact they did not.

    • dcdirectactionnews says:

      Probably not, this is a street activist website with a lot of focus on the concealment of identities. We would be more interested in seeing people refuse to pay Getty letters and hackers hammer PicScout’s servers with DNS attacks than anything else at this point. PicScout is based in Israel, maybe a lucky shot from a Quassam or Grad rocket will take these bastards out once and for all.

      One defense we use is this: No real names were used in setting up this blog, nor were any traceable IP addresses used. If Getty tried to send us a letter, it would be sent hundreds of miles away. There is another thing Getty should think about: if they fuck with us, 1: we won’t pay a motherfucking penny. Even if they were to win a judgement, nobody associated with this site has any assets that could be reached by any court, nor any income subject to garnishment.

      2: We’ll encourage people to target their servers. We LOVE Anonymous and other socially aware hackers here. The hacker community really doesn’t know enough about Getty Images-yet…

      3: we will greatly increase the amount of Palestine and Gaza coverage on this site. As Israelis Getty should LOVE that-fucking with us will be like fucking with Hezbollah, the folks who defeated Israel in war while the Lebanese Army refused to fight in 2006.

  2. Moe Hacken says:

    I understand your position. Some of the members of the ELI forum are brainstorming about a class action against Getty, PicScout, and/or any of their ilk. Taking PicScout out on the legal front would hit them where it hurts: It would make them a useless service in the US except in cases where a warrant is issued, a rare instance for copyright trolling. In Israel, Getty is getting nailed in a class action. We’re thinking we can follow up on this example and do something similar in the US on behalf of all of PicScout’s clients’ victims. It’s sweet to see them exposed for their fraudulent “strategic litigation” extortion tactics. You can read more on the ELI forum. I’ll paste the link here, hoping you will allow it as I don’t intend to violate your Terms of Service:

    • dcdirectactionnews says:

      You are more than welcome to post any information you develop on this lawsuit or anything else you think may help put the screws to those swine at Getty. Especially welcome are any home addresses and other personal information on their executives, no matter where they live. Getty is at war with Internet users and needs to be treated as a battlefield enemy, with the same utmost ruthlessness they use themselves.

      Thanks for the update!

  3. Moe Hacken says:

    You’re more than welcome. I think you’ll take great pleasure to learn that the dirtbag private equity firm that owned Getty during the time when they pioneered the “strategic litigation” and “extortion letter” business model is now attempting to dump them. This could be the result of a combination of factors, including the class action in Israel. Among the buyers who turned up their nose at the ridiculous asking price of 3.5-4 billion dollars was Bain Capital. This shows that Getty is a sinking ship and their owners know it. This bullshit “business model” they try to pass off as copyright protection is probably not making enough money to carry the massive weight of this industry dinosaur, so they’re trying to dump the brand before it becomes apparent that it’s well past its prime and grossly overvalued. PicScout would probably be included in the sale, so it’s a good time to make Getty look like shit warmed over to lower their market price as much as possible. Potential buyers are also private equity firms and they love nothing more than buying low — maybe so low the current trolls who own it actually end up LOSING money after all is said and done! You can read about this development on this thread at the ELI forum:

  4. Paige M says:

    I believe that we are covered under the copyright notices you’ve listed above and would be allowed to use your news footage in the feature length film that I am currently working on. However, I still would like to check with you all for permission to use your footage to play on televisions within the sets of the feature length independent film that I am art directing. Let me know if this is ok!

  5. Gary Weiner says:

    i am making a video for my recorded new version of Dylan’s Times They Are A Changin i want to release before the election. i do not intend to sell the video although i do intend to sell the recording. do i have permission to use clips from your collection if i give creative commons attribution only credit?

    • dcdirectactionnews says:

      Feel free to use anything here as long is it will not be used benefit or support:

      1: the GOP(Republican Party) or GOP candidates for office
      2: Donald Trump
      3: any corporate lobbying effort
      4: The racist/white nationalist/homophobic/sexist/anti-migrant causes the GOP supports

      and you are not suing any filesharers for copyright infringement. If you won’t be supporting the listed agendas or candidates and are not suing filesharers you have my explicit permission to use my original content.

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