Why we are leaving YouTube/What’s wrong with YouTube and Gmail

Youtube is owned by Google, and Google collects so much user information liked to IP addresses as to represent a major honeypot for law enforcement.

Google says that if someone gets three “strikes” for defying the non-fair-use respecting copyright rules or for defying their “community guidelines,” they will disable not one, but ALL accounts “linked” to that IP address.

There is a very threatening “Sauron” implication in this:

This may mean google is creating a database of all IP addresses used by each subscriber, a database the pigs could get into with a “national security letter” , so as to identify all accounts held by those who use multiple IP addresses. This applies to Youtube, Gmail, and all other google account services.

As evidence of the existence of this database, two test Youtube accounts created from an IP we had used only to edit our main account(with one copyright whiner and a video removed for posting Kingdon Gould’s home address) were both created disabled, and hacking around found only an option to reactivate by SMS (phone) text message. We refused to comply and realized this means a dangerous database is being built.

This database, once accessed by law enforcement, would allow working out who uses what computers, and therefore who networks with whom, so as to work out the structure of any organization containing more than one person with either a YouTube or Gmail account.

SMS VERIFICATION WARNING: Never, ever agree to “verify” a new or recover a disabled (due to related IP) account by sms message! If you do this, Google has your phone number and can give it to the pigs. This will like your Youtube or Gmail account to your REAL name and REAL address unless it is a throwaway phone bought with cash. That is an evidence trail good enough to prove in court who posted a video, unlike an IP address on an unsecured wireless network-even you own, especially that of the public library.

If you still want a new youtube account and are asked for a phone number, go to another IP address, get the zip code there, and be sure they match when you fill out the online forms. This will work if someone else didn’t make five Youtube accounts there first-or ever log into one containing even one video with a copyright or “community guidelines” violation. Better yet, boycott Google and post your videos anywhere Google does not control.

Our existing videos will remain on Youtube until they collect three strikes and the accounts are cancelled, but we will not be relying on them in the future. instead, we will post videos on in two places: Liveleak and http://www.activistvideo.org .

We will still link to videos posted by others on Youtube, but be aware of Google’s IP harvesting behavior when watching them.

5 Responses to Why we are leaving YouTube/What’s wrong with YouTube and Gmail

  1. aj says:

    im leaving cause i cant get in its crap now

  2. Maureen says:

    Leaving because they are cutting off features to those that don’t join the big brother (no, not little, because youtube is about to be bigger than the govt). They are relentlessly not only trying to put your first and last name on your youtube account, (so that you can be monitored and therefore will change your comments), but also trying to link it to your email. Not okay. I haven’t joined G+ and cannot even thumbs up for down comments left on my videos. I hope more people at least move to daily motion or other sites in tandem with YT if they’re fear leaving all together.

  3. Bombenette says:

    I haven’t been able to use YouTube normally fir weeks. I list my username I’d had ten years because they kept hounding me about my name setting or some crap, anyway ended up living my name and entire account, all my subs, all my friends info from years. Now, it’s impossible to navigate…the same video plays no natter what the title I choose, can’t reply to anything etc etc. I’m done there whether I like it or not. Provably nwo beginning to block communications, like a communist country.

  4. Stephanie Magwood says:

    Why won’t my youtube videos play? It pops up, but the player just zips across the screen like on fast forward like I looked at the video already. In other words, youtube will pop up, but it won’t play the videos I choose. It was working fine last week, but now it won’t play period.

    • dcdirectactionnews says:

      This is the wrong place to ask. I abandoned my Youtube account over five years ago due to their scanning for background music, asking for SMS verification of backup accounts and suspicion of fingerprinting browsers. These days I keep all of both Google and Facebook blocked in /etc/hosts, so nothing but Torbrowser can ever connect to them. That’s so they can’t track my surfing history via sharing buttons. Thus, I would not know anything about fixing Youtube playback issues as I avoid interaction with them. I also can’t help with any kind of problem with Windows as I don’t use it, other than by suggesting replacing Windows with Linux.

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