Adblock is welcome here!

We do not sell ads on this site and feel that selling ads on an anticapitalist website would be hypocrisy. Any ads you see are from WordPress and are NOT from us. No funds available for any kind of paid hosting-but you can use Adblock without harming us in any way whatsoever. In fact you (and we) are even better off with NoScript and Disconnect (formerly Ghostery was recommended but that is not longer open source), as they block not only advertising but the trackers like Google Adsense that sell your surfing history to the highest bidder.

If you ever see “intellitext” (spam links added to text) or nasty popover advertising while reading this site without adblockers running, please post a comment.

A note about “popover” obstructive advertising you may see on ANY website: how to you know the “close” button is really a “close” button and not a “hack my PC” button? Like any “widget” or interactive element, it can be programmed to send an arbitrary command to your computer. Anyone can use a screenshot of a window close button as the icon for the button triggering their “install my custom spyware and bot this computer” javscript.

Our recommendation in dealing with popover ads is to distrust the ad network, close the entire browser tab or window, and not return to the offending site without adblockers running.

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