How Windows 10 can send you to prison

The Free Software Foundation is warning computer users to avoid Windows 10 for among other things privacy reasons. The new Microsoft Privacy Policy applies to ALL microsoft products but Windows 10 is loaded with “services” like Cortana that exist for one reason only: to collect your location, name, wifi hotspots used, and device serial numbers and report them back to Microsoft. Windows 10 users will each be assigned and unique “advertising ID number” to track them with or without cookies across all websites that request it.

By default (unless you know to opt out at installation), Windows 10 sends “web browser history, favorites, and websites you have open” plus “saved app, website, mobile hotspot, and Wi-Fi network names and passwords” to Microsoft. All of these will be available to police! It should be presumed they will also be sold to advertising networks. Oh well, at least on Windows 10 you might get email spam “relevant” to what you have been using the computer for. Expect junk mail and telemarketing calls at all hours of the day or night to also get and use this information.

If you rely on encryption to protect your data from police raids, using anything provided by Microsoft is like using a TSA approved lock on a bag to lock out airport police: they have the key! Included in this report on the Microsoft Privacy Policy is the revelation that when disk encryption is turned on in Windows 10, the key is automatically backed up and a recovery key sent to Microsoft. Thus, if a Windows 10 machine encrypted with Window’s native encryption is seized in a police raid, while arrested with a laptop, or at the border, they key will be available to the cops from Microsoft. Surely Microsoft executives won’t risk jail time by defying a subpeona when their only goal is to make money!

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