Scenes from DC’s Earth Day Science march

On the 22nd of April, Earth Day, Science Marches were held all over the planet to protest the “alternative facts,” climate science denial, and all-around bad science spewing from Donald Trump and the rest of the far-right.DC’s march too well over an hour to pass any single point, and the mainstream press spoke of “hundreds of thousands” marching all over the world.

Video highlights from DC’s Science March

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IMF, World Bank prepare for meetings of uncertain power

Seventeen years ago, huge numbers of protesters and a masked-up Black Bloc protested and fought against corporate power in the streets of DC.An infamous mass arrest came out of a march the day before. Now the IMF and World Bank are meeting this weekend, April 21-23, with their power greatly reduced. Trump however is beginning to adopt parts of their agenda, wanting to add TPP style provisions to his proposed renegotiation of NAFTA.

As the IMF meets this weekend, huge numbers of protesters will be in the streets for the April 22 Earth Day “Science March” to oppose the bad science being peddled by Trump, particularly on the issue of climate change. The usual IMF delegates will be meeting in the usual places and staying at the usual hotels. It is not known to this writer if any of that business is moving to Trump Hotel, but hotel owners around the city are suing Trump for effectively forcing foreign diplomats and lobbyists to use his hotel at their expense. Unknown how much effect that will have on the hotel choices of IMF and World Bank delegates.

Two months ago, most would have assumed that disputes between the Trump (Fascist) and neoliberal wings of capitalism had made the IMF and World Bank nearly irrelevant to the current situation, especially in the US. Now however, we have to deal with the reality that like all Fascists, Trump is a corporatist and corporations really wanted the TPP. While Trump had to drop the TPP to get into the White House, now he is trying to ressurect many of the TPP’s worst ideas for his “renegotiation” of NAFTA.

The Hindustan Times(of India) is claiming that the IMF and World Bank intend to attempt to “nudge” Donald Trump away from his “America First” policies. If they are sucessful they will be following in the footsteps of the former TPP lobbyists, who have proven to be exactly the kind of “Deep State” the far-right and “alt-right”(Nazis) regard as rivals.

Simply pulling out of NAFTA seems to no longer be on the table for Trump. Some of Trump’s new friends, however, fear that next year’s elections on Mexico may catapult the muscular Left into power-and that unlike Trump they will be serious about scuttling trade deals. The US Chamber of Commerce and Trump alike understand that if the left wins in Mexico next year, they will tell Trump to take a hike, and to put up or shut up. Thus, the NAFTA revisions are much like the TPP from whence they came: they face a ticking clock before “a rising tide of popular opposition can sweep it away.”

The IMF and World Bank for their part are raising concerns that reckless behavior by Trump and other far-right regimes could break the current spider web of trade deals in another way: tit for tat trade wars that lead to sky-high tarrifs and embargos on more and more goods among more and more countries. While that will be good for localizing production and probably good for the Earth, it will be very bad for the wealthy and maybe for the middle class as well. Seems it’s heads you win, tails you lose. Trade deal or trade war, either way IMF means I’M Fired.

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Climate first! protests Wells Fargo’s Keystone XL/TransCanada investments

On the 20th of April, Climate First! staged what may be the first snowflake of the coming avalanche of protests in DC against Trump’s reborn Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Two branches of Wells Fargo, one of the banks financing TransCanada were targetted. As 17th and Penn, activists got inside to deliver a letter. The second branch at 18th and K sts locked their doors.

While the second branch made an effort to unlock their doors for customers, this sort of thing still tends to turn business away. Wells Fargo’s awful reputation is also a deterrent to keeping money there. Wells Fargo is a “second offender” on the pipeline issue, as they are also famous for supporting the Dakota Access Pipeline with their dollars.

In addition to that, they are infamous for supporting private prisons through their investments in the GEO Group. Here in DC, Wells Fargo has earned a “failing grade” from regulators for housing discrimination that could force the DC government to move over $2 Billion out of this bank. Nationally they have become known for the fake accounts set up against their customers that forced the “clawback” of executive compensation from some of those responsible.

As for the Keystone XL, that pipeline was origjnally stopped by a continent-wide, all-out stand that outlasted the era in which oil prices exceeded the $75 a barrel threshold for profitability of tar sands production. The Canadian tar pits now produce oil at a loss, fearing that otherwise the underground “in-situ” heated wells become permanently disabled by becoming filled with water. In addtion, the state of Nebraska’s courts overturned a fast-track eminent domain process TransCanada had used to obtain land for the route at a fraction of the normal price. As a result, the pipeline now has no route through Nebraska, a state that can stop the Keystone XL no matter what Trump does. Wells Fargo is taking a reckless risk with their depositor’s money by investing in this project.

Video of Climate First! activists entering first Wells Fargo branch for letter delivery

Inside the Wells Fargo at 17th and Penn

Wells Fargo at 18th and K locked their doors, unlocking them only for recognizable customers

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Video-three months of resistance to Trump

Protest and direct action against Trump’s first three months in office, mostly in DC and starting with the pre-inauguration buildup to the massive DisruptJ20 protests. Mainstream media starting to talk about Trump’s first 100 days, well here’s our answer!

Video compilation of protest and direct action mostly in DC this year against Trump and the Trump agenda

0:00-50 Jan 1-17 prequel -The buildup to DisruptJ20
0:50 Jan 18 march on Mike Pence’s home
0:57 Jan 19 Deploraball erupts
1:35 Jan 20 DisruptJ20 protests and street battle (all from clips published elsewhere by others)
1:35 VOA “after receiving instruction the group moves through the city in silence” to checkpoint blockade
1:44 SURJ/BLM/Standing Rock checkpoint blockade
1:52EMPTY stands for Inaugural parade
1:56 Richard Spencer punched!
1:59 charging into pepper spray to rescue elder assaulted by police
2:02 “Kettle charge” to break out of mass arrest spares hundreds, 230 still mass arrested
2:16 Police van flees at full throttle reverse on K st
2:21 Limo driver boasts of voting for Trump
2:24 same limo in flames
2:29 police blast protesters with stingball and flashbang grenades
2:33 VOA report: “Clashes continued into the night”
2:39 Jan 21 Women’s march in front of White House
2:48 Jan 23 No Surrender-emergency protest at White House against Keystone XL and DAPL
2:54 Jan 25: “Revolutions are built on hope” Greenpeace hangs RESIST banner from crane
3:03 Jan 26 street march in Philadelphia against Trump appearance
3:10 Jan 29 mass protest at BWI airport against Trump’s Muslim Ban
3:16 Jan 29 another mass protest at Trump Hotel against Trump’s Muslim Ban
3:20 Jan 29 O’Keefe stormtroopers drag journalists down stairs from their event
3:30 Feb 1: Queer march from Trump Hotel to White House
3:35 Feb 6 “You can’t drink oil” DAPL protest at Citibank
3:44 Feb 8 Queer march on Mike Pence’s new home at Naval Observatory
3:54 Feb 15 Jewish peace groups protest both Trump and Bibi’s walls
3:58 Feb 20 “Not my President’s Day” march leaves Dupont Circle
4:05 Feb 23-24 N Dakota Cops and National Guard assault NoDAPL camps
4:14 Feb 22 DC Divest at Wells Fargo demand DC funds out of Wells Fargo unless they dump DAPL
4:25 Feb 28 pot and pan banging march against Trump’s address to Congress
4:32 Mar 4 DC antifascists confront fizzled “March4Trump”
4:43 Mar 8 “Day Without Women” strikes, street marches
4:52 Mar 10 Major Indigenous march against Dakota Access Pipeline w teepee raising at Trumo Hotel
5:08 Mar 13-14 snowfall “who said snowflakes can’t shut down DC?”
5:12 Mar 20 DC Divest at Wells Fargo (DAPL)
5:17 Mar 21 Dakota Access pipeline SABOTAGED!
5:26 Mar 24 Never Newsham street blockade
5:35 Mar 24 Never Newsham protesters dragged from City Council, cop says “to the trash can”
5:47 Mar 26 blockade and siege of AIPAC convention
6:00 Mar 26 Cherry blossoms-to see them again after all this!
6:07 Apr 1 Black Lives Matter marches on 7D police headquarters
6:18 Apr 1 Queer March on Ivanka Trump’s Dupont Circle home
6:30 Apr 1 Trump National Golf course sabotaged in solidarity with J20 arrestees
6:35 Apr 1 anti-Transgender “Hate Bus” chased out of Philadelphia
6:40:Apr 3 same “Hate Bus” kept away from GWU
6:46 Apr 8 Neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer glittered and chased away from White House
7:07 Apr 12 BMW driver tries to ram through DC Bike Party
7:14 Apr 15 Tax March past Trump Hotel demands Trump release his tax returns

So much more to come: Stay in the streets, KEEP RESISTING!

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Massive “Tax March” demands trump release his tax returns

On the 15th of April, thousands marched past Trump Hotel in DC to demand that Donald Trump release his tax returns, especially before any Congressional consideration of his “tax reform” package that might be designed to benefit him directly. A mock Trump “released” his tax returns in front of the Capitol-shredded.Similar marches took place in cities all over the US.

The march had a lot of direct Democratic Party involvement, including several members of Congress who spoke at the rally in front of the US Capitol. This means members of Congresss may well block Trump’s tax package unless and until he releases his tax returns.

There was one nasty sour note in the DC march. Plans had been made for a breakaway from Trump Hotel to deal with a nearby (and turned out to by TINY) alt-right presence. A sound system cart got a crowd going at Trump Hotel, only to have aggressive interference by protest marshalls stop the crowd from following. In the end, just the two or three people managing the cart managed to catch Richard Spencer, who had earlier been absent from the tiny alt-right presence at the White House. They mixed it up verbally with him, though he was spared another round of glitter or another punch in the face. Had the marshalls not interfered, he would have faced hundreds of people, late by almost exactly the same amount of time he was.

Video highlights of the march featuring a trump impersonator “releasing” shredded tax returns and the scene at Trump Hotel

Thumbs down! on Trump’s tax secrecy

“Trump Tax March” photo from US Capitol rally

Trump’s connections to Putin drew outright Soviet Union themed protesters and even charges of outright treason against the same government of which he claims to be president

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Motorist threatening to ram can’t stop DC Bike Party

On the 12th of April, the DC Bike Party again took to the streets of DC. Before the ride even got out of Dupont Circle, motorists began honking-and one yuppie in a BMW attempted without success to ram through the cyclists. He was stopped and the ride continued without further interference.

The start of the incident with the aggressive BMW driver

Riders swarm in to block BMW driver who attempted to ram his way through the DC Bike Party

Driver trying to slow-push biker holding him at the scene

One nasty driver could not stop the DC Bike Party!

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Richard Spencer’s Nazi “anti war” protest chased from Lafayette Park

On the 8th of April, Richard Spencer and his neo-Nazi friends tried to exploit the Syrican crisis by holding a so-called “antiwar protest” at the White House. They were confronted by a larger crew of anti-Fascist protesters. As darkness fell, someone threw glitter on Richard Spencer, who then tried to escape with his crew. Part of the anti-Fascist crew had to retreat because of the glitter incident, but other chased Richard Spencer to his taxi, from which he was reportedly kicked back out.

There were reports of two people roughly detained but no arrests after Richard Spencer was expelled from his taxicab. One report says Mr Spencer’s head bobbed like he’d been punched out again when the glitter hit him. Some of the Nazis tried to play April 8 up as a victory, but they were the ones who had to run from the field with part of their opposition in hot pursuit. While some of the Antifa had to retreat from cops rather than pursue Spencer, it was Richard Spencer who had to hide behind the cops in the first place, yet he was still driven from the field by the remaining anti-Fascists. Not one of Richard Spencer’s crew was able to go on offense and pursue any of the Anti-Fascists, only the cops they hid behind were able to do anything like that. Thus, It’s quite clear that Antifa won and Richard Spencer lost this battle.

The politics of this show that Trump’s ” MAGA” coalition is starting to fracture. Neo-Nazis were among his strongest supporters and the “alt-right” may be the reason he was able to win the electoral vote at all (he still lost the popular vote). Now the alt-right is protesting against their own Fuhrer, and some of them did it while still wearing their red “MAGA” hats known as “MAGAts” to some.

Richard Spencer is the admitted alt-right “White Nationalist” or neo-Nazi who is most famous for the punch in the face he got at the Inauguration, where he was supporting Donald Trump. Now he is protesting the very TrumpenFuhrer he took a punch for.

Video of Spencer’s “antiwar protest” being confronted, then chased out of Lafayette Park

Hurredly organized anti-Fascist activists confront white nationalist “anti-war” protest

Antifascists confronting Nazis

Make racists afraid again!

Cops scrambling after glitter thrown at Richard Spencer

Long shot of post-glitter chaos: some break left with the pigs in pursuit, Nazis break right with more Antifa in pursuit

Richard Spencer bursts from his cab after being expelled, setting off one more scrum

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