Women’s march outdraws Trump’s Inauguration

On the 21st of January, the Women’s March, was declared by organizers to be the largest Inaugural protest in history, outdrawing Trump’s “orange man” inaugural the day before. It was so but the orignal march route on the Mall was filled with rallygoers, forcing cancellation of the originally planned march. As a result,unoffical marches went past the White House, shut down Chinatown, and generally took over nearby streets.

Some other parts of downtown DC were nearly empty of traffic, seeming like a ghost town north of L st or so. The area of Franklin Square Park where one of the big battles was fought (over a bonfire) the previous day had no battle damage visible from 14th St.

Video of the “unofficial” march passing the White House and proceeding on H st

The “unoffiical” march past the White House

The view down 15th St where either another march or just crowds leaving the rally crossed the march past the White House

Earlier: Chuck Mode photo of crowd going to the Women’s March’s pre-march rally that overflowed the orginal march route.

Comparison of Trump vs Obama Inaugural crowds

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Video: Disrupt J20-The Day In Resistance

Video file updated-some sound enhancements, better quality version of the clip showing the empty parade route, Richmond clips in night march sequence near end captioned as such.

Video compilation of the days’s events at the Counterinaugural/Disrupt J20 protests against Donald Trump. Checkpoint blockades, Alex Jones expelled, empty parade route, Richard Spencer punched, heroes rescue elder and disabled protester from police attack during Battle of K Street, limo burns, marches go on well into the night after a 7AM start. This is but the beginning of four long, hard years of utter fighting against every scrap of Trump’s racist and fascist agenda.

The last night march clips were from another march in Richmond, VA, the first night march clip is from DC, the video segues between them with the same chant running, then fades to the artwork at McPherson Sq. Twitter posts were unclear as to the location of that march.

Note that the heroes who stood up to Donald Trump on Jan 20 were said by the mainstream press to outnumber pro-Trump inaugurationgoers by as much as 3 or 4 to one. The police were the least numerous but most violent element, in the video you see a hero dive into pepper spray to shield and protect an elderly woman and a disabled protester with a crutch. You will also see neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer getting a walloping punch in the face.

Activist warned there would be “no peaceful transition” and indeed there was none: J20 was well and truly disrupted!

Disrupt J20-The Day In Resistance

Night March in Richmond, VA

Night march, looks like part of DC’s “Operation Ballcrusher”

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Mass arrest of anticapitalist march after police fire tear gas, 270 total arrests reported

Update 6PM:270 arrests reported for the day, 6 cops injured. Mass arrest FAILED to stop battles between police and protesters in the K st (lobbyists Row) area, which went on many more hours.

With trump supporters being turned away en masse from the Mall by checkpoing blockades, the police have turned violent. Hundreds of marchers in the Antifascist/Atnicapitalist Bloc were kettled, then unlawfully mass arrested after police firing tear gas for the first time in decades only temporarily dispersed the protesters. This was the first such mass arrest in 14 years. People are showing up “covered in pepper spray” at Disrupt J20’s rear area safe spaces. Reports of journalists being targetted. One ONE report of a broken window. Meanwhile down at the checkpoints, blockades are STILL holding out after 3 hours.

There are reports that the cops managed to trap the march in a narrow street or entry way, and that attempts to break out of the kettle were repulsed by firing both tear gas and flashbangs(high explosive grenades without metal shrapnel). The combination of potentially flammable tear gas with explosives is a formula for a disasterous flash fire. It has been decades since the DC police have used actual tear gas, possibly not since the 1991 Mount Pleasant Uprising. At least one protester was taken from the scene in an ambulance due to injuries inflicted by police.

Barring Trump managing to overturn centuries of settled constitutional law, DC is looking at Pershing Park III. and as a “three time loser” will likely face a very unfavorable settlement, quite possibly after Trump leaves office and is no longer able to intervene to protect those responsible. This is almost certain if Trump goes “four and out.”

In other areas, there were a few reports of Bikers for Trump assaulting protesters. Attempts by racists to break through a blockade earlier in the morning ended in failure.

Video-police fire pepper spray or gas, flashbangs at anticapitalist bloc

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Disrupt J20: protesters lock down, blockade Inaugural checkpoints

Update 11AM:anticapitalist bloc kettled but blockades holding, Mall nearly empty. Chants of “you want a wall you’ge got one!” as Trump supporters (MAGA’ts) turned away.

On the 20th of January, protesters managed to get out in the streets and blockade Inaugural checkpoints in spite of a blizzard of harassment from Trump’s paid unofficial brownshirts. Police as well were unable to pre-empt lockdowns that shut down multiple Inaugural checkpoints. They had to physically pry SURJ off the fence at one point. At 10:10 AM 6 out of 12 checkpoints were completely blocked, with passage through the rest slowed to a trickle. In 2009 terms this is “purple tickets for everyone.

At about 9AM Bikers for Trump showed up at some checkpoints but the lockdowns had arrived first. At 9:30AM Unicorn Riot reported “Clashes between protesters and police/secret service in blockade at corner of 10th and E St.” but as of 10AM blockades are only getting stronger.

Not everything worked. The Anticapitalist bloc had a long way to go with the march-in from Logan Circle. A twitter report claimed the Bloc was “officially disbanded” after being pepper-sprayed but another report said the bloc was kettled, meaning a mass arrest or a fake mass arrest is possible. Reports of actual tear gas fired to disperse block, which then re-formed and was kettled, hundreds reported trapped. If this leads to a mass arrest it will be another Pershing Park-unless Trump changes the laws that is…

Shortly before 11AM the Mall was reported to be “empty as hell” with more protesters than inauguration spectators present. The blockades and the rain showers probably served up a double helping of “go home” to Trump’s fans at least as of the morning.

At noon, Union Station was reported “packed with protesters.” One of the few open checkpoints was overwhelmed with protesters going to ANSWER’s permit area and other areas (only bleachers ticketed) along the parade route. At exactly 4 min 20 sec into Trump’s speech, cannabis smokers lit up en masse as planned.

At around 12:30PM, Trump was officially handed the control codes for US nuclear weapons, a danger to the entire planet.

The rise of Trump requires “politics with no quarter asked or given.” In the Senate this means refusing the consent agenda, so that roll call votes on things like approving the minutes snarl and stop all other business just like a lockdown at a checkpoint. That would stop all Trump cabinet and judicial nominees and all GOP legislation behind an unsolvable logjam. It means fighting pipelines, fracking, and 287(g) style deportations programs state by state, county by county, city by city and never conceding an inch of ground no matter what happens. In the streets it means denying Big Business the ability to use infrastructure that belongs to the people, blockading business as usual until Trump’s corpoate backing can be choked out-and orders Trump to tap out by resiging along with Pence.

Protesters chained to fence: Jeff Rae photo

Movement for Black Lives lockdown-Alexander Rubenstein photo

Red Gate after a full hour of blockade

Movement for Black Lives, racial justice activists, Indigenous activists, labor activists, and animal rights activists combine forces at the checkpoint by the courthouse and MPD’s own headquarters

Standing Rock at a checkpoint blockade

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Punches, gas can’t stop the Deploraball protest

Update Jan 20: Ugly report of two after the fact arrests

On the 19th of January, rape apologist Mike Cernovich’s Deporaball was held at the National Press Club. This “alt-right” event for the neo-Nazi wing of Trump’s supporters. was named after Hillery Clinton’s “basket of Deplorables” remark concerning racists and misogynists supporting Trump. At 7:30 PM, just after the start of the protests against the Deploraball,there were conflicting reports of smoke or mace used, along with sound of “explosions.”

RT reported that protesters were throwing “signs and water balloons” at police. Reports of fireworks, called “explosives” by mainstream media

Right-wing twitter feeds attempted to claim the gas was smoke from devices used by anarchists, but an NBC journalist filming the scene could be heard to retch as he entered the smoke cloud, implying tear gas, pepper spray, that sort of thing. Smoke flares are easy to get but tear gas devices are much harder to get. This is is probable that police were the source of these devices. One report claims a police bike was thrown and then “leaked” which could imply an accident with poorly stored ordnance. Another says medics treated several people for pepper spray (not mace/tear gas) effects from “the explosion.”

Protesters were still on site an hour later, massive, chanting crowds. Now much more peaceful, probably most Deploraball attendees are inside.

A second confrontation was reported as some Deploraball attendees exited beginnging at about 9PM. At about 9:30PM, there were reports that Deploraball attendees were being pursued in the streets by anti-fascist. Unconfirmed report of police “spraying protesters at high pressure with unidentifed substance at about 10:30PM.

Video of the gas grenade incident, Gavin McInnes assaulting protesters, and protest that continued in spite of everything

Unicorn Riot livestream of the Deploraball protests.

Thumbnail from Unicorn Riot’s livestream

Photo by Alexander Rubenstein

Photo by Alexander Rubenstein<

This is the same Gavin McInnes seen on video punching or shoving protesters, now inside the Deploraball throwing the Nazi salute for Trump. Photo by “Drama Free Gay”

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Massive Queer Dance Party takes the street near Michael Pence’s house

On the 18th of January, a packed crowd marched from the Friendship Heights Metro to Western Eve and Tenneson St, as close to the home of Mike Pence as police barricades on the side street would let them get. Most of the crowd had to stay on Western Ave simply due to its size. The message of the crowd was simple: the hate and bigotry Pence stands for will not be tolerated. This was a Disrupt J20 and Werk for Peace event.

Many residential protests have originated in Friendship Heights, but this was probably the largest. It was quite peaceful with very few counterprotesters, some of them being children who cannot in any way be blamed for the views of their parents. Despite the size of the march and extended period for which Western Ave was blocked, it may have been one of the least tense of the home demos in that area, quite a contrast to the rough HLS home demos of the 2008-2011 era that started from the same place. Police made no trouble at all, in fact asking dancers to dance all-out to neutralize any potential confrontations with the few Trumpers present.

At one point rumors reached organizers that the KKK had set up at McPherson Square, and hurried plans were made to make a quick visit to Mr Pence’s house, then turn around and march all the way to McPherson Square to confront the Klan. These rumors turned out to be false, a scout team found nothing there.

Mike Pence is known to advocate “conversion therapy” attempting to turn GLBT people “straight.” Science has disproven this kind of “therapy” and it is now illegal to offer it in some states due to the harm it can cause as well as the issue of offering fraudulent therapies disproven by science. Still, the Trump administration has proven on other issues like Climate that scientific evidence has little weight with them. Pence is also militantly anti-abortion and of course want to restrict marriage to hetrosexual couples only. Many of his views would not be out of place in Daesh (aka the UnIslamic State) save for the name he calls his god.

Pence’s attitudes coupled with the difficulty of other residents accessing their own homes due to Secret Service barricades and checkpoints have reportedly driven many of his neighbors to display rainbow flags in protest.

This is but the beginning of the DisruptJ20 protests, and there are reports that this inauguration will have an unusually small number of supportive spectators combined with the huge number of protesters expected. Bands and musicians are refusing to perform for Trump, and the parade had to be shortened because so many marching bands declined to participate.

Video highlights of the big march on Mike Pence’s house

Marching on Western Ave towards Mike Pence’s house

Dancing near Mike Pence’s house

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Refuse Fascism marches on Trump Hotel

On the 15th of January, refusefascism.org staged the second of their nightly street marches that begin with a 4PM rally at McPherson Square. This march went through Chinatown and then on to Trump Hotel. A tense confrontation ensued marchers surging against the hotel’s barricades as security guards strained to hold them back. Eventually more guards and cops reinforced the barricade, foreclosing the possiblity of pushing through and storming the hotel-for that night.

The march then left the hotel, passing the White House before continung to march through DC streets. These marches are continuing on a nightly basis

Video including the confrontation at Trump Hotel

The march in Chinatown on its way to Trump Hotel

Guards strain to hold back the surging crowd at the barricades that have restricted access to Trump Hotel since the election

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