Video-start of the Aug 2019 DC Bike Party

On the 14th of August, the DC Bike Party again took to the streets with hundreds of participants. DC Bike Parties ride on the second Wed of every month from April to December

Video-start of the August DC Bike Party 1 min 16 sec

Leaving Dupont Circle with the DC Bike Party

Setting back out after the mid-ride break

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Kremlin Annex protesters call out Trump for Proud Boys chairman on his re-election team

On the 8th of August, Kremlin Annex protesters called out Donald Trump not only for his general promotion of hatred and violence but specifically for his elevation of Proud Boys chairman Enrique Tarrio. The Proud Boys are an avowedly Fascist group known for extreme violence such as group beatings, rather like the original Nazi Stormtroopers.

While the Proud Boys are normally associated with white supremacists (for whom they’ve often acted as security/enforcers), Enrique Tarrio’s status as an extreme-right Cuban exile was apparently enough to “trump” opposition to his accession to leadership of the Proud Boys. Much of the Proud Boys’ hate is directed at women and at Muslims. May all their battles end as the Bay of Pigs did!

The Kremlin Annex protesters in addition to condemning Trump for elevating Enrique Tarrio to a campaign job as head of Latino outreach also condemned Trump’s own Proud Boys-style history. They mentioned his physical assault on a teacher when he was in school, his calls to supporters at his rallies to meet protesters with force and violence, and the many women stating he sexually assaulted them. One of the speakers noted a recent poll in which over half of GOP supporters polled stated Trump should ignore Congress and the Courts and rule unilaterally. That was described flatly as a call for Fascism. Casting a pall over all else was the sense that Trump’s repeated tweets and other calls for hate and violence may have brought about several of the recent mass shootings in the US. A speaker noted that Trump has claimed he could “shoot immigrants in the Florida panhandle” and get away with it.

HD Video including the callout over the Proud Boys chair getting a post in Trump’s 2020 campaign 1 min 59 sec

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McAuliffe’s book tour faces second round with Cville survivors at National Press Club

On the 6th of August, former VA Governor Terry McAuliffe’s “Beyond Charlottesville” book tour returned to DC. The big question going in was just how much he would stink up the National Press Club by evading survivor’s questions. This time the moderator did her best to hold the former Governor to the questions, but at one point survivors did have to interrupt him. Afterwards, one of the car survivors called McAuliffe an “artful dodger.”

McAuliffe talked of being glad to help survivors but evaded the question when asked if he had “made any moves” to donate money from the book to survivors he hemmed and hawed and did his best to avoid the question. This was when survivors had to speak up.

Ford Fischer’s video originally posted to Twitter of Charlottesville survivors interrrupting former Va Governor Terry McAuliffe 1 min 33 sec

Security objects to distributing fliers “too close” to the National Press Club’s building

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Cville car attack survivors disrupt and discredit Terry McAuliffe’s “Beyond Charlottesville” book talk

On Aug 1, former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe showed up at Politics and Prose to promote his new “Beyond Charlottesville” book. Several people who had been badly wounded in the Aug 12 2017 car attack by white nationalist James Fields got control of the Q&A session and hammered him for profiting off their injuries and donating profits to police instead of to those left with permanent injuries and huge medical bills by the attack. He answered their questions with the police, MPD escorting thesurvivors out of the building.

The event took place at DC’s Politics and Prose outlet on Connecticut Ave. Afterwards, the survivors and their supporters continued their chants outside and asked those who had bought McAuliffe’s book to return it for a refund. One person was observed returning to the store to do exactly that.

SURJ reported that the demands made of Terry McAuliffe by survivors were as follows:

1: Give book proceeds to survivors of the car attack, not to the police.
2: Put book tour on hold.
3: Meet with survivors.
4: Stop using Black folks as political currency.
5: Stop denying white supremacists are in the police force and government.


When the former Va Governor refused to address the concerns of survivors, they started chanting “Police and the Klan work hand in hand!” Terry McAuliffe had himself shown this to be literally true just a month before Unite the Right,when he ordered the Virginia State Police to violently assault anti-Klan protesters on June 8, 2017. That Klan march included the typical police behavior where police openly defend their comrades in white sheets or Nazi uniforms from the general public, and effectively was part of the buildup to the torches of Aug 11 and the deadly violence by Nazis on Aug 12 2017.

The ex-governor talked the talk at Politics and Prose about how people with torches and swastikas threatening to burn down synagogues were supposedly not welcome in Virginia. The problem is he did not walk the walk. At Charlottesville police stood down only when it appeared the fascists were strong enough to defend themselves from the people and the rest of the time defended the fascists. Afterwards anti-racist protesters who had been beaten by racists were arrested as well, and several survivors were harassed with grand jury subpeonas.

HD Video: the book talk breaks down into chaos, fed-up survivors begin chants 6 min 36 sec

Former VA Governor Terry McAuliffe responds with the cops to questions about his handling of “Unite the Right” in Cville

Cops guard the doors as survivors continue to chant outside and read a media statement. One person re-entered the store to return their copy of McAuliffe’s book for a refund

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Trump’s ICE raids end in humiliating defeat

On the 23ed of July, ICE announced that their repeatedly-delayed “family operation” had netted only 35 arrests (and only 18 from the target list) out of 2,100 people listed as targets. Trump had threatened “millions” would be rounded up and sent to ICE’s concentration camps. His own tweets though stirred up a firestorm of interference and direct action, and the “family operation” ended as a humiliating defeat for Trump

Make no mistake about it: 35 people sent to the living Hell of Trump’s concentration camps is 35 too many, but rapid response networks and everyone making it plain that urban sweeps would meet a community expecting them and prepared to fight back deterred most of the raids. Some of those raids that did take place were defanged by direct community intervention. It was reported that a human chain in Nashville, TN sucessfully protected one migrant from arrest, for instance.

Everyone from church congregations to street fighting anarchists stepped up to the plate to fight back. Without YOUR help, hundreds or even thousands could have been sent to concentration camps over the color of their skin. That in turn would encourage still more roundups, something now less likely to happen. It remains the case that small-scale terrorism by ICE will likely continue, but their fangs may have been pulled so far as major urban assaults are concerned. We were not successful in protecting everyone, but we stopped literally 99% of the planned arrests, plus the “collateral arrests” that would have ballooned the 2100 person target list to 4-5,000 total kidnappings. We have mostly won, Trump’s racial purity police have been badly defeated.

Also credit must be given where credit is due: Willem Van Spronsen’s direct physical attack on transport vehicles at an ICE detention facility, carried out as the price of his own life, scared the shit out of ICE everywhere. It directly caused the third and final delay of the “family operation” with ICE whining about “incendiary rhetoric” to avoid having to admit to being scared off by incendiary DEEDS. One burning prison van melts just as much ICE as a thousand lockdowns and ten thousand burning candles.

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Extinction Rebellion blockades Capitol Hill tunnels with superglued protesters

On the 23rd of July, with the the Sanders/Cortez climate emergency resolution going nowhere, Extinction Rebellion returned to Capitol Hill. Multiple teams converged on the tunnels connection House office buildings to the US Capitol. They arrived all at once and as the commotion started it quickly became clear that protesters had superglued themselves across the access doors to at least one tunnel. There were 17 reported arrests (prior report was 16), but the blockades held for over two hours.

The blockades were set to deny tunnel access to the US Capitol for a 6:30PM vote, and members of the House were seen going outdoors to get to that vote.

About 20 minutes into the blockades, cops advanced on the support team, reading out warnings rapid-fire as though intending to arrest not only blockaders but all of the supporters. This raised the specter of possible police plans to remove blockaders requiring privacy as in to conceal abuse. An Indymedia reporter who slipped out of that potential kettle spotted a firetruck parked outside the Rayburn building. It is possible that firetruck brought a crew more familiar with superglue “emergencies” than police, who acted at first like the had no idea whatsover what to do about protesters with their hands glued to the building.

HD Video: Superglued blockaders hold tunnel entrance 2 min 4 sec

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Opponents of W Va Rockwool plant erect mock factory inside Lowes

On the 20th of July, residents of W Va, Virginia, Maryland, and DC opposing Rockwool’s planned factory in W Virigina built a mock Rockwool factory inside the Lowes hardware store in Gaithersburg. The mock plant was built from Rockwool’s own product and was no more welcome there than the real one is in W Va across from an elementary school.

If it ever goes into operation, the Rockwool plant will burn large amounts of both coal and fracked gas to melt obsidian so it can be spun into a rather resource intensive form of fiberglass (literally “rock wool”) insulation. The pollution will place W Va tourism at risk regionwide and contribute to Code Red air quality days as far away as Washington DC. Rockwool is also the main planned customer of the Potomac Pipeline, for which a TransCanada subsidiary is seeking Federal eminent domain to condemn State of MD owned parkland.

Chemical and engineering literature suggests that the use of obsidian as a raw material for making fiberglass requires considerably more energy (thus more coal and gas) than making fiberglass from normal raw materials.

From vetrotextextiles(dot)com/technologies/fiberglass-manufacturing

“Fiberglass Manufacturing. The manufacture of glass is carried out in a special furnace at about 1550°C (E-Glass) using finely ground raw materials from carefully …”

From chemistry.stackexchange(dot)com/questions/74534/melting-point-of-obsidian

“Obsidian is mostly silicon dioxide (about 70%), with a good bit of aluminium oxide and then about 10-20% various other oxides. Melting point for silicon dioxide is 1,710 °C, and for aluminium oxide 2,072 °C. You’re going to need a lot of heat for this.”

This raises the question of why Rockwool is using obsidian at all, especially given that the fiberglass they are making is just insulation and not high-strength glass fiber intended to compete against carbon fiber for making bows, high performance boats, or similar highly stressed composite products.

HD Video-erecting a mock Rockwool factory inside Lowes 3 min 14 sec

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