Apache Stronghold rallies at US Capitol against copper mining at Oak Flat

On the 22nd of July, Apache Stronghold rallied in front of the US Capitol to demand passage of HR-2811, the Save Oak Flat Act. This act would reverse the late-night addition of the “SouthEast Arizona Land Exchange” to the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act(NDAA). Three politicians instrumental in addding this totally unrelated rider to transfer sacred Apache land to Resolution Copper LLC for a destructive copper mine to the NDAA were singled out by name and presented as devils in a banner. They are Senators John McCain(R-AZ), Sen Jeff Flake(R-AZ), and Rep Ann Kirkpatrick(D-AZ).

Update 7-23 1:15PM:After the rally, grandmothers and young women were threatened with immediate arrest and “escorted out” of the House office buildings after including Rep Paul Gosar in their visits to members of Congress. He hid behind a locked door and demanded Capitol Police remove all Apache people immediately. He was visited after sending a “dear colleages” letter to other House members insulting the Apache and calling them liars.He has a long record of intolerance against Native Americans

Video-calling out McCain, singling out Kirkpatrick for betrayal(5 min 8 sec, 360×640, 36Mb)

Congresswoman Ann Kirkpatrick was singled out as a traitor, as she was raised on the White Mountain Apache Nation reservation and even learned to speak Apache. One of the speakers on stage spoke of celebrations when she was elected, now bitterly regretted as she speaks ill of tribal traditions and has thrown in her lot with Sen McCain to support Resolution Mining LLC’s bid to mine copper on sacred Apache land.

If the proposed copper mine is built,all of Oak Flat would be within the subsidance area caused by the mine. It is estimated the collapse over the unsupported mine would be as deep as 800 feet, swallowing up Oak Flat entirely. Oak Flat is a sacred place to the Apache, some online stories only refer to it as a “popular campground” without mentioning who is camping there or the importance of acorns from the oak trees there to the Apache. Although this is to be an underground mine, the Resolution Copper Mining project does not proposed to shore up tunnels in any way. This is “retreat mining,” a notoriously dangerous practice where a mine is deliberately allowed to cave in as ore or coal is removed. It runs the risk of out of control collapse and miners being trapped. Supporters of the mine claim it will generate thousands of jobs, but figures show it would actually create about 350 jobs, slightly more than the number lost to the closure of an entire Gay neighborhood to build the Washington Nationals stadium. Resolution says they want to hire Apache people for those jobs, many of which would be jobs risking being trapped in the mine forever.

Resolution Copper LLC is a subsidiary or Rio Tinto, globally famous for destructive mines and human rights violations. Rio Tinto’s name translates from Spanish as “tainted river,” named for the site of their first mine, a river that runs red from leftover runoff from the very first copper mining there perhaps 5,000 years ago. Interestingly, Rio Tinto owns 69% of the Rossing Uranium Mine in Namibia, a mine in which the government of Iran holds a 15% stake. One of the speakers warned of the possiblity of copper from a US mine being used in war against the US in war due to this mine’s proposed foreign ownership. Attaching a bill to export militarily strategic materials to the defense budget shows how much bought and paid for politicians value money even over their own security.Rio Tinto’s former Spanish operations meant they were a supplier of pyrites to the Axis powers during WWII, but Franco’s meddling with that mine made it unprofitable so Rio Tinto abandoned all investments in mines in Spain in 1954.

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Apache Stronghold march against proposed Oak Flats copper mine arrives in DC

On the 21st of June, Apache Stronghold marched into DC for a series of events demanding that a copper mine planned for Oak Flats be cancelled. This two-day series of events began with a sacred run from the north ariving down 16th Street at the White House. There they joined a second contingent of Apache and supporters waiting for them, held a rally at the White House and marched to the US Capitol to hold traditional ceremonies there. Apache Stronghold is here to support HR-2811,the Save Oak Flat Act, which would undo permission given to Resolution Mining LLC and Rio Tinto to mine copper on Apache land given to them in by Sen John McCain and reps Representatives Kirkpatrick and Gosar of Arizona.

These three bought and paid for politicians inserted the “SouthEast Arizona Land Exchange” into the 2015 National Defense Authorization Act. This provision had one objective: to permit an underground copper mine to open on sacred Apache sacred land. Copper mines are notorious for polluting water and copper smelting for releasing arsenic into the air. Now Resolution Mining LLC plans to open a copper mine at Oak Flats, with Rio Tinto actually building the mine. Rio Tinto is globally notorious for human rights violations and utter destruction of the land. The Save Oak Flat Act would reverse McCain’s backroom deal by repealingl Section 3003 of the FY15 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA).

Video of the sacred run, clip of the march, and scene from the US Capitol (1 min 30 sec)

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Video: Greece explodes after bailout deal repudiates vote

Early on the 16th of July, the Greek Parliament voted to accept even more extreme austerity than the measures voted down by a supermajority in the July 5 referendum. The previous day and well into the night protesters in the streets to defend the NO vote, responding to police tear gas grenades with Molotov cocktails.

Inspirational Greek Solidarity video

Video includes Luke Rodalski’s close up battle footage, other Greek protest footage with Molotov cocktail hits, stock footage from WWII plus stock footage from two DC protests against the IMF and World Bank in Fall 2007 and Fall 2010. Just before the “October Rebellion”(IMF Fall 2007) clip showing what a solid line of protesters with shields looks like is a clip from the movie 300 showing Greek hoplites with their shields. The final clip is the raising of a “Red and Black bloc” banner showing Greek hoplites in armor by Australian soccer fans. Although the banner was not used in Greece the image of Greek hoplites in armor vowing “no retreat, no surrender” is appropriate to the desperate fighting now going on to defeat the latest round of IMF and Euro zone austerity demanded of the Greek people.


The IMF and German banks are furious with the Greek people over two missed payments to the IMF, no matter how bad the Greek economy. Now they are demanding even worse terms, and as the Syriza Party played the role Neville Chamberlain played in 1938, someone in Greece publicly declared “German Tanks, German Banks over Twitter. WWII imagery has been increasingly showing up in Greece, and Business Insider is speculating that another civil war in Greece could be coming. All of this not long after a photo of German Finance Minister Merkel with a shadow from Israeli PM Nehtanyahu’s finger giving her a Hitler mustache circulated all over Europe. The new demands are believed by many to be a punishment for the people of Greece and an lesson to anyone else who dares to stand up to the Euro Zone, the IMF, and the bankers. The demands for privatization of Greek assets, Sunday work, and raising the retirement age are economic terrorism, the banker’s version of the infamous Stuka dive bomber.

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“Christians United for Israel” draws protest

On the 13th of June, protesters showed up outside the Washington Convention Center opposing the “Christians United For Israel” (CUFI) convention being held inside. Christians, Jews, and Muslims alike called out current Israeli occupation policies for violating the philosophies expoused by Jesus, thus calling the convention one of hypocrisy. One of the current positions espoused by CUFI (along with AIPAC) is opposition to any nuclear deal with Iran, as they advocate war against Iran instead.Some “Christian Zionists” believe that the Jews must hold Jerusalem to enable the Rapture, an event associated in the Bible with Armageddon and among other things the loss of the entire Jewish population in Jerusalem. Thus war with Iran would fit their agenda.

Video of the protest (1 min)

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Huge DC Bike Party takes over streets on 3ed anniversary of first Bike Party

The 10th of July marked the 3ed anniversary of the first DC Bike Party. For this occasion the Bike Party was moved to Friday instead of the normal 2nd Wednesday of every month, and a huge crowd showed up. This was much larger than any previous DC Bike Party I participated in, indeed larger than any other group ride I have ever seen in DC. In some places the ride was slow simply due to the huge traffic volume this many riders amount to.

video of the ride (3 min 3 sec)

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Rally held for al-Quds (Jerusalem) Day in Dupont Circle

On the 10th of July, there were al-Quds (Jerusalem) day rallies all over the world demanding an end to the occupation of Jerusalem by Israel and exclusion of most of the Muslim world from their own sacred places there. One of these rallies was held in Dupont Circle, which like Jerusalem is stolen land.

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Confederate flag sighted on Ga Ave Between Olney and Glenwood

On the 8th of July, two men parked a truck with a large Confederate battle flag on the side of Ga Ave on the route to DC from Baltimore. At first the question of Klan activity came up, but on further investigation it appeared they were playing golf.

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