Heather Doyle sent to jail for reporting police misconduct and brutality in Calvert County, MD

On the 27th of May, Heather Doyle was convicted of filing a “false” police report for truthfully complaining about being dragged by police from the Feb 3, 2015 crane sit against Dominion’s gas export manner in an unsafe manner. She also truthfully objected in that complaint to being assaulted by police. The Calvert County Sheriff’s dept turned the tables, denied all charges, and have now successfully sentenced Heather to serve 15 days in jail for filing a compliant for police brutality and recklessness.

This “verdict” is an act of war against everyone in Calvert County who opposes Dominion’s LNG export dreams, against the anti-fracking movement, and against the environmental movement. The Calvert County Sheriff’s dept and the courts have declared that anything goes in prosecuting peaceful civil disobedience, for which Heather had already served about a month in jail. In this case, she filed a formal complaint about reckless police conduct and assault, yet she is the one who goes back to jail. This is a formal statement that Calvert County and Dominion prefer their “disobedience” without the “civil.” Possibly this case was intended to force the defendants to flee Calvert County, thus permanently getting them out of Dominion’s way? If so, that objective was not achieved.

This verdict is also a broader strategic attack on everyone who ever has cause to complain about police brutality and may even have been intended to deter Black Lives Matter activists from attempting to use the courts for redress of grievances in any jurisdiction in the US. In short, the published laws do not apply to police: report their crimes and YOU are the one who goes to jail or prison.

Thus the general public has no reason to respect any of their laws either, and should not consider published laws to be reliable rules of engagment as to what can be expected from police. Hell-it’s illegal for police to murder people too, but American racism “trumps” that so on average police and security guards murder one person of color every 28 hours and get away with it Why would police obey any lesser law anywhere in the US when they can literally get away with murder in a Baltimore courtroom?

If a cop in Baltimore can break someone’s neck with impunity for the color of their skin, a Calvert County sheriff’s deputy can certainly drag an activist out of a cranesit in an unsafe manner and stand with his boot on her chest. When she complains, he can turn the tables, lie in court, claim the report is false and put HER in jail! Thus, no justice is to be found for any abuse by police by walking into any courthouse or police station.

This is a repudiation of the very concept of a court system that anyone can turn to for justice. Blow the whistle on police abuses, go to jail. Show up for trial, go to jail regardless of the facts of the case. Hell, in Mumia’s case WITNESSES were arrested on the stand when they didn’t say what prosecutors had demanded they say. This kind of thing is proof that justice must be sought in the streets and not the courts when police commit crimes. In Baltimore killer cops may get acquitted, but that doesn’t get back the money rich businesses in Baltimore lost when the siege of the Orioles stadium forced cancellation of a week of baseball games. Those businesses are the cops’ masters, and they were punished even though the cops themselves have so far escaped all justice.



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Critical Mass Bike rides still riding in DC

On the 27th of May, a Critical Mass bike ride took to the streets of DC with well over 50 riders. Although nowhere near the size of the DC Bike Parties that can attract up to 600 riders, the Critical Mass rides are still taking place. They began in late 2001 and currently leave Dupont Circle shortly after 8PM on the last Friday of every month, the international day of Critical Mass rides. They have changed much since their anarchist and antiwar origins in DC back in 2001, but the core concept of a swarm of bikers taking to the streets remains.

Video of the May 27th Critical Mass including (at end) a car driver trying to order all riders off the street only to be shouted down

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Neo-Nazis post sickening pro-Trump flier at Union Station complete with Jewish caricature

On the 26th of May, a neo-Nazi propaganda poster promoting Donald Trump appeared on a Metro station post at Union Station. The poster used a caricature of Jews consistant with those drawn in Nazi newspapers in Germany during the 1930’s and blamed “Jew media” for “whipping up hysteria” against known racist Donald Trump. This poster is designed to resist removal, being a very difficult to remove sticker of thin paper with very tough glue and probably will leave behind permanent damage to the underlying paint.

Most Klan and Nazi groups have endorsed Trump instead of running their own candidates, and the number of KKK chapters in the US has doubled during this campaign season. There are many parallels between the rise of Trump and the rise of Hitler, but cartoons on the order of Der Angriff or Der Sturmer are a new low for even this campaign. This sort of thing makes sensible people puke, but every roll in the gutter seems to somehow increase Chump’s poll numbers. That in turn makes a statement about just how racist the US really is.

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Code Pink protests rape and murder of woman by ex-Marine near Okinawa base

On April 28, 2016, a former U.S. Marine and current civilian employee of the US Marine base on Okinawa, Japan raped and murdered a local woman. This was the latest in a decades long string of rapes associated with that particular US military base. On the 26th of May, Code Pink staged a protest at Union Station demanding that the US base on Okinawa be removed instead of rebuilt.

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Video-Protesters battle police, interrupt Trump in New Mexico

On the 24th of May in Albuquerque, New Mexico, protesters fought a significant battle against police and disrupted yet another racist Donald Trump event. Opponents of the racist hate spewed by would-be Fuhrer Trump sucessfully stormed through a police barricade to reach the Convention Center where the Trump event was held. inside, Trump was repeatedly interrupted by protesters, chants and booing could be heard in the background. Protests went on outside well after Trump’s event had ended, at one point with rocks and fireworks being traded for tear gas or pepper spray, at another point protesters marched over the roofs of police cruisers in victory

With just seven weeks to go to the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump has a major problem. He chose months ago to introduce violence to his events, but his brownshirts and now sometimes even the police cannot win the resulting battles. They’ve been hammered from Chicago to Pittsburgh to the California GOP Convention. Even here in DC they’ve had Code Pink block their entryway with a sit-in, and a casket delivered to another event. Now they have faced the full force and fury of anti-racist protesters in New Mexico. There are seven weeks to go to the GOP Convention, and that is in Cleveland. For Trump that choice of sites means the convention could be Chicago on steroids. Cleveland is a “rust belt” city with a substantial anarchist and hard left presence and would be a difficult place to hold any GOP Convention, much less this one. The Cleveland cops are stocking up on riot gear but as we’ve seen from Seattle to A16 to Occupy to Black Lives Matter that simply cannot suppress dissent and enforce unity.

Trump has succeeded in crushing much of the dissent in his party, but not in the rest of the country. He has infuriated people of color with things like raw and false accusations that “all Mexicans are rapists” and calls for deporting 18 million people and building a wall. Gutter language against African-Americans is also common from the “StormTrumpers,” and the number of KKK chapters in the US has at least doubled since the beginning of his candidacy.

Meanwhile presumed Democratic nominee Hillery Clinton has started running on gun control, the issue that handed control of Congress to Newt Gingrich in 1994 with help from the “Hillerycare” HMO based health care proposal. Since that became prominant in the news her once double digit lead over Trump has evaporated and the two are essentially tied in national polls. Both also poll hugely negative, with nearly 2/3ed of the US public opposing Trump and a slightly lower margin hating Hillery, and many hating both given the numbers. Bernie Sanders has thumped Trump in every poll taken, but it appears that the “Superdelegates” will ensure he cannot be nominated in Philiadelphia. No doubt DNC protesters will have something to say about that.

Video compiled from multiple news clips set to music

Protesters pierce police barricades

Cops assault a protester 10-15 feet from Donald Chump

Protesters jump on and over cop cars outside

Tear gas and maybe smoke from the fireworks fog up the air

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Labor activists march into Wal-Mart, demand fired pregnant worker’s job back

Wal-Mart fired Arleja Stevens for pregnancy-related absences two years after agreeing never to do so. On May 25, she walked back into the H st Wal-Mart to demand her job back. She was backed by activists from Making Change at Walmart and DC Jobs with Justice. The manager objected to protesters inside the store but accepted a copy of DC laws pertaining to pregnancy and employment and agreed to meet with her in an “open door” session at 10AM on May 26, 2016. If she does not get her job back protesters will target Wal-Mart’s main corporate office in DC on the 7th of June.

Video-marching into Wal-Mart to demand Arleja Stevens’s job back

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Black Lives Matter activists demand investigation of police killings of Black women, project images on DOJ’s walls

On evening of the 21st of May, Black Lives Matter activists gathered at the Department of Justice to demand investigations into police murders of Black women both Cisgendered and Transgendered. A projector was set up, showing scenes of some of the police incidents that led to the deaths of Black women at the hands of police on the walls of the Department of Justice.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch was called out for not giving the same priority to investigating police murder of Black women as to police murder of Black men. She was further criticized for not giving investigations of police murder of Black Trans women the same priority as the also crucial campaign against those bigoted “bathroom bills” being pushed in GOP states.

Video featuring Sandra Bland portion of projection

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