Millions for Prisoners marches on White House against slave labor in US prisons

On the 19th of August, Millions for Prisoners marched on the White House and held a rally demanding and end to what one speaker called the “Confederate” jail and prison system in which prison labor for 50 cents per hour is essentially slave labor backed by punishments.

Many speakers called out the origin of US police departments in the slave catchers of old, and pointed out that the intensive policing of Black and Brown neighborhoods is still catching slaves for the plantations to this day. The prison system itself was called the New Plantation. A specific demand was raised for amending the 13th Amendment to the US Constitution that explicitly permits “slavery and involuntary servitude” as punishment for a crime. Without this provision the whole prison/plantation model would be illegal under the rest of the 13th Amendment.

A speaker from Leonard Pelitier’s support committe read out a statement of solidarity with Mumia Abu-Jamal written by Leonard. Another speaker reminded the audience that the entire Florida prison system cancelled all visits for this weekend, saying this proves the power of the movement and that the Enemy fears the people. The Florida prison system had claimed they feared an uprising timed to cooincide with the march.

Selected speakers from Millions for Prisoners

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“Modern Confederates” banner hung from Pike statue by MPD

On the 18th of August, unknown activists hung a “modern Confederates” banner from the Albert Pike statue by MPD(police) headquarters. Later in the day, red paint was thrown on it during a protest demanding its removal.

At one point prior to the paint, a Daily Caller reporter tried to mix it up with protesters, earning himself a rebuke on Twitter for acting like “a prick.” When either this “altercation” or another one provided a distraction, the monument get hit with the red paint. No arrests reported.

These are the third and fourth times something has happened at the Albert Pike statue since Charlottesville, reinforcing demands that this monument to a Confederate general known for his love of slavery and role in founding the Ku Klux Klan be removed. As this is written, the DC City Council is debating removing this offensive monument, though the cooperation of the National Park Service will also be required for a contractor rather than protesters to handle taking it down. As in Durham, North Carolina however, there is another, cheaper way to handle this.

Related:KKK cancels event in Durham, NC after huge counterprotest confronts racist stragglers who showed early

photo by Anthony Torres

The third rally at the Pike statue in six days (photo by Resist This)

Red paint on the Pike statue’s base (photo by Megan_Fitzgerald)

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Video: overall sequence of events in Charlottesville

Video: How a night and day of Nazi terror and utmost resistance went down in Charlottesville, and special memorium for Heather Heyer

Update Aug 18: More raw, close-up video of just the Nazis Pay attention to the guy with the red beard circled near the end: he is wanted for a serious assault near the police station. There is a report of a $10,000 bounty for information leading to his arrest

The first video shows the general sequence of events that took place from Aug 11-12 in Charlottesville. First is show that menacing torchlight parade which was intended to storm a church and shut down Cornell West’s speech.

Next up, the Nazis fight their way into town for their rally. Included here is a Unicorn Riot clip which proves the Nazis waded into counterprotesters bashing with shields and swinging clubs, not the other way around. Other clips show the furious resistance mounted by anti-racist/anti-Fascist protesters, culminating in the Governor’s declaration of a state of emergency, cancellation of the “Unite the Right” rally permit and use of the police to forcibly remove the Nazis from the park. It is so rare for police to use force against Nazis, but this time they did.

There was then a time of chaos, with a report of Nazis holding a second rally miles away-and a Nazi march still in the streets near Emancipation Park. Getting word these facists planned to march into a neighborhood of color, anti-fascists moved in to intercept and cut them off. When two anti-fascist marches met, turned, and headed up another street, a single Nazi, his battle gear still in his car, launched his deadly terrorist attack. Included here is a clip showing that some folks beat the car after the attack, NOT before as some alt-right trolls are claiming. The terrorist in the car sent 19 people to the hospital and murdered Heather Heyer.

The final part of this video is a memorium for Heather Heyer, showing a beautiful “Heather Heyer lives forever in our hearts” banner attacked to a Confederate monument (Lee) in Richmond, and the toppling of a Confederate monument in Durham, North Carolina two days after Charlottesville. Heather, you will never be forgotten!

Bonus video-all the footage that shows just the fascists,posted here to assist research and investigation into the criminals responsible for two days of Nazi terror in Charlottesville.

It started with Nazi terror the night before, looking like Berlin 1936

The scene in Emancipation Park: Nazis about to lose their rally and it hasn’t even started yet

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Second day of DC marches for Charlottesville goes to Trump Hotel, Pike statue again

On the 14th of August, anti-racist/anti-Nazi protesters gathered at Trump’s White House for the second day in a row. Again they marched to Trump Hotel, again they marched from there to the Albert Pike statue by MPD.

This time there was an Antifa contingent that took the lead of the march, and at the Pike Statue demands were made for dropping charges against both the J20 protesters in DC and the July 8 anti-Klan protesters in Charlottesville. This as well as the continuing demand that the Pike statue come down. Albert Pike, after all, was a founding member of the Ku Klux Klan. There have been protests in past years in which the same Pike monument has actually been draped in an oversize white sheet and hood due to this fact.

Elsewhere on Turtle Island, activists in Durham, North Carolina took direct action and sucessfully toppled a Confederate monument.Video on Liveleak Could this be a new trend?

Video-Marchers shout “Shame!” at Trump Hotel, read J20 and July 8 solidarity statements at Pike Statue

Marching past Trump Hotel with an antifa bloc up front

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DC Remembers Charlottesville with march from WWII Memorial to Confederate statue by MPD

On the 13th of August, DC area residents protested the Nazi outrages in Charlottesville, VA. What began as a medium size march from the WWII Veterans Memorial to the White House mushroomed into a huge march from the White House past Trump Hotel to the Albert Pike (Confederate) statue by MPD.

Yes, DC has it’s very own statue commemorating a man who loved slavery and the Confederacy so much he moved there from the north to become a Confederate general. A similar statue of Robert E Lee in Emancipation Park in Charlottesville, VA has sparked a controversy over its pending removal blocked by a court. This has been the excuse for ever-larger KKK and Nazis rallies there that culminated in the death of one counterprotester and serious injuries to 19 more on August 12, 2017.

One demand of the protesters here in DC is that a staute commemorating slavery and murder be removed. This should be done before it becomes a magnet for neo-Nazi torchlight parades and terrorist attacks. Oddly, two videographers were nearly run down by a car driving on the sidewalk near 7th st about a half hour after this DC protest ended, but preliminary indications are this incident was only a “normal” drunk driver rather than another terrorist attack.

The deliberate and deadly, ISIS-style vehicle attack on anti-Nazi protesters in Charlottesville by comparison cannot be called anything other than terrorism and murder. All that hate came from somewhere. There seemed to be a consensus in the streets that it comes right from the top. The crowds in DC responded to Trump Hotel with massive boos and chants of “Shame shame shame,” holding Trump himself responsible for the river of hate that has inundated the US since he began his campaign.

In nearby Alexandria, VA, protesters marched on the home of notorious (and notably punched) neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer. The IWW showed up there with their flags and remembering Heather Heyer. Richard Spencer hid on his roof, with just his cellphone camera peeking over the side. One participant stated that at least 200 people were present outside Richard Spencer’s house.

Video of the massive DC marches for Charlottesville Includes bonus footage from Charlottesville providing 1 min synopsis(0:31 to 1.38)

What amounted to a single, merged march began with a march from the WWII Memorial to the White House

At the White House two protests merged into one

From the White House protesters marched past Trump Hotel on their way to the Pike statue

Protesters surround and climb DC’s very own Confederate statue

The view from DC’s own Confederate statue, located by MPD headquarters and taken over by protesters after Charlottesville. It will be coming down soon no doubt.

In Alexandria, VA, residents marched on Richard Spencer’s house. (Photo by Hayley Harman‏ @heyhayhar)

IWW flag at the Richard Spencer home demo
(Photo by Hayley Harman‏ @heyhayhar)

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State of Emergency as neo-Nazi “Unite the Right” hatefest explodes into chaos, terror attack

Update Aug 16:Unicorn Riot video proves fascists started the fight in Charlottesville, proving Trump’s claim antifascists waded into the Nazis with clubs to be a lie. Donald Trump is claiming Antifa (anti-Fascist) protesters started the ferocious fighting in Charlottesville on Aug 12, wading in with clubs swinging. The video originally published by Unicorn Riot proves Trump is lying, as it shows the Nazis with their shields marching into and attacking antifa, not the other way around. It was the fascists however who left on of their own bleeding in the street with his fallen Confederate flag after not doing as well in their own fight as they had hoped.

Report from August 12

“Unite the Right” shut down by counterprotesters by 1PM, Governor declares state of emergency. About 45 minutes later a Nazi rammed counterprotesters in his car, a grey Dodge Charger. Charlottesville Mayor confirms one killed, 10-19 injured.

The original alt-right rally at Emancipation Part was SHUT DOWN by about 1PM. after fights led to a declaration of a “state of emergency.” Armed racists with semiauto rifles were present, but only punches, pepper spray, and shields were used in the fighting around Emancipation Park. Denied the venue containing the contested Confederate statue, the Racists regrouped at McGuffey Park for a halfhearted second attempt at their rally. Counterprotesters either held or retook Emancipation Park.

Big cheers were reported from counterprotesters when it was reported that Richard Spencer had been arrested, but a later report said he was NOT arrested but was repeatedly maced. Photo shows him on ground under cops, presumably he was only detained. Just after 1:40PM a car driven by a Nazi rammed a mostly local crowd. reports and the Mayor of Charlottesville cofirms one person killed, 19 taken to the hospital. There are reports of other, lesser injuries as well.

This terrorist vehicle attack on a street march has drawn comparisons of the alt-right to ISIS/Daesh, well known for similar tactics. Video confirms ramming car rear-ended two other cars in a chain reaction crash, pushing them into the crowd. The driver then fled the scene and temporarily escaped, full speed reverse. The rear-ended cars may have saved many lives by blocking the ramming car from a more powerful impact lengthwise through what would have been a totally unprotected march.

Overall analysis of these events:

Although very, very expensive for the courageous people who stood up to Nazi hate in Charlottesville, the Nazis and KKK have taken a serious defeat. They lost militarily when they lost Emancipation Park, and they lost politically when they flushed away their “free speech” argument for preaching murder and mayhem by putting murder and mayhem into practice.

Confederate statues in the US are probably finished now, and the mainstream press has turned on the alt-right with a vengeance. The TV News in DC bluntly called the alt-right the Klansmen and Nazis they are. They callled out Trump for trying to equivocate. The Sep 16 alt-right “Mother of all rallies” here in DC is the next major alt-right event and will face a very frosty reception, maybe even get shut down by the city.

There is one more point to be made here. The temporary escape of the driver of the ramming car would have been difficult with a deployed airbag, as is normally present on current Dodge Chargers and all other recent cars. If the drivers side airbag was missing or disabled, that suggests premeditation of the attack, possibly days in advance.

Timeline of events:

6:05PM: WTOP News reports driver caught “quickly,” police helicopter possibly responding to protests crashed in Charlottesville.

5:50PM: Photo published to Twitter by shows attacking car’s tag number as GVF 1111, state unknown. White nationalists helped driver escape with directions to avoid cops.

5:30PM: Charlottesville Mayor confirms report of one person killed, 19 injured. Looks like had the accurate report. Much effort throughout day on rumor control.

5 reports one protester killed by the vehicle attack. confirms, also reports injury count at 19. Fallen activist is a woman who was active in the IWW according to the report.

Video from two angles of the grey Dodge Charger ramming counterprotesters.

3:30PM:Video shows the attacking car ramming and rear-ending other cars stopped at the intersection, pushing them into the crowd, then driving away in reverse with heavy damage to the attacking car, a grey Dodge Charger. A source on the ground reports the march was in the process of turning at the intersection when the attack came suddenly with a very loud noise thought by some to be a dumpster being rolled.

2:15 PM: Report of one woman hit by Nazi car “unresponsive.” Vehicle reported as gray Dodge Charger, be on the lookout for it.

Urgent Update 1:47PM: Car rams counterprotest crowd, medics swarming scene. Car rammed at 40 MPH, hit 15 people, reversed and escaped. called this a “coordinated attack.” Many ambulances but no police response. Alt-right leaders then fled. Report of Richard Spencer advising Nazis to leave town. Was this before he was arrested, or has he already been released? reports Emancipation Park retaken(or never lost?) by counterprotesters

August 12, 1pm: Alt-Right regrouped in McGuffey park a few miles away. Report that Richard Spencer has been arrested. Massive cheers from counterprotesters at that announcement.Was he only detained though? He was reported back inthe field later

August 12, 12:38pm:WTOP Radio claims white nationalist rally “called off,” CBS news claims “police clearing Emancipation Park” though that might not be easy. WTOP claims concrete-filled water bottles thrown, no report on by whom.

August 12, 12:30: White supremacist challenged an antifa protester to punch him in the mouth, the challenge was accepted and he reportedly got punched. Report that one of the “3 percenters” accidently maced himself. Infowars cameraman reportedly got a facefull of mace too.

August 12, 12:10pm:Report of Richard Spencer “maced with a hose” by Virgina State Police.

August 12, 12:03pm: Baked Alaska says he “having a panic attack” after getting a facefull of red hot pepper spray. Punch all nazis, mace all fascists!

August 12, high noon: Video of one of the first fights, posted to Twitter by the Tennesee GOP

August 12, high noon: State of Emergency declared as things kick off. Turnout roughly even on both sides. Lots of “3%ers” with rifles and “based stickmen” on scene, rocks reported thrown. Role of police unclear, conflicting reports of hands off or siding with Nazis.

This is the driver of the grey Dodge Charger that rammed two other cars and then a crowd of protesters.Photo posted to Twitter by Tactical Talk

Screenshot (from Twitter) of the grey Dodge Charger leaving the scene of a personal injury “accident,” fleeing full speed reverse after ramming two cars and the crowd.

11AM: antifacists roll in on the alt-right/Nazi/KKK “Unite the Right” rally (Photo by Erin Corbett)

The fighting begins, looking like something out of “300” as a fight swirls around a lone cop car The plastic shields used by some are NOT police gear

The overall scene photographed from high ground as of 12:20PM

Photo of riot cops, about 12:30PM. They didn’t have the only plastic shields and riot gear, lots of riot cop style equipment in use by alt-right.

These are alt-right militiamen, NOT the police or National Guard. Photo by Olga Rodrigeuz

Richard Spencer detained but apparently NOT arrested.

Unicorn Riot photo of the scene after a grey Dodge Charger rammed protesters

CNN posted this photo of the attacking car just before impact-but blurred out the license plate instead of helping to catch this murderer.

h_elbanna caught this photo of the attack, showing anti-Fascist protesters thrown into the air by this ISIS-style vehicle attack

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Hundreds of fascists hold torchlight rally, Nazi pulls gun at Charlottesville Wal-Mart as action starts a day early

UPDATE 8-12: The torchlight parade was intended to march on and disrupt a speech in a church by Dr Cornell West. They were stopped short of their goal but the church was evacuated as a precaution.

How things went down in opposing the “surprise” Nazi torchlight rally, Tropophobe reporting via Twitter:

10:33PM Nazi leader Chris Cantwell maced, down

10:33PM Cops reported on the scene

10:31PM: No cops, Nazis fire “mace” at counterprotesters

10:29PM: Fight reported just as livestream went down

10:25PM First counterprotesters show up against 300-500 nazis at torchlight rally Video of counterprotesters chanting “Black Lives Matter”

10:20PM:Video-Nazis hold torchlight rally at U-VA discuss military tactics there

7PM: Richard Spencer, David Duke spotted at Boar’s Head resort

At about 10:30PM, the shit hit the fan early as several hundred neo-Nazis staged a pre-Charlottesville torchlight rally at University of Virginia. They were confronted by protesters chanting “Black Lives Matter” and the pepper spray or mace began to fly. There is a report of Nazis firing mace at anti-fascist protesters, but in the end it was neo-Nazi leader Chris Cantwell on the ground and minus his shirt after being maced. This may have been “friendly fire”: Lacy MacAuley confirms medics treated a number of student protesters maced by the Nazis.

Somewhere around 10:30PM on the 11th of August, Twitter videographer Chris Suarez managed to get this 12 second clip of the hundreds strong neo-Nazi torchlight rally on the grounds of U-VA, and this clip of counterprotesters chanting “Black Lives Matter”

This is the night before the potentially major showdown in and around what the alt-right calls “Lee Park” where the City of Charlottesville has been blocked in court from removing a Confederate statue. Supposedly up to 4,000 Nazis, KKK members, and and frog-kissing MAGAts will be at the “Unite the Right” rally noon on August 12, but only 4-500 were at this tochlight rally.

At or around Noon also on the 11th of August, that same neo-Nazi (Chris Cantwell) pulled his gun after his “secret” meeting a day early turned out not to be so secret. About 30 of his followers turned up at Wal-Mart for speeches, and Lacy Macauley reports

Cantwell’s tailgate party “raided.” At some point a customer in the store reported Cantell drawing his gun and police became involved. As of 1PM the incident is reported to have ended

Things are already getting ugly in Charlottesville, with a drawn gun involved in the very first skirmish of what could be the mother of all battles between progressive forces and the alt-right. Predictions for Nazi turnout range from about 1,000 to as high as 4,000m, and a regional mobilization is determined to stop them. Counterprotesters range from church groups to hard-core antifascist activists to everyone in between.

Many thousands of people ranging from faith-based groups to hardcore antifa fighters are expected to make an all-out effort to stop this overt call for genocide and white supremacy tomorrow. The “Unite the right” organizers have publicly said “next stop, Charlottesville, final stop, Auschwitz” but THEY SHALL NOT PASS!

The torchlight rally at U-VA held by Nazis, KKK members and generic frog-kissing alt-right (Photo by “Sonny”)

Still from Chris Suarez video showing neo-Nazi leader Chris Cantwell down after being maced

trope-o-phobe reports on Twitter ( that this is the alt-right’s military escort for tomorrow

Chris Suarez photo of the scene at Wal-mart after Nazi leader Chris Cantwell pulled a gun one someone inside the Wal-Mart

This promotional flier for counterprotesting Christopher Cantwell’s white supremacist speech shows his face. Beware of him, he has already pulled his gun once.

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