IMF/World Bank 75th anniv Fall Meetings draw climate protesters

On the 18th of October, at least three different groups of protesters descended on the Fall Meetings of the IMF and World Bank. The largest was a climate protest, demanding that the IMF, World Bank, and IFC entirely stop funding coal, oil, and gas.

The climate protest began with a rally at Murrow Park, opened by a speaker from the Piscataway Nation on whose stolen land the IMF and World Bank sit. During the rally, one speaker from a group which has met with the World Bank over fossil fuel funding reported the “gasped” when asked to entirely stop funding coal, oil, and gas projects.

The rally was followed by a march to the IFC, a major funder of fossil fuel projects globally. That in turn was followed by a protest at the IMF”s entry checkpoint, where delegates were returning from what appeared to be a very long lunch.

In addition to the climate protest, there was a protest for Ghana against IMF and World Bank support for their unpopular president, and the Friday Student Strike marched onto the scene and joined into the protest at the IMF checkpoint. All of this comes just after Indigenous activists in Ecuador nearly shut their country down in response to an IMF austerity program, forcing the government there to negotiate and putting the IMF “loans” in question.

Video: rally at Murrow Park,march on IFC and IMF entry checkpoint 3 min

The rally in Murrow Park

The march issues forth from Murrow Park

Protesters at the IFC

Protesters at the IMF’s re-entry checkpoint after a looong IMF/World Bank lunch

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Opponents of Potomac Pipeline/Rockwool hold 2nd “Hands Across the Potomac” event

On the 13th of October, opponents of Transcanada’s Potomac Pipeline and of the toxic Rockwool plant being build across from a school in W Va held the second “Hands Across the Potomac” event on the bridge from Shepherdstown, W Va to MD. TransCanada subsidiary Columbia Gas lost their first attempt at Federal eminent domain of MD parkland to build this pipeline but has appealed to the 4th Circuit.

They may not do well there, as the 4th Circuit is the same court that vacated permits for the Atlantic Coast Pipeline back in June 2019. That case though is going to Kavanaugh’s Supreme Court so it is not over, nor is the fight against the Potomac Pipeline over.

On the road to Shepherdstown in W Va, anti-Rockwool signs could be seen everywhere. Rockwool is the foreign multinational corporation building a fiberglass insulation plant that would burn massive amounts of coal and fracked gas if it ever opens right across from a school in W Va. The project is very unpopular in spite of W Va’s weak economy due to the pollution that would spew from its stacks.

This was the second Hands Across the Potomac event, the first was on Oct 14, 2017

Video: Hands Across the Potomac spans bridge from Shepherdstown W Va to MD 1 min 57 sec

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DC Bike Party holds Halloween-themed ride

On Friday the 11th of October, the DC Bike Party staged a Halloween-themed ride, complete with someone in a T-rex suit on a skateboard, ghost costumes, and more.

Video: the Halloween-themed ride 4:20

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Kurds and antifascists protest again at White House vs Turkey’s bombing

On the 12th of October, members of the Kurdish community supported by area anti-Fascist activists once again gathered at the White House to condemn Turkey’s terror bombing and Trump’s greenlight for a Turkish invasion of Kurdish portions of Northern Syria(part of Kurdistan is in Syria).

There are reports Trump may crack on this issue, as almost all other parts of the US government oppose the abandonment of the Kurds to genocide at the hands of Turkey. In the Washington Post on Oct 12, one of the top stories was a report that Kurdish troops are pulling back from guarding an estimated 70,000 Daesh (ISIS) detainees. If the 11,000 former (and maybe future) Daesh fighters in those camps escape, the regional victory against Daesh may well be forfeited as they restablish their so-called “caliphate.” Protesters at the White House bluntly warned that ISIS may be coming back due to this war and the expected escape of the ISIS fighters.

Video w stirring background music 1 min 21 sec

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MAGA hats burned, Trumpers routed at Minneapolis Trump rally

On the 10th of October, Donald Trump made the mistake of appearing at an arena in Minneapolis, MN for a Trump 2020 campaign rally. Outside protests grew and grew, and the shit hit the fan as the event ended. Reports were at least 40 MAGA hats were burned in a pile in a scene resembling the J20 Inauguration protests. FOX news speculated endlessly about how the Trump supporters were going to get out of the arena. This resembled the Orioles game that found itself under siege during the 2015 Baltimore Uprising for Freddie Gray, where protesters laid siege to the stadium. Finally Trump supporters began leaving, some of them foolishly wearing MAGA hats and other merchandise that revealed them to the waiting crowd. This led to Trump supporters fleeing the area, some of them chased by protesters as others warned the remaining Trump people to “avoid the area” and “not wear merchandise.” This is a ROUT for Donald Trump and his MAGAT friends, and his 2020 election campaign still has 13 months left to go!

Video: MAGA hats burn, Trumpers chased away 17 seconds

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Kurdish protests continue at White House as Turkey opens fire with bombing from the air

On the 9th of October, the criminal, theocratic regime of Recep Tayyip Erdo─čan in Turkey began bombing Kurdish areas in Northern Syria. These first attacks killed a reported five civilians and three of the warriors defending Kurdistan. As Turkish bombers flew, Kurdish protesters and their anti-fascist allies gathered at the White House, protesting Trump’s greenlight for Turkey’s war of aggression.

One of the demands of the protest was that the US impose a no-fly zone over norther Syria to stop the air raids. In a no-fly zone, radar sets and fighter jets patrol the area, and hostile aircraft are escorted out or shot down if they refuse to comply. While it may seem odd for the US left to support this demand, Turkey is bombing Syria with US-made aircraft and probably US-supplied ammunition. Thus, the US is obligated to protect the Kurdish people from its own weapons, foolishly provided to Turkey. Turkey is still getting US military support even after years of theocratic rule by Erdogen, constitutional changes to entrench him in power, and even the May 2017 assault of protesters in DC streets by Erdogen’s own bodyguards.

In a matter of months a cut-off of spare parts for Turkey’s F-16s and other “modern Stukas” would ground the planes as the parts ran out. Some are highly specialized and can be obtained nowhere else. Those planes however could still kill a lot of people before the parts ran out. Therefore, until the supply of flyable aircraft is exhausted or the Turkish air force is destroyed in the war, the US is in fact obligated to keep its weapons from being used against the Kurds. This requires the no-fly zone to stop the bombing.

Trump’s fake anti-intervention position (withdraw the US troops from Syria but change nothing else) is anything but. Since US aid to Turkey continues while Kurdistan is cut off, Trump is in fact siding with Turkey in the war, arming the aggressor with US weapons unless steps are taken to deny use of the weapons which Turkey already has received. This is doubly offensive considering it was the YPG, YPJ, and SDF that defeated Daesh (ISIS) and that the Turkish War could bring about a rebirth of Daesh by freeing 11,000 of their troops and about 60,000 of their relatives. Currently they are in camps guarded by Kurdish fighters, but the war in the north will leave nobody to guard them, and also nobody to keep them from reclaiming their old territories. One of the signs carried in the protest was by an Iraq War veteran condemning the US decison to abandon their former allies against the so-called “Islamic” state.

Video- 2nd day of Kurdish protests at White House against Turkey’s war and Trump’s greenlight 48 sec

Banner condemning Turkish terrorism

Penn Ave is seeminly ALWAYS closed now when there is a protest. This scene shows what Trump really thinks of the Kurdish people who fought and died to defeat ISIS

An Iraq War veteran condemns Trump’s decision to abandon the US’s former ally against ISIS(originally Al Qaeda in Iraq) to invasion

The rally while the sun was still up

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US Chair of Syrian Democratic Council condemns Trump’s greenlight for Turkish invasion at WH rally

On the 8th of October, Kurdish protesters and antifascists gathered at the White House to condemn Trump’s apparent green light to Turkish fascist Erdogen’s plans to invade Northern Syria. The US Chair of Syrian Democratic Council spoke at the rally, warning that the Syrian Democratic Forces, YPG, and YPFJ are holding 70,000 ISIS detainees. An invasion from Turkey could force their release or Erdogen might liberate them outright.

While no direct threat to dump Kurdistan’s Daesh(ISIS) sewage in Trump’s lap was made, the implication was clear: an invasion from Turkey could free ISIS terrorists to attack people all over the world. The YPG, YPJ, and Syrian Democratic Forces simply don’t have the troops or the equipment to simultainously fight a defensive war against Turkey(or worse an insurgency against Turkish occupation troops) and continue to contain that hornet’s nest of defeated but still hard-core ISIS fighters and supporters who were captured after the last terrority held by the “Unislamic State” collapsed.

Thus, a Turkish attack on Northern Syria is a direct security threat to any nation and any social group that has ever been attacked by Daesh or threatened by attack by them. If the world does not care about an impending genocide of the Kurdish people by the theocratic Erdogen regime in Turkey, they had better care about direct threats to their own security unleashed by the same invasion.

As for Trump, there is considerable suspicion that his phone call to Turkish president Erdogen announcing he would pull the last few US troops out of the way of the invasion may have contained a quid pro quo. It is suspected that Trump is asking Erdogen to investgate Biden or another political opponent in return for a free hand to invade Northerm Syria. If this leads to terrorist attacks here by freed ISIS detainees, well, a few terror attacks are usually good for the GOP at any election.

Video: entire speech given by US chair of Syrian Democratic Council

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