Prayer vigil and protest held at White House against Trump moving US Embassy to Jerusalem

On Friday, December 8 protesters gathered in front of the White House to protest Trump’s reckless decision to treat Jerusalem as the capital of Israel and move the US Embassy there. Protesters were mostly Muslism but Christians, Jews, and members of other faiths also were present in solidarity with hard-pressed Palestinians.

One speaker called Trump trying to make Jerusalem the capitol of Israel a distraction from Trump’s trying to make Washington “into the capitol of Russia.” Many spoke of stolen land and settlement.

It is difficult to determine the motive of Donald Trump in this reckless decision to tamper with the status of Jerusalem, a city sacred to Jews, Christians, and Muslims alike. Some in the Middle East have said this decision “opens the gates of Hell.” It is being reported that the tear gas was so thick in Bethehem from a battle near the Annunciation Church that people were having difficulty breathing 2KM away. Recovered tear gas canisters were marked as “Made in USA by Combined Tactical Systems.”

Perhaps it benefits Trump’s alt-right (neo-Nazi) friends to have war between Jews and Muslims, which at least one group (possibly both) has to lose? Or maybe this has to do with extremist evangelical Christians who believe moving the US Embassy to Jerusalem (which contains zero embassies as of now) will fulfill a Bible prophecy? The prophecy in question is Armageddon, and people like Mike Pence believe a “rapture” that removes them from Earth and takes them directly to Heaven while the rest of the world falls into chaos and catastrophe.

Video highlights including comparison of Trump to reckless driver

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Net Neutrality activists protest swanky dinner for FCC Chairman Pai

On the 7th of December, FCC Chairman Agit Pai was the guest of dishonor at a swanky dinner held at the Hilton on Connecticut Ave. Protesters outside shouted disapproval. Pai is a former Verizon lobbyist now seeking to dismantle all vestiges of Internet neutrality now that he’s at the FCC. In addition to this protest there were protests at Verizon stores all over the US.

In DC, protesters showed up at Noon at the Verizon store at 13th and F sts, and protests both there and at the Union Station Verizon store were hurredly moved to the Hilton when word reached activists that Ajit Pai would be the star of a fancy dinner there. One protester bluntly called for a boycott of Verizon if net neutrality gets revoked. The protest at the Hilton even featured a projectionist using light to display giant reminders about net neutrality and “no slow lanes” in letters big enough for the FCC’s chairman to read.

At the moment the process is being slowed down by the revelation that the public comment process required before any FCC rulemaking was tainted by millions of fake comments (many falsely in the names of real people) posted by pro-Trump bots opposing net neutrality.

There are serious fears that if net neutrality is revoked, the virtual equivalent of the toll lanes on I-66 will be the future of the Internet. Smaller websites that don’t pay for premium access will have service from their readers slowed to a crawl, while ad-supported sites with lots of money will get zero-rated apps on mobile, exempted from data caps that are never raised again. There are even fears that Internet service itself would be sold like Cable TV service, with customers having to pay extra to unblock categories of content such as a “video upgrade” for known and blocked video sites, and a “social upgrade” for social media sites.

Video from the protest at the Hilton

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#NoBanNoWall protest as US Supreme Court opposes Trump’s Muslim Ban

On the 7th of December, protesters gathered at the US Supreme Court in opposition to the recent decision to allow Trump’s Muslim travel Ban to go into entirely into effect while the courts debate the ban’s merits or lack therof.

Photo by Lauryn Gutierrez

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Deer Slaughter returns to Rock Creek Park Dec 4 and 6

Update Dec 6 8:50PM: They are back, this time all lit up. Heavy activity Oregon Ave and Beach Dr near Military Road. Protesters with cameras at Oregon & Military can deter the movement of dead deer to the “nature center” where they are processed.

On the 4th of December, the Park Service’s “deer management” (killing) operation once again returned to Rock Creek Park. This time they were seeking to hide in the dark, rather than lighting themselves up like in previous years.

Not sure whether they have decided the lights interfered with shooting, or were scoping out places to shoot deer on a later night. It has been confirmed that the Rock Creek deer herd has sucessfully recovered from previous year’s slaughter by producing more fawns, thus the shooters find there are as many deer as ever and their “lethal deer management” has failed.

A closed entrance to Beach Drive as seen from 16th at on Dec 6

Oregon Ave just N of military road. This is where previous NPS deer removal operations have been deterred driving trucks carrying dead deer past camera-wielding protesters on military road

One of the signs announcing the deer slaughter

Beach drive blocked for deer slaughter at second turnoff S of MD line Dec 4

Barricades blocking Beach Drive Dec 4 just north of the construction closure

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Neo Nazis blocked from reaching Lafayette Park for rally

On the 3ed of December, neo-Nazis attempted to march to Lafayette Park in front of the White House for a rally with speakers. They ran into stiff opposition as two different groups opposing fascism marched onto Pennsylvania Ave to confront them. The advance of the Nazis then stalled, and this was as far as they got. A large number of cops then blocked the road and pushed into the space between the Nazis and the much greater number of counterprotesters. As usual, the Nazis were whining about immigration and promoting Trump’s wall.

Police clearly were defending the Nazis, they were facing counterprotesters and additional cops were brought up in a threatening posture that looked like the beginnings of a kettle (mass arrest). The partial surround was a bluff, and after a few minutes of loud, back and forth shouting the Nazis gave up and marched away with a heavy police escort. Counterprotesters then marched off too, victory in hand as the Nazis had been prevented from holding their planned rally with speakers in Lafayette Park.

The Nazi march was first discovered on Eli Mosely’s Twitter feed, he is the CEO (yes, they have a CEO) of Identity Evropa

Video:Counterprotesters halt Nazi march on Penn Ave, swarm of police respond

The front line on Penn Ave

The Nazi march was tiny compared to the counterprotesters, here it is before most of the cops arrived

Another view of Identity Evropa’s tiny march

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Protesters gather at US Capitol as vote looms on Trump tax bill

Beginning at 3PM on Nov 30, protesters have been gathering at the East side of the US Capitol to oppose the Trump tax bill. Like most GOP economic efforts, this bill robs from the poor and middle class to give to the rich. Under this bill, a person with $3M a year in income gets a $100K tax break, while a person with less than $50K in income will usually pay more.

Protesters vowed to stay all night over Nov 30-Dec 1, as the People’s Fillibuster is continuing until the Senate votes on the tax bill. As evening became night rain came through, and someone ordered pizza for the cold but determined protesters.

Video including a speaker declaring Trump’s racism as necessary to preserving extreme income inequality

Kill the Bill! The People’s Fillibuster at about 3:30PM

The People’s Fillibuster a little after 5PM

People’s Fillibuster shortly before 10PM (Lacy MacAuley photo)

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Solidarity protest for J20 defendents held at DC Superior Court

On the 27th of November, a protest was held outside DC Superior Court in soiidarity with J20 (Inauguration protest) defendents facing up to 65 years in prison. One message of the protest was that “a vote to convict is a vote for Trump” driven home by a chant. It has also come out that police had already decided to carry out the mass arrest prior to the march ever leaving Logan Circle.

This protest took place just before the opening of the third week of the first of a yearlong series of trials, this one with six defendents none of which the prosecution alleges carried out any individual acts of property destruction whatsoever. A speaker from the Defend J20 Resistance support crew reported that video has been played in court proving a police commander had decided to arrest all participants in the anticapitalist block before the march even left Logan Circle.

Many have said that if the J20 defendants are convicted, anyone and everyone attending any protest whatsoever will be risking imprisonment for the rest of their life if any other person anywhere in the protest commits any illegal act whatsoever. As further evidence that this is aimed at squashing all resistance to Trump’s agenda, a speaker cited the fact that rioting Nazis and fascists were not mass arrested and charged with wholesale felonies in Charlottesville, and that even destructive riots by fans of sporting events do not normally lead to mass arrests and never lead to conspiracy charges and threats of decades in prison.

Video highlights of the J20 solidarity protest

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