Global Climate March takes streets as cherry blossoms open in November

On the 29th of November, the Global Climate March took to the streets of DC in solidarity with hard-pressed climate activists in Paris. There, the COP 21 climate change summmit starts on Nov 30, the 16th anniversary of the Battle of Seattle. Using the Nov 13 terrorist attacks as an excuse, the French police have banned all protest there. Activists deployed anyway in defiance of this ban, and on Nov 29 French police fired tear gas at them. Here in DC, as protesters marched past the Mall, cherry blossoms were opening out of season, underscoring the urgency of dealing with climate chaos. This has been the warmest year on average ever recorded by modern science.

Video of DC’s Global Climate March

Youtube video (Telegraph)of police firing tear gas at protesters in Paris The Telegraph claims protesters returned fire with “projectiles” but their published video does not show any stone throwing.

Sky News Youtube video of police attack on protesters in Paris, longer view. In some places riot police can be seen retreating even though they have been blasting away with protesters with chemical weapons. This raises the possiblity that protesters in that area had managed to gain the upper hand and force them back. In the first video masked anarchist protesters are visible, they can provide stout reinforcements for protesters under fire, especially in Europe where anarchists there are far better trained and equipped than most of their comrades here on Turtle Island. Certainly someone gave those armored riot cops a good enough reason to back up.

Some cherry trees have open blossoms as the Global Climate March passes in the background-in November

The march sets out from the White House

Passing the United States Trade Representative’s office, home of the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership

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Police attack on fur protest triggered by false report of window smashing

On Black Friday, the 27th of November, the in-store protest at Miller’s Furs ended in a police attack on the protesters. Two were handcuffed and two more were detained. Three escaped the scene entirely, as police arrived well after protesters had exited the store and as they were leaving the entire area. A total of 12 police cars showed up with sirens screaming. During the detainment, one of the cops mentioned having received a report that protesters were smashing windows at the store. None were broken or even hit in reality. If this report came from Manny Miller, he is guilty of filing a false police report.

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Direct Action Everywhere protests inside Whole Foods over fake “cruelty free” turkeys

On the evening of Black Friday, November 27, Direct Action Everywhere protested inside the Tenleytown Whole Foods. They were protesting fake “cruelty free” turkeys being sold sometimes at triple digit prices to Whole Foods customers. Days earlier, Whole Foods released this video comparing the single “Potemkin Village” turkey farm Whole Foods uses to promote their “cruelty free” turkeys to the farms the birds actually come from.

The other, much larger turkey farms were found to have birds living in shit piles and being mutilated just as badly as the birds sold at places like Food Lion or even Wal-Mart.

Video of the protest inside Tenleytown Whole Foods

Screenshot from video as originally posted to facebook

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Fur protesters march through Neiman-Marcus, Miller’s Furs

The 27th of November was Black Friday, known to animal rights activists as Fur Free Friday. This year, activists managed to march through both Neiman-Marcus in DC and Miller’s Furs a little over a mile north of DC in Maryland. At Miller’s Furs things got a bit rough, first with the store owner freaking out, then police cars with sirens screaming roaring up to activists as they were leaving the area. Although the protesters were detained none were arrested. At least one person escaped the cops outright.

At Neiman-Marcus, a police dispatcher could be overheard on a store security phone admonishing them to call back on a non-emergency number after they called 9-11. In Montgomery County, by comparison, police cars showed up with sirens screaming, and even after cops engaged the protesters one could be heard on Wisconsin Ave still driving with their siren running. Possibly the police were acting on an embellished report from Manny Miller, who is known to have an almost psychotic reaction to fur protesters? The heavy response followed by no arrests certainly suggests this possiblity.

Video of protesters marching through Neiman-Marcus,Miller’s Furs

Inside “Neiman-Carcass”

Outside Miller’s Furs after protesters exited the store

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Black Friday protest at H st Wal-mart demands $15 an hour and full time hours

On Black Friday, the 27th of November, protesters showed up in front of the H st Wal-Mart. They were demanding that Wal-Mart pay all of their “associates” $15 an hour and offer all of them full-time hours. A speaker at the DC protest cited workers having to go hungry and not eat in order to pay rent, due to the poverty wages Wal-Mart pays.

Video-a Wal-Mart worker speaks on going hungry to pay rent on Wal-Mart’s wages

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Video from Nov 17 Trans march on 5th and K, Wal-Mart, Union Station

Video and coverage from DC’s Trans Week of Action march on 5th and K, Wal-Mart, and Union Station on November 17, 2015. The 5th and K area used to be used by transgender sex workers until police harassment forced them away so new condos could open. Wal-mart was targetted as they are being sued for firing Transgender employees. Union Station was chosen as the finish as it is an excellent location to educate commuters. A note on messaging: Trangender organizers put this march together along with Blackout DC, and the “Trans Lives Matter” slogan was used only after discussion between Transgender and Black Lives Matter activists in DC

Video from transgender march on 5th and K, Wal-Mart, Union Station

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Muslims protest ISIS, racial and ethnic profiling

On the 20th of November, three separate Muslim rallies took place in DC. A small rally at the Lincoln Memorial and a very large march to the White House directly protested ISIS/Daesh. Many in the larger protest has US flags, reminescent of the 2006 immigrant rights protests. With politicians calling for blocking refugees from entire states and even a call for internment camps on the table, this is a reminder that the global Muslim community does not support Daesh and in fact that most of those murdered by Daesh are Muslims. In addition, a protest was held against racial and ethic profiling at DHS, with both Muslim and GLBTQ activists present. Police attempted but failed to stop some young African-American bystanders from joining the protest.

ISIS/Daesh reportedly has been attempting for months to force Europe to seal their borders against the flow of Syrian refugees. They have even resorting to executing anyone they catch trying to escape from territory they control in both Syria and Iraq. The exodus of millions of refugees has drained Daesh’s tax base, their labor pool, and the supply of young men they were hoping to conscript into their army. If Daesh’s objective in Paris was to seal in those hoping to escape their rule by denying them sanctuaries, any politician advocating denying entrance to refugees or putting Muslims in internment camps is effectively working for Daesh himself. All that racial profiling and harassment of US Muslims assists Daesh in holding on to their population.

One of the worst offenders in the wave of hate that is sweeping the country is Roanoke Mayor David Bowers, who invoked the internment of Japanese-Americans during WWII as a justifying precedent for denying entrance to Syrian refugees. Here is his exact quote: “I’m reminded that President Franklin D Roosevelt felt compelled to sequester Japanese foreign nationals after the bombing of Pearl Harbor and it appears that threat of harm to America from now is just as real and serious as that from our enemies then.” This is the first time in living memory for most people that any politician has dared to cite WWII internment camps as anything other than a crime and a shameful act. In Europe too there have been calls for internment camps. All this hate can only help Daesh hold onto their workforce, their tax base, and their potential pool of conscript soldiers.

More on the Mayor of Roanoke invoking WWII internment camps:

More on calls for internment of “rejected” refugees in Europe:

Video-police attempt to exclude several young African-Americans from the protest against racial profiling

Video-American Muslims march on the White House against Daesh

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