Ongoing #KremlinAnnex protest calls for shutting down Trump

On Jan 16, the ongoing #KremlinAnnex protest for impeaching Trump called for shutting Trump down instead of the government in loud chants and music during what might be Trump’s dinnertime.

At one point, a rather right-wing youth tour group counterprotested, then walked by with at least three of their members being kept back by the group’s staffers from making hostile moves on protesters. The government shutdown issue continues to heat up…

Video including protest songs-and the aggressive moves by several counterprotesters 2 min 25 sec

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Mayor Bowser VETOES Metro fare decriminalization bill

On the 16th of January, DC Mayor Bowser VETOED the Metro fare decriminalization bill. The bill passed the DC Council by a 10-2 margin, enough to override the Mayor’s veto if nobody changes their vote. Metro police have been aggressively targeting Black youth for enforcement and arrest on fare evasion charges. This could perhaps be called “Make Metro White Again.

Needless to say, the next step towards decriminalization is a campaign to ensure the DC City Council schedules a veto override vote, and to ensure that no more than one councilmember changes their vote to support a gentrifying Mayor. Mayor Bowser is always pushing to put more African-American youth in prison, in jail, and in those nasty GPS ankle bracelets just waiting to be cut off. A few years ago she tried and failed to get a bill through the City Council to impose warrantless searches as a condition of parole for many “offenders.”

The Mayor’s veto

The Mayor’s sorry excuse: she thinks a proposals to make it easier for those with extra $$$ to spend on lawyers to seal records after the HELL of court proceedings and possible JAIL TIME (without the right to a jury) is enough!

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Gitmo protest marches on White House, Trump Hotel, Central Cell Block

Jan 11 was the 17th anniversary of the opening of AmeriKKKa’s dungeoun at Guantanimo Bay, Cuba. On Jan 11, 2019 protesters marked the occasion with a broader protest both of indefinate detention at Gitmo and US mass incarceration in general. Immigration detention was also singled out as protesters marched from the White House to Trump Hotel, and then to DC’s own Central Cellblock.

A Jan 2008 pirate radio report on that year’s Gitmo anniversary protest opened with “When you arrive at Guantanimo Bay, you know that there is a hell, and you know that there is a Devil, and his name is George W Bush!” Since then two presidents have run out their terms and left office, with Barrack Obama having disappointed the whole world by breaking his campaign vow to close the gates of Hell at Guantanimo Bay forever. Now 40 prisoners are still held at Gitmo and over half of them are “forever prisoners” denied trial because all the evidence against them was obtained by torture. Donald Trump has halted all releases and transfers of prisoners from Guantanimo Bay-even of clearly innocent people cleared for release under the Obama administration.

The songs and chants of protester clearly demanded the release of ALL prisoners held by the so-called “United States”-whether in Guantanimo Bay, the dungeouns of ICE and CBP, or any of the jails and prisons all over the US that hold in excess of 2 million prisoners. The US has become internationally known as a nation of cold iron prisons, the very thing it used to condemn the Soviet Union for being.

Video highlights of the rally and march 4 min 15 sec

Solidarity with Gitmo detainees at the White House

Solidarity with detained migrants at Trump Hotel

Solidarity with every prisoner in DC Central Cell Block on Friday evening-and with every prisoner in the US

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Federal workers march on White House against Trump’s shutdown

On the 10th of January, thousands of Federal workers gathered in front of the AFL-CIO’s headquarters, then marched on the White House demanding an end to Trump’s lockout of Federal workers. Speaker after speaker denounced GOP Senator Majority leader Mitch McConnell for blocking any votes on bills to reopen the Federal government without caving to Trump’s demand for a racist border wall.

Thirty-two different unions from AFGE to AFT to SEIU to the Teamsters and so many more were listed as sponsors of the rally. Several times, union officials referred to Trump’s shutdown as a lockout. Concerns of both employees of the Federal government and contractors include eviction for unpaid rent or mortages, and in once case having to resort to a GoFundMe campaign to cover a daughter’s monthly college tuition payments. If the shutdown continues past Feb 1, food stamp recipients will get nothing to eat, because USDA is shut down. Since USDA food inspectors are not working, in theory there is supposed to be no food on grocery stores shelves anyway but nobody has been stupid enough to attempt to demand that. Outright starvation is a known cause of political instabilty and even revolutions.

Despite the threats of eviction, having to turn off the heat, skip meals, or forego medical treatment to save money, not a single speaker called for submitting to Trump’s “Make America White Again” wall project as a way of ending the shutdown. The US government will NOT be issuing paychecks on Friday, but not a single speaker decided to call for submitting to Trump’s gutter racism to resolve this. The blame for the shutdown was places squarely on the shoulders of the one man who said he would not cooperate with the normal US government budget process unless his wall was added to it-Trump.

The racist agenda of Donald Trump is so foul that the Democrats have stood in absolute unity against the Wall, a level of resolve and determination normally entirely beyond the Democrats. Meanwhile Trump’s pro-Wall coaltion in the Senate is crumbling, meaning if Mitch McConnnell allows Senators to vote at all, the House and Senate may vote to reopen the Federal government by a veto-proof majority in both houses.

If Trump vetoes the budget and that veto is overridden, Trump’s presidency is effectively over according to many analyists. If the Democrats allow a budget to pass containing Trump’s wall, Trump owns then for the next two years. Thus, this is for ALL the marbles and the only group that can break the deadlock is Republicans other than Trump and who are not tied to Trump.

In the meantime, we have a head of state (Donald Trump) who is behaving so badly that his own workforce is marching against him and many are demanding his removal from office e.g. “pay the workers, furlough Trump!

Video highlights of the rally and short march

The starting rally took up most of 16th st in front of AFL-CIO headquarters

The scene in front of the White House as locked out Federal workers march on Trump

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Climate Wave Rally in Annapolis promotes MD Clean Energy Jobs Bill on first day of session

On the 9th of January, environmental groups rallied near the MD State House for passage of the “Clean Energy Jobs Act,” which would mandate that 50% of MD’s electricity come from renewable sources other than trash incineration within ten years. After being re-elected, Gov Hogan claimed to “have a purple surfboard” to “ride the blue wave” so protesters asked him to trade in his purple surfboard for a green one.

The Clean Energy Jobs Act is similar to recent legislation in DC, except that is also specifies an effort to convert to 100% renewable sources of electricity after the 50% target is met. One of the sponsors of the bill remarked that the states need to “get out front” with climate legislation because the Federal government is doing nothing, which of course will continue until Trump is removed from office.

The passage of state legislation to counteract Trump’s wholesale rollback of environmental standards and brazen denial of climate change is just one more way people are resisting the wannabe Fascist dictator Donald Trump.

Video-Gov Hogan asked to “trade in his purple surfboard” for a green one, and why states must lead when Federal government will now

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Protesters descend on Canadian Embassy against raid on Wetsuwet’en anti-pipeline checkpoint

On the 8th of January, both Native and non-Native activists and showed up at the Canadian Embassy to protest an armed RCMP raid on checkpoints set by Wetsuwet’en First Nations people against a TransCanada gas pipeline project. The DC protest was one of a series of protests all over Turtle Island in solidarity with the Wetsuwet’en.

The checkpoints have kept pipeline crews off of unceded Wetsuwet’en land over which the Canadian occupation government has no legal authority under international law. On Jan 7, a heavily militarized team of Royal Canadian Mounted Police assaulted a Wetsuwet’en checkpoint and arrested 14 land defenders. An assault on the main camp was reported to be “imminent,” and the Unist’ot’en Camp is also expecting to be attacked at any time.

The checkpoints have allowed civilian traffic complying with the Free, Prior, and Informed Consent protocols to pass but blocked passage of TransCanada ‘s surveyers and others participating in the theft of Indigenous land and resources. TransCanada wants to begin construction of the Coastal Gas Link, the first of several proposed pipelines intended to cross unceded Wetsuwet’en land. All chiefs of all five clans have unanimously vetoed all of the pipeline proposals, and Canada’s plans to build them under armed force have been called “an act of war.”

Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau has proven that his promises are worthless and he cannot be trusted. We are right back to fighting in Occupied Canada against oil and gas extraction and pipelines The Wetsuwet’en are now preparing for a “protracted struggle” to stop all of these pipelines and the trespassers seeking to build them whatever it takes. This could get rough, as oil and gas corporations seeking to trespass on First Nations land have found out before in Klanada, Occupied Turtle Island.

Video from the protest 2 min 34 sec

A mock pipeline and spill on the steps of the Canadian Embassy. THEY are the ones who are trespassing, not the protesters.

Everyone together at the end of the rally

RCMP in training prior to the Monday, Jan 7 assault on the Wetsuwet’en checkpoints.(Photo from Indigenous Environmental Network report)

RCMP armed with infantry rifles in the vicinity of a Wetsuwet’en checkpoint (photo by

A land defender is arrested (photo by

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Cops arrest four counterprotesters as half dozen fascists at White House make fools of themselves

On the 5th of January, barely over half a dozen fascists organized by Proud Boys expellee Jovi Val showed up in front of the White House. They were there to defend Cville car ramming driver James Fields and Proud Boys facing felonies for a brutal beatdown in NYC in October 2018. Instead, they spent all their time arguing with people, and their statements defending James Fields led to some kind of incident ending with four counterprotesters being arrested.

Both Jovi Val and at least one other “speaker” at the failed Jan 5 “rally” defended Nazi terrorist James Fields in their arguments with antifascists and bystanders. The announced purpose of the rally was brazen support foth for James Fields and for the Proud Boys facing felonly charges for the brutal Oct 12, 2018 beatings near the NYC’s Metropolitan Republican Club. James Fields is the Nazi who rammed his grey Dodge Challenger into a crowd of counterprotesters against “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville on Aug 12, 2017. Rather than holding a rally at all however, it seems the tiny number of fascists was only enough to argue with people around them. They had at least one bullhorn and a single US flag, but no signs or other banners.

The Proud Boys claim ” Jovi Val is “no longer a member,” apparently for being too overtly racist, but their “elders” have provided no evidence this is anything but talk. As for the question of overt vs covert racism, the Proud Boys themselves seem to prefer silent to audible “dog whistles.” They revel in supporting Trump and using violence to do so, and have often served as security for blatently white nationalist events. Former Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes publicly disavowed the Aug 12 2017 Unite The Right nazi rally in Charlottesville, yet the Proud Boys were present in significant numbers there. They have also been spotted in DC in and after both overtly neo-Nazi and MAGA events. For his part, Jovi val was present at the Aug 12, 2018 Unite the Right II event in DC alongside Jason Kessler.

More on the background of Jovi Val and what was to be a pro-James Fields rally from the article warning of it.

Jovi Val, half dozen supporters make fools of themselves at failed White House rally

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