Philly cops aggressively protect fascist “Proud Boys” rally from #Pushback counterprotest

On the 17th of November, a front group for the Proud Boys held a “We the People” rally in Philadelphia. Also present were the Keystone State Skinheads and 3%er militia elements. A much larger counterprotest confronted them. Unfortunately, other fascists wearing badges and police uniforms used great effort to protect their comrades in the rally. Philly cops beat and assaulted protesters in multiple incidents.

Meanwhile, at least two ten-strong “hunter squads” of Keystone State Skinheads and Proud Boys were confirmed to be roaming the area surrounding both their own rally and the much larger counterprotest. Smaller groups of two to three fascists were also spotted. Some mainstream news outlets reported only 25 white supremacists in town, but those reports fail to account for at least that many fascists just in the roaming patrols.

No police action of any kind was reported against the fascist patrols(even though they were believed to be carrying pistols), while by comparison groups of anti-Fascist protesters were jumped and assaulted by police several times. Early in the day, police inflicted a head injury sufficient to leave blood on the pavement in the process of forcing a group of counterprotesters back to the area deemed “acceptable” for a permitted counterprotest. While using police bikes to ram protesters back, one person received that head injury, another was arrested, and someone in a wheelchair was trapped behind police lines. Unknown if the wheelchair user was the person arrested there.

At about 2:30PM the fascist rally ended early and the shit began to really hit the fan. Late in the rally there were two incidents of fascists walking through the counterprotest, being pursued by the crowd, and rescued by police. The first one was reported to be wearing a full Nazi uniform. The second incident could well have been a diversion, because it quickly led to a scrum that moved counterprotesters out of the park and into the streets. Again someone was arrested from the anti-Fascist side. When this stabilized, most of the fascists had disappeared from their protest pen just north of Market Street.

From that point, the Philadelphia Police department provided a police escort for the Proud Boys and their allies all the way back to the police headquarters. There they stopped, and Uber drivers and cabs were summoned. Protesters told the drivers who their would-be customers were, and neither the taxi drivers nor the uber drivers would pick them up. Police threatened taxi drivers with unspecified enforcement action to no avail, in the end the fascists had to hike back to wherever their cars were. During this time, groups of counterprotesters in the street faced more harassment and violence from the Philadelphia police department, as this is written all the results of that are not yet known.

Some of the signs and chants at the counterprotest said “cops and Klan work hand in hand” and the close cooperation between the Philadelphia Police Department and their Proud Boy comrades was on clear view throughout the day. The fascist rally was organized by “Sports Beer and Politics,” which has multiple organizational connections to the Proud Boys. While supposedly racists were unwelcome at what was billed as a “pro-police” rally, nobody on their side did anything to prevent known Proud Boys members from showing up openly. Also present were the Keystone State Skinheads (KSS), one of the most violent racist groups anywhere on Turtle Island. It was KSS members who were suspected of carrying guns in the roving bands of fascists who made it necessary for counterprotesters to enter and leave only in defensable groups. The Proud Boys themselves are also infamous for beatings with sticks, and the recent group kicking of counterprotesters in NYC. The 3%er milita groups are of course armed but did not display their rifles in Philadelphia. By targetting counterprotesters instead of these armed and dangerous white supremacists, the Philadelphia Police Department made it plain that they do indeed work “hand in hand with the Klan.”

For all of this, the far-right still had a very bad day. Instead of the expected 100 participants, the “We the People” themed rally got a reported 34 according to , while counterprotesters peaked at maybe 1,000 according to the same source. Only two confirmed members of the Proud Boys showed up, despite their role in organizing the events. The two roving patrols of fascists may have included the rest of the Proud Boys or maybe only Keystone State Skinheads, but were no counted as part of the rally as they were skulking in the shadows. These non-uniformed fascists never got a chance to carry out their planned assaults. There was even a Twitter user vowing to dox each and every attendee of the fascist rally.

Video-Counterprotesting the Proud Boys as police roll out the red carpet for them 2 min 58 sec

Massive line of bike cops protecting Proud Boys shows which side the police are on

Blood in the street from a head injury inflicted by police seeking to keep counterprotesters away from the white supremacist Proud Boys (Photo by “Gwen Snyder Is Uncivil”

Close view of the Proud Boys front’s “We the People” rally early in the day.

The “We the People” rally organized by a front group for the Proud Boys

Large antifascist protest in foreground, a few dozen Proud Boys, 3%ers, Keystone State Skinheads in background. At least 20 more fascists were in roving groups around the area

Police threaten a cab driver for refusing a ride to some of the fascists. Even after threats both taxi and Uber drivers refused to pick up the Nazis

Philly’s new anti-Fascist hockey mascot in action

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Photos and video from Catharsis on the Mall’s Burn Night (bonfire)

On the 10th of November, Cartharsis on the Mall held their annual “burn night fire festival and bonfire. The DC Bike Party rode to the event, arriving shortly before the fire spinners started. When they finished, one of them ignited the “Temple Burn” bonfire. The fire started slow and smoky before accelerating into spectacular flames.

Video of the fire spinners and bonfire 2 min 50 sec

Riding in with the DC Bike Party

The Lights of Catharsis

Spinning fire on the Mall

Spinning fire

Smoky start to the bonfire

The Temple Burn going flat-out

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Big White House protest after Trump fires Sessions in effort to shut down Mueller’s probe

Former Atty General Jeff Sessions was among Trump’s worst, most racist nominations for high office. This however was not enough for Trump, as Jeff Sesions recused himself from the Russiagate probe instead of seeking to defund and shut it down. One day after the 2018 midterm election, Donald Trump forced Sessions to resign for that. In response thousands of protesters descended on the White House. Thousands more gathered in hundreds of other cities.

The Nov 8 White House protest was mostly Democratic Party supporters, though one of the speakers flatly called Trump a fascist. The backstory behind the protest and the firing of Jeff Sessions is this: Donald Trump is believed not to have the authority to directly fire Special Counsel Robert Mueller, or to be unable politically to attempt it without risking bipartisan repercussions up to and including impeachment. The Special Counsel however answers to the Attorney General. Trump has replaced Jeff Sessions (who refused to stop the Russiagate probe) with Matthew Whitaker, who is on record as calling the probe a “Lynch mob” and a “witch hunt.” Whitaker has gone so far as to recite on TV a formula for disabling and shutting down the investigation by interference and defunding from the Attorney General’s office. Now his is acting attorney general himself, awaiting only a rubber stamp from the GOP-controlled Senate to become a full-fledged Attorney General. This is a variation on Nixon’s Saturday Night Massacre pure and simple.

The Saturday Night Massacre is the name given to the cascade of event that followed when Nixon ordered his Attorney General Elliot Richardson to fire Watergate special prosecutor Archibald Cox. Richardson defied Nixon and refused, resigning his office in the process. Nixon then ordered the Deputy Attorney General to fire Cox, with the same results. Finally the 3ed in command at DOJ, Solicitor General Robert Bork complied with Nixon’s demand and sacked the special prosecutor. Within a week a majority of US voters were saying in polls that Nixon should be impeached. The following year, the House approved articles of impeachment against Nixon, and he resigned before the Senate could vote on removal from office. The Saturday Night Massacre is believed to have played a major role in escalating Watergate to the point that Nixon was forced from office. Now Trump is being called out for using the same tactics that did not work for Nixon.

Thus, it was not enough for Jeff Sessions to separate families at the border, defend police who shoot and kill people of color, and try to send anti-Inauguration protesters to prison for the rest of their lives. He also was expected to put even those limited ethics that are compatable with racism and hate aside when it came to being a “team player.” If he was not willing to obstruct justice to protect Donald Trump, he was out the door as soon as the election results were in.

The massive protest at the White House in response to this is effectively a home demo (residential protest) targetting Donald Trump, since the president lives there. Donald Trump is the wellspring and catalyst of much of the violent hate being reported on by “fash media,” the far-right press such as FOX News and the Daily Caller. Just like his underling Tucker Carlson (of FOX and the Daily Caller), Trump to has to face protesters outside his windows. Protesters demanding that Donald Trump be impeached for soliciting Russian interference in the 2016 election are outside Trump’s house (the White House) every night. On Nov 8 they were hugely reinforced by the #ProtectMueller protest, which took place just prior to the nightly protest.

Video-speakers call Trump fascist, Sessions bad enough, Whitaker a hatchet man to kill Mueller’s probe 3 min 33 sec

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Tucker Carlson of FOX News and Daily Caller gets home demo against promoting hate

On the 7th of November, Tucker Carlson of both FOX News and the Daily Caller got an anti-Fascist home demo protesting his role in peddling Trump’s racist hate. Trump’s brand of hate as promoted by the far-right media is widely believed to be responsible for the recent wave of right-wing terror attacks in the US.

Now, an HLS style home demo has served notice to Tucker Carlson, the Daily Caller, and FOX News that the consequences of peddling hate don’t stop at the office, any more than the consequences of funding puppy-killing vivisectors do-“For the migrants we will fight, we know where you sleep at night!”

Video of the anti-hate/anti-Fascist protest at Tucker Carlson’s house 1 min 49 sec

Backup post of same video to Liveleak in case the same MAGAts that got Twitter to suspend the SmashRacismDC account and remove that video get to

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Kurds, Allies protest renewed Turkish shelling and bombing of Syrian civilians

Since the end of October Erdogen’s fascist/Islamist regime in Turkey hs again been shelling and bombing northern Syria. One of these bombings killed a small child on her way to school. On the 5th of November, Kurdish activists and their supporters showed up at the US Department of State. US action to end the attacks could be as simple as an ultimatum to Turkey to stop the bombing or face a US arms embargo.

Protesters called Turkeys’s Islamist (theocrat) dictator Erdogen a baby-killer for the proven cases of his shells and bombs killing children in northern Syria. Protesters also emphasized the role of the Kurdish YPG and YPJ fighters in turning the tide against ISIS(Daesh), and skewered Erdogen for effectively supporting ISIS by attacking Kurds. Had it not been for the YPG and YPJ, ISIS would probably now control half of Syria and potentially might have taken all of the Sunni portions of both Syria and Iraq and held them indefinately.

The choice of the Dept of State as the site of the protest was meant to demand that the US put a decisive stop to aggression against northern Syria and the Kurdish people by Turkey. Some of the activists wanted to either deliver a note to or meet with the State Dept’s Syria desk, but those negotiations went nowhere. Erdogen’s regime could not survive an end to the sale of US weapons to the Turkish military, and probably would also fall if NATO decided to expel Turkey for their crimes in Kurdistan and elsewhere in northern Syria.

Video featuring a speaker on the Kurdish anti-ISIS campaign and Turkey’s new round of attacks

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#Kremlin Annex Protesters read out some of Trump’s crimes

On Halloween, protesters in front of the “Kremlin Annex” as they call the White House read out a list of nearly two dozen of Trump’s crimes. The protest has been there since Trump’s July 16 joint press conference with Vladimar Putin denying interference in the 2016 election.

Some of the listed crimes read out on Oct 31 were the paper towels thrown by Trump to Puerto Ricans, the sending of the military to the border, his silence as Saudi thugs chopped a journalist up alive, the Kavanaugh mess, his attempts to declare transgender folks out of existence, and so many more.

Video-reading out some of Trump’s Crimes at the Kremlin Annex 3 min 30 sec

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Homeless shelter at DC General closed by Mayor Bowser

On the 31st of October, the Washington Post reported that Mayor Bowser has closed the family homeless shelter at DC General. The post reports this fulfulls one of her campaign promises. The Jeff Bezos-owned Washington Post did NOT report that this makes the site ready for a possible Amazon HQ2 project where DC General now stands. The Post admitted 9 familes were disqualified from further housing assistance for “rule violations” and claims others have been housed as of the last weekend of October 2018.

Mayor Bowser may find that her “hard work” closing the family shelter at DC General did not produce the results she desired, as the big developers are now expecting that Amazon will build their “HQ2” second headquarters in northern Virginia, and putting their money in that direction. Virginia has a strong network of toll roads that allow wealthy bosses to get to their offices quickly, while bypassing their workers in stalled traffic on regular lanes. Virginia is the most anti-union of the three states (MD, DC, VA) in this area. Also, Virginia is far less likely to respond to Amazon the way DC did to Wal-Mart, by passing new laws raising wages or forcing better working conditions that giant megacorporations hate. Amazon is considered by many to be to Wal-Mart as Wal-Mart is to normal retail stores.

Meanwhile, most of the network of shelters supposedly in all wards Muriel Bowser had promised would replace DC General have NOT opened. Several of them wilted under the barrage of NIMBYism from upscale white residents in DC’s wealthier wards. Of course, for Muriel Bowser’s campaign cash sources this is no problem, as she can always use more police and more jump-outs to drive homeless familes away.

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