March on Mexican Embassy remembers Ayotzinapa 43.

On the 26th of March, Members of the #Ayotzi43DC protested in front of the US Dept of State demanding a cutoff of US funds to Mexican military units involved in human rights violations. The rally was followed by a march on the Mexican Embassy. Six months ago to the day, Mexican police and military opened fire on a bus carrying 43 teaching students in Ayotzinapa and they have not been seen since. It is widely suspected that after police ambushed and fired on their bus the survivers were turned over to cartel gunmen to be killed and there is evidence their bodies may have been incinerated.

One of the demands of the march was an end to the War on Drugs, another was that “Plan Mexico” either be modified to cut off funds to murderous, cartel-collaborating military units or be scrapped entirely. This whole mess reminds me of the days of the death squads in El Salvador during the 1980’s. Another way to look at it is this: the cartel gunmen were often orignally trained by the School of the Americas before they deserted to the cartels. The Mexican military units they have gained control over are still getting US funds. Thus the relationship between the United States and these murderers is similar to that between Saudi Arabia and Daesh(ISIS).

Video clips of the March and rallies

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Fundraiser for pro-TPP Sen Wyden derailed by anti fast track protest

On the 24th of March, Sen Wyden, leading Democrat of the Senate Finance Committee, had scheduled a fundraiser at the Bistro Bis restaurant in the same building as the Hotel George. The fundraiser was cancelled after he got word that protesters against his support for “fast-track,” no amendment voting on the proposed TPP trade deal were also going to be there. Protesters showed up anyway as a precaution against being faked out and to educate passers by on the bribery that takes place at these fundraisers.

This bribery is probably a major factor in why Senators and Congressmen support pro-corporate trade deals opposed by a supermajority of their constituents. Senator Wyden is supporting Obama’s push for the TPP or “Trans-Pacific Partnership,” and for “fast-track” also known as “Trade Promotion Authority.” Without fast-track, the treaty would have no chance of passing Congress without amendements that would invalidate the President’s signature and force a reopening of the terms of the treaty.

The proposed terms of the TPP are being kept secret even from members of Congress. Chapters that have been leaked show more support for drug patents, seed patents, patented GMO foods, and software patents. They include restrictions on the Internet to help Hollywood persecute music and movie filesharers around the world. The main US supporters of the treaty include the US Chamber of Commerce, Hollywood, major brand name pharmaceutical makers, and of course Monsanto, Syngenta, and the rest of the unpopular GMO food industry.

If Senator Wyden wants to know just how bad things can get so long as he continues to support such an unpopular treaty, he should ask former DC Mayor Anthony Williams about those 14 campaign cash fundraisers in a row MAYDAY DC broke up back in 2002!

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Antiwar marchers carry coffins through DC streets

On the 21st of March, a large antiwar march carried coffins draped with Iraqi flags symbolizing those killed to date in US wars in Iraq and elsewhere in the Middle East. Specific demands were that the US not return to Iraq, nor launch a new war against Iran.

Coffins were left first at the new “City Center DC” condo complex that was supposed to become a library and public use complex until former Mayor Fenty decided condos were more his style. The condo project was cited as an example of how the war on the poor at home and US aggression in other nations are in fact the same war. Next, more caskets were deposited at the offices of AIPAC, the Israeli lobbying organization famous for bribing members of Congress. AIPAC has been instrumental in GOP efforts to undermine nuclear negotiations with Iran and force a war instead. After AIPAC, marchers stopped in front of the Wal-Mart on H st and booed them for promoting poverty wages and exploiting their workforce. The third coffin laying was at the offices of war contractor Honeywell, which perhaps should be called “Moneywell” instead. Finally the march climbed Capitol Hill in an effort to leave the rest of the coffins on the steps of one of the Senate Office Buildings. Capitol Police strongly defended these steps, so the coffins had to be laid on the sidewalk in front of them instead.

On this 12th anniversary of George W Bush’s invasion of Iraq, it is worth remembering the origins of the so-called “Islamic State” known all over the Middle East as “Daesh” for the Arabic acronym of their former name. They exist as a direct result of the US invasion of Iraq. Now some in the US want to go to war against Iran at the request of AIPAC and Nehtanyahu, even though Iran is themselves at war with Daesh! In Syria the US wanted to fight against Assad in 2013, now they want to effectively fight for him against Daesh. They cannot even decide which side they are on, yet they want to go to war!

Video of the march and laying of coffins draped in the Iraqi flag

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Three days of protest against animal abuse at Ringlings circus

On the 20th of March, animal rights protesters showed up for the second night in a row outside a DC performance of Ringling Brothers and Barnum Bailey circus. On the 21st of March even more protesters were present throughout the daytime performance of the circus One of the protesters on March 20th was a former elephant trainer displaying a real bullhook, the instrument used to beat the elephants into submission. Ringlings has announced they will retire the elepant acts, but not all the other animals such as tigers

At a previous Ringlings show in DC, spectators reported seeing the tigers beaten onstage. Also, activists are worried about exactly what Ringlings has in store for the elephants once they are no longer a source of profit.

Video featuring former elephant trainer with bullhook on display and another activist speaking on the future of Ringling’s elephants

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War protests-and a TPP protest-all over DC

he 19th of March marked the 12th anniversary of the first day of George W Bush’s invasion. The day the war began, protesters in DC blocked Key Bridge in a combined foot-bike operation. There have been protests on that day most years since, and 2015 was no exception. With war and dirty trade deals again leading threats, protests popped up all over DC. One of them,the “Spring Rising” bus tour of warmongers, ran into significant police harassment at the Pentagon.

The Pentagon’s “Pentagon Memorial” was visited by antiwar activists on a bus tour of DC area warmongers. The bus was surrounded by cops in the Pentagon parking lot while other tour busses were permitted to pass. Finally, activists were permittted off the bus to visit the Pentagon 9-11 memorial, where a relative of one of those killed that day spoke out against the wars that have followed.

The police problems and resulting delays forced the bus tour to scrap visits to the Department of Energy, the Carlsyle Group, the IMF and World Bank, and General Atomics, maker of Predator drones. The bus still managed to deliver protesters to FBI headquarters and the “Dept of Injustice,” followed by visits to AIPAC and finally the White House.

Earlier, Code Pink entired the offices of Sen’s McCain and Corker for some “spring cleaning” of “war scum.”

Also on the Hill, Popular Resistance activists wore blue vests for a “flood Congress” protest against fast-track authority for the proposed TPP or Trans-Pacific-Partnership trade deal. Dirty, pro-corporate trade deals, like the idea of sending US troops to Iraq, were not tolerated in 2002 and won’t be accepted without an all-out fight in 2015 either.

Video-interview with a participant about the harassment of the bus by Pentagon Police

Video of Spring Rising at AIPAC’s supposedly secret DC headquarters

Spring Rising at AIPAC

Spring Rising at the FBI

Spring Rising at the White House

In the halls of Congress: photo by Code Pink

Scrubbing war scum from Sen McCain’s office-photo by Code Pink

Flooding Congress against TPP fast-track: Photo by Eleanor Goldfield,

One of the vests worn at the Flood Congress TPP protest: photo by Eleanor Goldfield,

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DC Ferguson blocks 14th and U after Metro Transit Police shooting

DC Ferguson blocks 14th and U after Metro Transit Police shooting

On the 12th of March, Metro Transit Police shot and killed a man in the tunnels near the Potomac Ave station. They have refused to identify him and some media reports didn’t even admit the shooting was by a cop! The following night (March 13), DC Ferguson met at Chinatown, got on the Metro, then got off at U st to block the intersection of 14th and U streets.

stirring video of the protest: never yield!

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AIPAC dinner attendees run gauntlet of protesters on the way out

On the 2nd of March, AIPAC delegates attending a fancy dinner at the Washington Convention Center were the subject of a second day in a row of confrontation. While they ate a noisy protest took place outside, and when they emerged they had to run the gauntlet of protesters. Members of Congress emerging from the AIPAC bribefest were singled out by name to be “named and shamed.”

The AIPAC event charged attendees other than members of Congress $600 to attend, with a $400 “special” offered as of the second day. It is unknown whether members of Congress also have to pay this, but the campaign cash they get back from AIPAC surely is many times this much. AIPAC (American Israel Public Affairs Committee) has long been synonomous with Congressional bribery. The name suggests a “Political Action Committee” or PAC, these organizations exist primarily to dispense campaign cash, but I am not sure if a PAC set up by foreign agents is legal under US law. Using the name “Public Affairs Committee” while performing the same function is of course a workaround to any such legislation.

Video of attendees “running the gauntlet” as protesters name and shame them

Vigil outside the Convention Center before the AIPAC attendees began to emerge

AIPAC delegates had to leave by this ramp past a very loud protest, some finding more waiting for them at the end of the ramp

Daesh(ISIS) is not the only terrorist in the Middle East. This sign refers to the 16 year old burned alive by settlers at the start of the Summer 2014 war

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