Novartis Nightmare:HLS protests July 6 in DC

On the 6th of July, animal rights protesters paid an 8 AM visit to the DC offices of Novartis, a customer of puppy-killing Huntingdon “Life” Sciences. The DC office of Novartis is located at 701 Penn Ave NW.
Audio coverage from WSQT Direct Action radio 88.1 FM

Protesters warned that not only could they show up at any time at the offices of Novartis, but that Novartis executives can also receive protests at their homes at any time. Chants of this included “For the rat and for the mouse, we are coming to your house!

Novartis was protested twice and an additional protest at Vanguard (Now HLS’s #1 institutional investor) was carried out in between the two visits to Novartis.


There is a history of security at Novartis telling false stories to police leading to activists being wrongfully arrested, but NO COPS on July 6!


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1 Response to Novartis Nightmare:HLS protests July 6 in DC

  1. Rod says:

    Wish I had been there. Keep up the pressure against HLS supporters.

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