Vigil for Gaza reads out names of the dead by candlelight

On the evening of July 30th, opponents of Israel’s war in Gaza read out the names of the dead over an hour and a half, by candles as it began to darken. At the time the vigil began the total Palestinian death toll had reached 1,200.

Stirring video of the vigil

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Climate stability activists rally to support EPA power plant rule on day of hearing

On the 29th of June, CCAN, and other pro-Earth organizations held a rally outside the EPA as a hearing on the proposed power plant CO2 emission rule gut under way. Shortly after the rally, Climate First! activists arrived at the US Chamber of Commerce saying their climate change denial is “bad for the bottom line” before also marching to the EPA, where supporters stayed put all day as the hearing continued.

The Climate First action was in response to the US Chamber of Commerce’s howling and whining that the proposed power plant rules would be “bad for the economy” by which they mean the bottom lines of fossil fuel and utility corporations. There were officials from MD, VA, and New Jersey at the Chamber at the time of this protest, in the NJ case someone who came by SUV with three NJ state troopers for security in a trail car. Wonder whether they were there for bribes or orders?

Sen Ed Markey says US “can’t preach temperance from a bar stool” to rest of world while speaking at this rally

Partial Video (yelling “solidarity with student strikers of Newark” missed) of motorcade confrontation at outside Chamber of Commerce with what may have been NJ Gov Christie’s entourage, another protester said it was, CCAN, Sierra Club, etc at the EPA shortly before 11AM

Two of the bike trailer billboards at EPA

Climate First! at the Chamber of Commerce

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“Dream” protesters demand Obama bypass Congress, act unilaterally to legalize migrants

On the 28th of July, immigrants, many of them students who received legal status because they were brought into the US as young children, showed up in front of the White House. They demanded that Obama “go big” and act unilaterally to provide legal status for their parents by executive action, thus bypassing GOP obstruction. Also present were many GLBT immigrants demanding similar relief for their partners or themselves.

Video highlights of the rally

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Bad Ass Teachers Assn rally demands end to corporate school “reform” agenda

On the 28th of July, the Bad Ass Teachers Association staged a rally of hundreds of teachers, students, and supporters in front of the Dept of Education. They demanded nothing less than an end to high stakes standardized testing, an end to charters schools and privatization, and an end to the sale of student data to corporations.

Speaker after speaker excoriated the GOP agenda of corporate takeovers of schools, closures of neighborhood schools, anti-union crusades targeting teachers, No Child Left Behind/Common Core style standardized testing, all of the so-called “school reform” agenda so recently exemplified in DC by Michelle Rhee.

Two of the star speakers were from a rather militant student organization in Newark, NJ. They recounted how they have hammered Gov Christie’s “school reform” efforts and their local supporters with student walkouts, occupations of board meetings, and are now threatening to shut down the entire city of Newark with obstructive protests unless these programs are cancelled. In short, they are warning Gov Christie that corporate-centric school “reform” is a bridge to far and will not be tolerated!

Video featuring Newark Student Union members who occupied and shut down a school board meeting over the so-called school reform agenda

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Hundreds rally for Gaza in Dupont Circle on al-Quds day

On the 25th of July, hundreds of supporters of the besieged people of Gaza, maybe more, gathered in Dupont Circle for al-Quds day, which is the last day of Ramadan. DC was just one of many hundreds of events all over the world.

In New York, IDB Bank received a die-in and was hit with red syrup symbolic of their investments in Israel and their murderous army. There were over 160 rallies in Pakistan alone. “Protests, rallies, and clashes” were reported in Kashmir.

Video of march around Dupont and short clip from Rev Hagler’s speech

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Christian Zionist convention draws Gaza invasion protest

On the 21st of July, pro-Palestine protesters showed up outside the Christians United For Israel convention in the DC Convention Center. This group is composed of Fundamentalist Christians, some of whom believe the job of Israel is to start the war of Armageddeon against their neighbors, then to either convert to Christianity or be killed after the Second Coming. I received reports today of more attendees saying Palestinian children deserve to die, though none of the attendees admitted publicly to believing Jewish people are supposed to be next to die unless they convert at the Apocalypse.

This protest came on the heels of reports that Israeli soldiers shelled a hospital in Gaza, and as Palestinian deaths continue to run at over 20 times the number of Israeli deaths. The figures were even more extreme (400-2) a day earlier, before the IDF ran into a hornet’s nest of mines and ambushes in Gaza at a cost of 25 IDF soldiers killed so far (as of 7/21). Three of their dead today were in a single tank that ran over a heavy antitank mine. The US press is reporting that the IDF underestimated the capabilities of soldiers of Hamas and other fighting groups in Gaza in a conventional battle, just as they underestimated Hezbollah in 2006.

Video on Archive, better quality

Same video on Liveleak, where it might be seen from Gaza as Middle Eastern fighters commonly use Liveleak for action videos

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Thousands march on White House against Gaza War

On the 20th of July, a crowd estimated by some at 2,000 marched from the US State Department to the White House, demanding an end to Israel’s deadly invasion and bombardment of Gaza. Without help from the US State Department and the Pentagon, Israel would be incapable of waging this war.

Video of the march

RELATED:Attendee at Christians United for Israel says no right to grow up for Gaza kids when questioned by antiwar protesters

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