CCAN delivers 105,000 petitions to FERC opposing new oil and gas pipelines and export facilities

On the 17th of April, Climate Change Action Network(CCAN) delivered over 105,000 signed petitions to the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) demanding they stop rubberstamping oil and gas infrastructure projects.

Video Interview outside FERC after sucessful petition delivery and speakout


The petitions demands that FERC:

Put down its rubber stamp and place a moratorium on new fracking and oil or gas related protects.

Provide a public map showing all oil and gas infrastructure projects seeking approval

Analyze the cumulative impacts of all such projects in a region

-The environmental, health, economic, and social impacts, including “upstream” impacts associated with oil and gas extraction and fracking

-the climate change impacts of increased exploitation of fossil fuels.

Deny permits for projects that don’t meet essential domestic needs-NO EXPORTS

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White House vigiler tasered for “too many signs” combines many into one giant sign

On the 13th of April, White House peace vigil participant Barry Knight answered the Park Police decision to taser him for “too many signs” a couple weeks ago by combining as many signs as possible into a single giant sign.

 Read 'em and weep, Sgt Reed!

Read ‘em and weep, Sgt Reed!

Once again US Park Police Sgt Reed, the cop who first tasered an Occupier back in Jan 2012 showed up to harass Barry. This time no arrest resulted, nor any further taser incident as Reed was entirely out of line and could apparently do nothing when Barry stood his ground. I have received information that even a member of Secret Service has condemned the Park Police for excessive force in the March 29 taser attack and arrest for some made-up “too many signs” violation. Park Police are now claiming nobody is allowed to have more than two protest signs, don’t know whether that is only at the White House or everywhere.

Still the name of the Park Police has long been associated with brutality not only among Occupy activists but all over DC. Everywhere I go the US Park Police, at least those who are seen on DC streets, have a reputation for brutality as well as stupidity and general aggression.

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Photos from 4-12 drone protest at CIA headquarters

CIA entrance closed again!


On the 12th of April, antiwar protesters again showed up at CIA headquarters, this time bringing a mock drone with them. As usual, CIA headquarters closed down their Dolly Madison Ave gate for hours because of the activists.


More photos at

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Food Not Bombs offers free food while IMF/World Bank delegates meet

On the 13th of April, social activists from Food Not Bombs served free food in Murrow Park outside the IMF and World Bank meetings. Not one of the delegates accepted the food. Food Not Bombs then moved to Franklin Park where there was much more interest in the food from area homeless folks who rely on the availablity of free food.

<a href="Video from Food Not Bombs


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“Plague of Debt” street theater marches from IMF to Mall during Cherry Blossoms

On the 12th of April, anti-globalization protesters staged a “Plague of Debt” street theater event against the IMF/World Bank meetings.

VIDEO: Street theater march from IMF to Mall to White House



To chants alternating “bring out your dead” with “bring out your debt,” activists appeared to die in the street and be loaded into a cart like during the days of the Bubonic Plague. The entire performance began at the delegate entry checkpoints, then marched to the Mall, originally with the intentiojn of going all the way to the Cherry Blossom Festival. Crowds leaving the festival were so dense this was very difficult, so the march turned back after reaching the Mall and proceeded to the White House, another area packed with tourists needed to be educated about the plague of illegitimate debt the IMF and World Bank have saddled much of the world with.

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IMF protesters confront delegates at checkpoint, get into Mayflower Hotel unopposed

On the 11th of April, IMF protesters seemingly managed to catch police and security by surprise. The buildings were not barricaded and protesters were able to close to face to face range on the sidewalk and even get under one of the tents in front of the IMF building.

VIDEO: IMF Protesters confront Spanish delegate as he boards his limo (liveleak)
Some reported he was the Prime Minister, a Liveleak commentor reports to the contrary. Was he the finance minister perhaps? It was Egypt’s finance minister who was confronted by Code Pink earlier the same day at the US Chamber of Commerce.

VIDEO: Protesters enter the Mayflower (delegate hotel) unopposed except for vary late security guard (Liveleak)

Anti-neoliberalism protesters outside the IMF

Anti-neoliberalism protesters outside the IMF

Spanish Prime minister gets in his limo under intense heckling

Spanish Prime minister gets in his limo under intense heckling

Activists entering the Mayflower unopposed

Activists entering the Mayflower unopposed

After the delegate hecking session wound down, anti-neoliberalism activists were able to enter the Mayflower Hotel unopposed. The IMF and World Bank are confirmed to be housing delegates there, though only a few were in sight.

Activists walked deep into the hotel before finally being confronted by a lone security guard near the side exit. He ordered protesters out, and attempted withou sucess to order one back to the lobbby while whining about being recorded on video. I guess being caught with his pants down was considered reason to object to video!

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Code Pink disrupts Egyptian Minister of Finance’ event at US Chamber of Commerce

On the 11th of April, Egyptian Minister of Finance Hani Qadri Demian showed up to be “honored” at a luncheon stage by the US Chamber of Commerce. Outside AND inside, Code Pink was present calling for “no business with the Egyptian military junta.” Medea Benajamin of Code Pink was beaten in early March by Egyptian security goons to prevent her from visiting Gaza. Later in March, an Egyptian “court” took the unprecedented step of sentencing 529 protesters to DEATH, allegedly because of one police officer being killed during protests last summer. In those same protests, security forces opened fire on protesters, thousands were killed, now they want to kill 529 more alleging those under fire put points on the board for themselves.

VIDEO:Code Pink gets inside, disrupts Egyptian Finance Minister’s event at CofC Youtube video by CodePinkAction


Code Pink inside the CofC luncheon

Code Pink inside the CofC luncheon

Under US law it is illegal for military aid to be sent to military coup regimes, yet resumption of such aid seems to be on the agenda and as for the rest of the US government it seems to be business as usual. Maybe Homeland Security wishes they could have executed all the protesters at Philiadelphia BIODEV 2005, where a cop had a heart attack? Yes, a DA did file murder charges against all arrested protesters, only to have a judge angrily throw out the charges the next morning. In Egypt things are different and the defendants were convicted and sentenced to death.

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