Secret Service expels Code Pink, NK from Lafayette Park for Israeli PM’s visit

On the first of October, Code Pink and Neturi Kartaset up in Lafayette park to protest the visit of Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu to the White House, condemning him for murder and genocide. The response from Secret Service was to clear the park, even though they had already cleared the street for him to leave when it came time for his motorcade to depart.

The center of the park was originally open to the public, as is usual during state visits even from hated figures like Netanyahu. This time around, Secret Service decided while the protest was taking place to clear everyone but themselves (and one presumed undercover) from the park. Surely they would have cited the recent security scandals if asked, but Code Pink activists said they were certain this was instead in response to a direct request from Netanyahu to “get rid of them.” Oh well-at least they didn’t break Medea Benjamin’s arm like Israel’s allies in the Egyptian coup government did, nor saturate the park with a mixture of tear gas and “bad smell water” plus rubber bullets like Netanyahu’s own police do every Friday to protesters in the Occupied West Bank.

Video of the protest

Same video in HD quality on Liveleak

Code Pink, NK pulling back from the White House after repeated demands from Secret Service

It was this protest on the sidewalk opposite the White House (not even the street) that Code Pink speakers said they suspected of triggering a “request” from the Israeli PM to “get rid of those protesters”

This is how far back Code Pink was pushed

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MD Governor O’Malley gets “golden pillow” for sleeping on fracked gas export

On the 30 of September, MD Governor O’Malley received an award from
University of Maryland Center for Environmental Science. Outside,
Calvert County residents and local environmental activists presented a
lookalike with a different award. He got a golden pillow for sleeping on
the job, at least that part concerning environmental protection. For
all that fluffy pillow talk of loving the Earth, O’Malley is the
governor who approved the ICC highway in MD, and many fear he will do
the same for Dominion’s proposal to export fracked gas from Cove Point.

After the mock presentation, activists chantedand beat a drum loudly
enough to be heard inside the real presentation, a $125 a plate dinner
featuring the governor. He was spotted through the windows and booed. As
soon as he left the stage, activists hurried to the back parking lot
exit and confronted his motorcade as he left and sped down the road to
get away. He had to pass a loud crew of opponents of fracking and gas
export on the way out.

Video featuring “Golden Pillow” presentation and disruption of the “real” presentation

“O’Malley” gettting the golden pillow for sleeping on the job of protecting Calvert County from Dominion Resources’s proposal to export fracked gas out of Cove Point on the Bay.

Activists facing the wealthy crowd entering O’Malley’s event, an old Coast Guard cutter, now a museum ship in the background at the Inner Harbor

This got loud while O’Malley was getting that undeserved award!

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Critical Mass reportback for September 2014

On the 26th of September at least 50 riders took part in DC’s monthly Critical Mass bike ride. These rides depart from Dupont Circle shortly after 8PM on the last Friday of every month.

High energy video of the ride on 9th st and on Penn Ave

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Code Pink, ANSWER protest US bombing of Syria, Iraq

On the 25th of September, Code Pink and ANSWER protested at the White House against Obama’s newly intensified bombing of Syria and Iraq. The first protest was at noon, undeterred by rain. The second was at 7PM, when Code Pink demanded that Obama return his Nobel Peace Prize due to his warmongering.

Video of Code Pink demanding Obama return his Nobel Peace Prize

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Chesapeake Earth First! videos of Flood Wall St and fracking protest at NY Obama fundraiser

Chesapeake Earth First! was on the front lines during the Monday, Sep 22 “Flood Wall St” UN Climate Protests and also the next day, as an Obama fundraiser drew protesters against his love affair with money from the gas fracking industry. Both videos focus on Indigenous perspectives and participation in these events

Video of Flood Wall st featuring Idle No More and a strong defense when police threatened

Video of fracking protest at Obama fundraiser

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Protesters blockade streets, corporate polluters, White House in solidarity w/ NYC climate protests

On the 23ed of September, two groups in DC staged direct action solidarity protests with the events in NYC over climate change. Rising Tide DC (RTDC) marched through the streets staging blockades in front of corporate polluters. Meanwhile, the National Campaign for Nonviolent Resistance (NCNR) blockaded the White House entrance nearest the Oval Office.Five were arrested in the NCNR protest.

Video of Rising Tide DC March

Video of NCNR civil resistance netting 5 arrests at the White House

RTDC focussed on big corporate polluters and their lobbies, taping off a branch of TD Bank for investing billions in TransCanada, the company behind the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. Next up was the National Coal Council, followed by the American Enterprise Institute (AEI) famous for their role in triggering the oil war in Iraq. “Project for a New American Century” or PNAC, authored at AEI before 9-11 bluntly said “another Pearl Harbor” would be needed to justify war in the Middle East for US dominance. As someone in Code Pink said this Summer, if the main export of Iraq were brocolli the US would have never invaded Iraq. The final target was the equally far right US Chamber of Commerce, a major financer of climate change denial psuedoscience.

At the White House, the NCNR made an even more explicit linkage of climate change and war, calling out the Pentagon as the world’s single largest user of fossil fuels as well as a defender of US control over them. An attempt to deliver a letter to the White house concerning climate change on how it effects poverty, hunger, & war, ended in a blockade of the west entrance from Penn Ave. Five people were arrested for blockading that entrance.

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Over 300,000 march in NYC in Peoples Climate March

Sun, Sep 21-4:30PM:An estimate of 310,000 participants is published on Twitter, march was at least 25 blocks long

Video of Bike Bloc with Petrosaurus, swordfish bikes

Video ofPeople’s Climate March on 42nd St

Video of anticapitalist bloc

Hands Up don’t shoot! Ferguson solidarity

Flags of the antcapitalist march

Bike Bloc w/ “Swordfish”bikes

Swordfish bikes in Bike Bloc

The “Petrosaurus” dinosaur in the bike bloc w/ oil bottle spines and auto part bones

The Climate Ark on 42nd St

Sun, Sep 21-4PM:Marchers who have exited march swarming back up 37th st, meanwhile marchers are still coming as far as the eye can see.

Sun, Sep 21 most of the afternoon:The march is on 42nd st right past all that lit-up advertising! The march is in double pens-but a lot of the marchers are NOT in the march but on the sidewalk. Cops spread thin, march passes one block from Times Square itself but traffic disruption is extreme. All of the Times Square area is either occupied by marchers in pens, by marchers outside the pens, or otherwise is gridlocked. If marchers had had plans for direct action at Times Square itself they would have been easily carried out by exiting the march in small groups at 50th st

Sun, Sep 21-shortly after noon:Spectacular Bike bloc in main march, with “swordfish bikes” and dinosaur skeleton made of oil bottles and car parts welded to 4 bikes.Z

Sun, Sep 21-shortly after noon:Code Pink exits the penned-in, stalled march and as a contingent marches down the sidewalk. So do many individuals, the pens appear to have been of little effect on this part of the march

Sun, Sep 21-11AM: Black Bloc assembles on main march route, NOT at previously announced meetup. Bloc takes street, marches up the route to link up with a second batch of anticapitalists.

Sun, Sep 21-9:45AM:Bike Bloc scheduled to start at 10:30AM from 59th st and 8th Ave, much police pen set up around Columbus Circle, the originally announced gathering in the same area. Large anticapitalist bloc scheduled to gather 11AM at 96th and Columbus. Main march confirmed as starting at Colubus Circle and ending at 11th Ave & 34th st.

Sun, Sep 21-7:45AM: I am in NYC, we are all about to exit the church we stayed in. Got here about 1AM

Sat, Sep 20-4:30PM:The main march begins at 11:30AM on Sunday along the east side of Central Park. The NYPD has announced plans to hold the march in pen fencing with nobody who leaves permitted to return, an exceptionally ugly development. Of course, the breakaway protest to the United Nations might not even enter the pens, and the Bike Bloc and Anticapitalist March also begin well away from them.

Sat, Sep 20:NYPD posts barricades and police to protect David Koch’s penthouse from the the coming storm of protest.

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