DC Ferguson Solidarity march shuts down H st on Saturday night

On Saturday night, the 30th of August, Ferguson solidarity marchers assembled at Union Station, then marched on H Streen NE, shutting it down for over two hours. Cops were blocked from hassling stragglers and many bystanders joined the march. Eventually the march grew to a length of about two blocks of people taking the whole street.

1 min 20 sec video, clips cut from “DC Solidarity by Stream” coverage posted by “Gen Knox”

Ustream video of most of the march-recorded live, well over two hours

Photo by Zangas

Photo cropped from Ben Norton Twitter feed, original credit given to Omar Alzayat

Photo by Flugennock

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Critical Mass rides to National Police memorial, King Memorial for Ferguson Solidarity

On the 29th of August, Critical Mass bikes rides around the US weretransformed in part or in whole to Ferguson solidarity events. Here in DC, the ride made a pit stop at the National Police Memorial, where “hand up don’t shoot” photos were taken and the NWA song “Fuck Tha Police” was at one point played by a rider from a portable sound system. A second and more somber stop was at the Martin Luther King memorial.

Video of the Ride

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Hundreds arrested in immigrant civil disobediance at White House

On the 28th of August hundreds of immigrants and supporters organized by CASA de Maryland were arrested in front of the White House after marching there from the national headquarters of ICE, demanding that Obama end deportation of undocumented migrants by executive order.

SOA Watch submitted this report:

“¡Obama, escucha, estamos en la Lucha!” chanted hundreds of supporters marching from the Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) national headquarters to the White House urging President Obama to take action regarding our broken immigration system and allow every undocumented immigrant living in the U.S. to be allowed to stay without fear of deportation. The rally, organized by CASA de Maryland, was the largest act of civil disobedience- with hundreds of arrestees- in the history of the immigrant rights movement.

The recent flood of child refugees attempting to cross the border from Central America has drawn national attention although the root causes have not been acknowledged by either the Obama Administration or mainstream media. This “humanitarian crisis” has not been caused by the criminal nature of the people of Central America, irresponsible parenting, or the pursuit of the “American Dream” as many in the media like to portray. Children and their families are coming to the U.S. to survive and escape the devastating consequences of past and present U.S. foreign policy in the region.

Increased militarization under the pretext of the drug war has led to massive human rights violations, including illegal land grabs, and the persecution of indigenous and grassroots leaders, too often at the hands of the military and police funded and trained (many at the School of the Americas) under U.S. security programs. Join thousands of peace activists from all over the Hemisphere at the gates of Ft. Benning, Georgia for the 25th Anniversary SOA Watch Vigil on November 21-23, 2014 and demand an end to injustice, militarization and empire!

Video of the march from ICE and the civil disobediance at the White House

Marching from ICE to the White House (photo by SOA Watch)

In front of the White House (photo by SOA Watch)

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Texas landowner speaks on TransCanada’s bullying at Tar Sands Blockade film screening

On the 27th of August, the film Above All Else, about the Texas tree sitting blockade against the southern leg of the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline was shown for the first time in DC at the E St Cinema. The film showing was followed by a panel discussion about the pipeline and the tar sands blockade, featuring landowner Julia Trigg Crawford who recounted in person the bullying tactics TransCanada and their lawyers used to deter landowners from refusing to sell them easements to build the pipeline.

In the film, both landowners who appeared in the film explained that TransCanada responded to the blockade with explicit threats to use lawsuits for huge amounts of money to take ALL their land if resistance continued. Although this forced the landowners to revoke formal permission for the blockade to use their land, the blockaders understood they were doing the right thing, and stayed in the trees long enough that TransCanada ended up rerouting the pipeline around the treesit on land not previously surveyed. This was done in such a way as to endanger the treesitters by felling trees at danger-close range.

Although tar sands oil has been proven to be currently flowing through the Southern leg of the Keystone XL, the crucial northern leg that was supposed to also be in operation as of now still has not begun construction, Obama has delayed any decision until after the upcoming election. Leaks from inside the White House suggest he was decided to disapprove the pipeline due to the huge stink about it coming from a crucial part of his base. The Tar Sands Blockade in Texas helped make this possible.

Trailer on Vimeo for Above All Else

Landowner Julia Trigg Crawford speaks about TransCanada’s brutal bullying tactics

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Ferguson protesters at Dept of Justice demand arrest of Ofc Darren Wilson for murder

On the 27th of August, protesters gathered in front of the Dept of Justice to demand the arrest of Ofc Darren Wilson in Ferguson for murdering Michael Brown. They also demanded accountability for all other killer cops, removing all military hardware from police possession, and body cameras on all cops, all the time. The rally effectively blocked the Constitution Ave doors of the Dept of Justice. The rally was followed by a march through Chinatown to a related event at Busboys and Poets.

At Busboys and Poets, marchers packed the house for “Ferguson and Beyond – The Way Forward” A Town Hall Meeting on Police Killings of Black Men. This was broadcast live on both C-Span and on WPFW 89.3 FM.

Video-reading of demands at DOJ followed by quick march clip

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Code Pink protests at SecState Kerry’s house for release of American journalist held by Egypt

On the 25th of August, Code Pink and area Egyptians showed up outside the Georgetown home of US Secretary of State John Kerry. They were demanding that the US Embassy take steps to push the illegal coup government of Egypt to release journalist Mohommed Soltan, who is a US citizen with family ties to Egypt. He has been effectively held hostage for a year, denied medical treatment for a bullet wound suffered while covering a protest, and has been on hunger strike.

Video of the protest
Downloadable audio-Omar Soltan speaks on what the Egyptian coup regime did and is doing to his brother

The military coup regime in Egypt overthrew a democratically elected government by armed force in Summer 2013, then shot over 1,000 protesters opposing the coup. They only greater claim to “legitimacy” they have than those who killed another US journalist in Iraq last week is that they managed to sieze the entire country instead of just part of it!

Part of the protest on August 25 involved projecting videos, and the Secret Service attempted to prohibit use of the generator needed to run the projector, claiming that the gasoline tank made it unsafe to run on the sidewalk. I then reminded them that larger gas tanks and engines were in their car and SUV in the street, at which point they perm

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DC Ferguson march takes Chinatown streets for second night in a row

On the 24th of August, Ferguson solidarity marchers took to the streets of Chinatown for the second night in a row. The marchers gathered on the east steps of the National Portrait Gallery and took to the streets, and will do so every night until they get justice for Michael Brown. Gather at about 7PM, each night’s march will set out when enough people have showed up.

Video set to “shout at the Devil” of the march-includes a warning not to harm Black youth

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