Handmaids, anti-Trump acts in High Heel Race as putting Mayor’s name on it stokes controversy

On the 30th of October, the annual pre-Halloween High Heel Race took to 17th st. There were multiple participants in “Handmaid’s Tale” costume, a possible reference to the Kavanaugh confirmation fightback. Also present were participants with “Trump is a Drag” and “Drag out Trump” signs.

There was controversy over Mayor Bowser attaching her name to the event, because her “more cops, more warrants, more arrests” politics are not good for transgender people (especially transgender people of color) or sex workers. The office of the DC Mayor has done much to faciliate this event over the years, which is quite a reversal from its underground origins and the 1991 police assault on the event. Many in the community did however ask that Mayor Bowser not put her name on the event as that can be construed as an endorsement of her pro-developer, anti-marginalized community politics.

Video including the Handmaids, the anti-Trump act, and a critique of the Mayor 1 min 14 sec

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#WontBeErased: Transgender activists and allies protest at Zorbas, staff or management calls the cops

On the 26th of October, transgender activists and allies showed up at Zorbas Cafe, a supposedly GLBTQ friendly restaurant just north of Dupont Circle in DC. They were there to educate diners about the ongoing murder of transgender people and especially transgender people of color in the US. The case of Crystal Lee was cited as an example. The response by Zorba’s staff was to summon the police.

After a somewhat frenzied police convergence in the streets on the restaurant, police took no action against the protesters, who went on to repeat this educational protest in two more restaurants before wrapping up for the night.

All of this comes as Donald Trump seeks to erase transgender people from even existing with his “birth certificate gender” policies. Looks like Donald Trump is more than one kind of birther. Transgender folks are vowing they #WontBeErased .

Video from Zorbas (960×540 resolution) 2 min 58 sec

The scene inside Zorbas as transgender activists and their friends held an educational “mic-check” intended to last five minutes

Manager or staffer calling the cops on protesters

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#KremlinAnnex impeachment protest reaches 100 nights outside the White House

The 23ed of October was the 100th evening of the #KremlinAnnex protests outside the White House demanding that Donald Trump be impeached, removed as unfit, or resign from office

Video: the 100th #KremlinAnnex protest in a row 43 sec

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Stop Police Terror Project marches on National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality

On the 22nd of October, the National Day of Protest Against Police Brutality, the Stop Police Terror Project and Black Lives Matter-DC marched against Mayor Bowser’s “Resume Raiser” event hoping to catch her there, and then against the brand-new National Law Enforcement Museum. Mayor Bowser scuttled out the back door and escaped from her own event as Black Lives Matter spoke in front of the front door.

At one point during the march between these two targets, marchers chanted “Cops and the Klan work hand in hand!” The white power T-shirts worn by MPD’s “gun recovery unit” in wards 7 and 8 are one piece of evidence of this. Another is the close cooperation between MPD, prosecutors, and the alt-right in their failed attempt to railroad J20 (inauguration) protesters into prison for over 80 years each. That prosecution fell apart after prosecutors were caught using deceptively edited video from Project Veritas and not turning over to defense attorneys exculpatory evidence that had been edited out.

The most important proof that the police and the Klan work hand in hand, however, is the role they play in gentrification and displacement. When developers want to build condos in an African-American neighborhood, the first thing that happens is Muriel Bowser floods the area with cops. Jump-outs and wholesale harassment follow and police do not hesistate to kill when Black people dare to resist or even just try to escape. This of course is just MPD following in the footsteps of the slavecatchers from whom police departments in the US evolved.

Video of the march on Mayor Bowser’s event and the National Law Enforcement Museum

The view from the Mayor’s “Resume Raiser” event. She was noticed slipping out the back door, and escaped just ahead of a pursuing scout team. The main march followed behind the scouts.

Black Lives Matter at the National Law Enforcement Museum

Closing Circle shuts down the Chinatown shopping district for the second time of the night

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Reportback from Women’s March on the Pentagon

The 21st of October featured Cindy Sheehan’s Women’s March on the Pentagon. Protesters assembled outside the Pentagon City shopping mall, and set off chanting “out of the shopping malls and into the streets.” The march wound under the highway and through the streets around the Pentagon before finally ending in one of the Pentagon parking lots.

One of the speakers recounted the role of antiwar organizations in scuttling Trump’s plans for a military parade honoring himself. On Nov 10, what was to be protests in opposition to that parade will be a peace conference, replacing Trump’s fascist parade.

The march took place on the 51st anniversary of the Oct 21, 1967 anti-Vietnam War march on the Pentagon where protesters inserted flowers into Military Police rifle barrels and the Yippies vowed to “levitate” the building. The objective of those MP’s was to block protesters from climbing the Pentagon steps and carrying out their vow to storm the building. Driven by the combination of the military draft and the blood-drenched war in Vietnam, those protesters meant business, and flowers or not the MP’s knew it. It took six more years, but in the end those protesters and the Vietnamese had won, an Johnson and later Nixon had lost.

Fifty one years later, the demands of the 2018 Women’s March on the Pentagon included the closure of ALL foreign US military bases and an end to every last one of the US’s foreign wars, deployments,and other military actions. No US President has dared reintroduce draft calls since the end of Vietnam. Reagan tried and failed to enforce draft registration (I the author of this story publicly refused to register in 1983), and there were rumors that GW Bush would bring back conscription in 2005 but in the end none of those attempts panned out. With no draft, more young people today are expected to be in the malls shopping and fewer are in the streets protesting, but Donald Trump may be changing this calculus. The insane risks Donald Trump has taken with other unstable regimes like North Korea, his reckless denials of climate change, and above all his racist hate reminescent of 1930’s Germany have turned people out on the streets. In essence, Trump has often proven to be a new activist’s draft notice.

Protests throughout the US have roughly doubled since Trump took office, and the Women’s March on the Pentagon was said to be the first major antiwar presence there in many years. Last time may have been the 2007 march on the Pentagon against the Iraq War. In that march, the Gathering of Eagles assaulted Code Pink with flagpoles, only to suddenly be on their best behavior when a hundreds-strong SDS block showed up with Roman army style shields. That same black bloc later pierced two lines of riot cops before halting at the 3ed as they were getting too far ahead of their base of support.

This time around there was no black bloc, but Cindy Sheehan (whose son was killed in Bush’s Iraq War) played a major role in turning the public against Bush’s reckless invasion of Iraq and turning the GOP out of Congress in Nov 2006. Speaking of black blocs, one reason Trump gave up on his military parade that was supposed to be on Nov 11 may have been fear that it would turn out to be another J20, with checkpoint blockades and militant direct action throughout the city for days on end. Summer 2018 featured the failure of the J20 prosecutions, followed by DC spending millions of dollars to defend perhaps 24 neo-Nazis from over ten thousand counterprotesters on August 12. It was soon after August 12 that Trumps’ parade was cancelled.

Video highlights of the march 2 min 16 sec

Out of the shopping malls, into the streets!

Approaching the Pentagon

Do Pentagon Arms deals for Saudis who stay in Trump Hotel include any bone saws?

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Protest remembering murdered Trans Women Marches into Columbia Heights restaurants

On the 19th of October, Transgender activists and their allies gathered at the Columbia Heights Metro and marched into a variety of area restaurants. The protest was on behalf of the shocking number of transgender people who have been murdered, and focussed on the case of Jennefer Laude, a Philipina transgender woman who was murdered by a US Marine who claimed “self-defense” for strangling her to death after finding she was transgender.

The protest visited Chipotle, Starbucks, a branch of the notoriously homophobic Chick-Fil-A chain, and Z-Burger. Not surprisingly the worst issues with threats from staff were at Chick-Fil-A, though someone at Z-burger picked up the phone saying they were calling the cops(snitching). Nearby police in the streets showed no sign of reaction however.

Jennefer Laude was murdered by Private First Class Scott Pemberton of the US Marine Corps. When he was found guilty of murder, the “visiting forces agreement” between the United States military and the Phillipines limited all legal proceedings to a maximimum of one year, and he received only a ten year sentence. At no time was Pemberton transferred from the custody of the US Marine Corps to the custody of the Phillipines. Transgender activists and anti-colonial activists in the Phillipines have both cited this case as an example of special treatment US soldiers get in the Phillipines. They have condemned the government of the Phillipines as well for making no serious attempt to assert their own sovereighty in this case.

Video from all four stops of the protest for murdered trans women

Fists up for murdered transgender folks at Chipotle

Someone (maybe the manager) at Chick-Fil-A orderd cameras out and made threats. Photographer withdrew to delay expulsion of the rest of the protest so patrons could be educated

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“Supervillains” visit Congress for FERC nominee Bernard McNamee

On the 16th of October, activists from Beyond Extreme Energy dressed as “Supervillains” to mockingly lobby for confirmation of Trump’s new FERC (Federal Energy Regulatory Commission) nominee Bernard McNamee. Supervillains included Columbus, the Joker, the Ghost of Fossil Fuels Past, the UnderTrumper(a mining fanatic), and more.

Video-BXE activists show off the various “SuperVillain” costumes before going into the Hart building

The Joker and Christopher Columbus-just two of the Supervillains supporting Trump’s nomination of Bernard McNamee to FERC

The Ghost of Fossil Fuels Past (L) and the Joker (R)

The “UnderTrumper” AKA the “UnderMiner”

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