Closures Ring Trump/Nationals ceremony, keeping protesters out of sight and sound

Donald Trump has in a week been booed first at the World Series, then at a UFC event in New York City. On Monday, Nov 4 he or his minions ensured this did not happen again at his Nationals ceremony in the Rose Garden. The “permanent” street closures kept protesters far away from the Rose Garden, and temporary closures forced multi-block detours as protesters probed the area for ways to get closer. Meanwhile a reported 11 members of the Washington Nationals refused to attend, in one high profile case for confirmed political reasons.

Remove Trump protesters extended their protest, moving off their normal Lafayette Park site to seek a way to get close enough to the Rose Garden event to be seen and heard. Closed areas were everywhere, and detours around some of the closures meant walking the entire permimeter would probably have taken the entire event. A team that got close in the morning as fans were filing in reported that the press and others studiously ignored them. This raises the question of whether threats were made that anyone deemed potentially sympathetic to a third round of booing and “lock him up!” would be pre-emptively removed. This sort of thing occurred at many of Trump’s 2016 campaign rallies.

Surely the last thing Donald Trump wanted in the Rose Garden was another round of baseball fans chanting “lock him up!” There were an estimated 5,000 baseball fans at the Rose Garden event, unknown how carefully they were vetted to keep out people who don’t like Trump’s racist, white supremacist politics. It was in exactly that sort of environment at the Sunday Oct 24 World Series game and at a New York City Ultimate Fighting Championship event that whoever started the booing quickly got thousands more people to join in.

Remove Trump started out in their usual spot

Remove Trump at 15th st, after having to detour to H st to bypass a closure near where the Nationals’ busses were parked near the US Treasury

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Remove Trump protests begin at White House as impeachment procedures formalized

Impeachment proceedings now being formalized in Congress are starting to bring people out in the streets! On the 2nd of November, protesters gathered at the White House to demand that Trump be not only impeached but removed. These protests will continue at noon and 6PM each day through Nov 11.

On Thursday, Nov 7 protesters will march to Trump Hotel after the 6PM White House protest to hold a noise demo outside a GOP strategy retreat there. The next day they will march from the SE side of the US Capitol, joining the #FireDrillFriday climate protests held by Greenpeace, Code Pink, and Jane Fonda.

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Whistleblower contingent runs in High Heel race, invokes “Lock Him Up”

DC’s annual High Heel Race took place on October 29, the last Tuesday before Halloween. One contingent was dressed in referee’s uniforms, blew whistles, and chanted “Lock Him Up!” This was just two days after Donald Trump was jeered with the same chant at the World Series and nearly booed out of the stadium.

Video-the Whistleblower Bloc at DC’s High Heel Race 1 min 27 sec

The Whistleblower Bloc in the High Heel Race

“Trump Baby Balloon” in high heels

The fastest runners were able to run flat-out in high heels in front of this huge crowd

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BLM marches on FOP for Atatiana Jefferson after rally at MPD

On the 28th of October, Black Lives Matter activists rallied at MPD’s headquarters, then marched on the headquarters of the Fraternal Order of Police. They were demanding justice for Atatiana Jefferson and for all other Black women murdered by police.

Atatiana Koquice Jefferson was killed by Officer Aaron Dean of the Ft Worth, Texas police department on Oct 12, 2019 in her own home. In a very rare development, the Fraternal Order of Police was somehow unable to prevent him from being forced to resign and submit to arrest for murder. It is an open question whether it will ever be possible to convict a white cop for this.

Here in DC and around the US, when a cop kills someone, the usual procedure is they call the FOP first, then (maybe) an ambulance. Most of the time killer cops walk and even keep walking their beats, and the FOP is with them every step of the way to protect them from justice.

Video featuring stirring performance by Dick Gregory’s daughter (starting 1:46) after opening rally, march on FOP, and a speaker describing their role in convering up police shootings (4 min 10 sec)

In front of MPD’s main headquarters

Marching on the FOP

In front of the Fraternal Order of Police, whose minions often reach the scenes of shootings by police ahead of an ambulance for the person the cops shot

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Trump Booed, impeachment Banners hung At World Series

On the 27th of October, Donald Trump thought he could turn the 5th game of the World Series (Wash Nationals vs Houston Astros) into a campaign rally for himself. Instead, the whole ballpark erupted into a roaring chorus of boos as soon as he was shown on the jumbotron from his fancy suite. This escalated to chants of “lock him up!” and two separate banners calling for impeachment were set up.

Trump had to sneak in after the first pitch and slink away before the last out, supposedly for traffic reasons but this also made it much harder for fans to do things like say, protesting his motorcade on the way in and out. Such protests have occurred at every State of the Union Address Trump has given, but not with tens of thousands of angry baseball fans in attendance.

Baseball fans tend to be older white men, whom Trump no doubt thought was a favorable demographic. Not in Washington DC it seems! All the rich developers who built the stadium with 100% tax money and a whopping side order of eminent domain certainly didn’t expect to see a real estate thug like themselves take such a crushing defeat in their project. As for the fans and DC residents, it looks like they hit this one right out of the ballpark!

Video compiled from many sources on Twitter 1 min 15 sec

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#JUSTICEFORMONTE rally held in front of PG County Police Station

On the 26th of October, Black Lives Matter activists backed by allies showed up in front of the PG County police station on Barlowe Rd in Landover, MD. They were there to demand that the cops who broke Monte’s neck during a traffic stops on Oct 17, the proceeded to break his back too be fired for this outrage. There were rumblings the cops would respond with the SWAT unit, instead they mostly stayed inside in shame.

During the entire protest, police interaction was limited to two cop cars driving by and demanding without success that protesters clear the street and return to the sidewalk. Motorists for their part did not seem to object to the one lane closure, except for the occupants of a single jacked-up pickup truck with white occupants. Many motorists themselves stopped to chat with protesters and honk their horns, blocking the other lane momentarily before moving on to let cars behind them pass. Community support for the protest was obvious.

Video: #JUSTICEFORMONTE rally at PG police station 4 min 26 sec

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IMF/World Bank 75th anniv Fall Meetings draw climate protesters

On the 18th of October, at least three different groups of protesters descended on the Fall Meetings of the IMF and World Bank. The largest was a climate protest, demanding that the IMF, World Bank, and IFC entirely stop funding coal, oil, and gas.

The climate protest began with a rally at Murrow Park, opened by a speaker from the Piscataway Nation on whose stolen land the IMF and World Bank sit. During the rally, one speaker from a group which has met with the World Bank over fossil fuel funding reported the “gasped” when asked to entirely stop funding coal, oil, and gas projects.

The rally was followed by a march to the IFC, a major funder of fossil fuel projects globally. That in turn was followed by a protest at the IMF”s entry checkpoint, where delegates were returning from what appeared to be a very long lunch.

In addition to the climate protest, there was a protest for Ghana against IMF and World Bank support for their unpopular president, and the Friday Student Strike marched onto the scene and joined into the protest at the IMF checkpoint. All of this comes just after Indigenous activists in Ecuador nearly shut their country down in response to an IMF austerity program, forcing the government there to negotiate and putting the IMF “loans” in question.

Video: rally at Murrow Park,march on IFC and IMF entry checkpoint 3 min

The rally in Murrow Park

The march issues forth from Murrow Park

Protesters at the IFC

Protesters at the IMF’s re-entry checkpoint after a looong IMF/World Bank lunch

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