Harry’s Restaurant hosts afterparty for Trump/MAGAt “Mother of all rallies” second year in a row

The sign in front of the bar at Harry’s Restaurant in DC reads “Harry’s Bar.” In both 2017 and 2018, this bar hosted the afterparty for the Trump/MAGAt/Fascist “Mother of All Rallies.” Like last year, total attendance at the MOAR was very sparse, but violent fascists were present. Last year it was “Based Stickman,” this year Joey Gibson of Patriot Prayer was on the speaker’s list and the Proud Boys showed up this year.

Harry’s Bar ought not to be permitting violent fascists to patronize their establishment. It looked like most of the MOAR attendees were at the afterparty, unknown if a rough-looking bunch by the 11th st entrance were with the violent “Proud Boys” or not.

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Video of the scene outside Harry’s Bar

The scene outside Harry’s Bar (part of Harry’s restaurant)

The violent “Proud Boys” were at the MOAR, showing organizer’s claims that the “violent alt-right” was not welcome may not have been for real

Probable right-wing toughs outside Harry’s Restaurant’s 11th st entrance

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Clarksville, MD hosts one of many global Rise for Climate events

On the 8th of September, one of a great many Rise for Climate events around the world was held at Clarksville Commons in Clarksville, MD.

One of the later panelists chewed out MD’s governor Hogan for being not a “Green Governor” but a “politically astute governor.” Gov Hogan claims to oppose fracking while supporting gas export out of Cove Point, MD, the Potomac Pipeline, fracked gas compressor stations and other projects to move out-of-state fracked gas into or through the state.

Earlier panels offered concrete alternatives such as rooftop solar cooperatives to reduce installation costs and community solar projects. At the start of the video, fossil fuel industry lobbying money gifted to MD’s politicians is compared to a “grand jury subpoena from Hell” that must be resisted no matter what the price.

Video calling out MD Governor Hogan’s fake “Green Governor” position and explaining what solar cooperatives and community solar installations are.

Luke Kuhn compares fossil fuel lobbying funds to “grand jury subpoena from Hell”

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Kathy Griffin roasts Trump outside the White House on 53ed day of impeachment protests

The 6th of September was the 53ed evening of impeachment protests outside the White House AKA the “Kremlin Annex.” This time around, the star of the show was actress Kathy Griffin, famous for her earlier anti-Trump photoshoot.

Video of Kathy’s entire performance, originally posted to Youtube by DCfred

Still from DCfred’s video

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#stopkavanaugh – Chaos at hearing as protests and arrests erupt

The Senate confirmation hearing for Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett “KKKavanaugh” descended almost instantly into chaos. The GOP required all questions by the Dems to be submitted in writing and pre-approved. One Democratic Senator moved to adjourn the hearing after having 41,000 pages of documents dumped in their laps the previous night. Protests erupted like a string of firecrackers going off and there were several arrests.

The GOP demand that the Democrats ask no questions and make no statements other than those pre-approved by the GOP-controlled Judiciary Committee has been called entirely unprecedented. This is the kind of raw-power tactic favored in legislatures that exist to provide dictators (Trump?) with a rubber stamp. Some of the Democrats want to walk out, but Joe Biden is interfering, whining that staying in as more powerful even if the game is rigged. Those favoring the walkout rightly state that playing by the GOP’s rules lends legitimacy to an utterly illegitimate hearing, process, and nominee.

Still, as the hearing went on both Democratic Senators and protesters derailed the Trump train again and again, blasting the scripted, pre-planned hearing off-course with interruption after interruption and disruption after disruption. KKKavenaugh’s daughters were rushed from the room as the chaos escalated at one point, and the protests hit home hard enough that a flustered Donald Trump called for banning at least these protests (if not all protests) in an interview with the extreme-right Daily Caller. His exact words were “”I think it’s embarassing for the country to allow protesters.” This is what Adolf Hitler or Kim Jong Il would say and reveals the true nature of both Trump and Kavenaugh.

After the hearings, several Senators spoke at an outdoor rally on the US Capitol Grounds. In addition to Kavanaugh’s horrifying anti-choice views, his view that sitting presidents are immune to subpeona and investigation much less prosecution drew heavy fire. Senator Jeff Merkley said Kavanaugh’s views on executive power are “fit for a King and a Kingdom” but not for a democracy.

Some have said the proposed walkout is the one and only way Democrats can stop Brett KKKavanaugh from being seated. There is word the Democrats discussed boycotting the hearings from the jump, but decided to start off instead with a strategy of maximum possible disruption. This hearing is in the Judiciary Committee, and it is the (later) floor vote that is most volnerable to a quorum denial strategy. If the Democrats do this and do it in strict party unity, that is 49 Democrats plus John McCain(dead) not present, and the Senate lacks a quorum and can conduct no business. There are an estimated four Senate Democrats that will need a firm hand and tough discipline from party leadership to keep them from defecting not only on any walkout but possible even voting for Kavanaugh.

If the Democrats fail to stop Brett KKKavanaugh, and worse yet if some Democrats vote with the GOP to confirm him, that could send blue-state voters home in November. Thus, if the Democrats play their usual “go along to get along” game, they could forfeit a “Blue Wave” election that otherwise would allow them to wrench the House of Representatives away from the minions of Donald Trump.

The stakes go beyond the coming election. As Senator Merkley said in the rally on the Capitol lawn, Brett KKKavanaugh has stated that a sitting president is immune to investigation, much less to prosecution. The Washington Post has warned he would seek not only to overturn Roe v Wade, but to impose a finding that a fetus has a right to life to make abortion a felony in all 50 states. Some say the status of women in the US would be thrown all the way back to 1951. At that time, some states required a woman to have the signed permission of her husband to purchase birth control, and forbade the sale of contraceptives to unwed women. Can you say “Saudi Arabia on Turtle Island?”

Protesters shout down the Kavenaugh hearing-video by Scott Dworkin

Video-Sen Jeff Merkley calls Kavanaugh’s views on executive immunity “fit for a King” not a democracy

Day 2 Rally at US Cap:

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Impeachment protests enter 7th week in front of White House #KremlinAnnex

Day 44, Aug 29: Video- Band leads audience in chant of “Lock him up!”

Update Day 48, Sep 1: Video- Pakistani speaker leads crowd in calling Trump “Loser” after earlier protest where Trump was golfing

Update Day 49, Sep 2:White House security lights come on during the protest, everyone pushed back

Monday, the 27th of August marked the beginning of the 7th week of nightly protests in front of the White House demanding Trump be impeached for the Russiagate scandal. The “Kremlin Annex” protests began on the evening of July 16 after Trump’s joint press conference with Vladimar Putin denying Russian interference in the 2016 election. There are now reports of Trump avoiding the White House while these protests are in session.

Due to that, over the weekend some of the same protesters showed up at a golf course where Trump was scheduled to play. These protesters hold that for Donald Trump to solicit Russian interference in the 2016 election to put him in power is nothing less than treason against the very US government he now runs. If so, that gives new meaning to “high crimes in misdemeanors,” the basis in the US government’s constitution for impeachment.

During the 2016 election, Donald Trump called for the imprisonment of his rival Hillery Clinton, leading MAGAts in chants of “lock her up!” Now the shoe is on the other foot: Protesters are chanting “Lock him up” at Russiagate-inspired protests outside the White House. .

The prosecutorial shells of the special counsel have bracketed Trump and are landing closer and closer. His “ship of state” is in real trouble and may soon be sunk. Manafort has been convicted of felonies by a jury and Michael Cohen has directly implicated Trump as part of his guilty plea.

Sep 1: Protesters set up across from the golf club where Trump is hitting his Saturday bogeys(Photo by July Briskman)

September 2: Floodlights come on at the White House during the protest

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Alexandria, VA gets one of over 80 Stop Kavenaugh rallies

On the 26th of August, the Unite for Justice Virginia Rally ws held by the the Women’s Equality Coalition with one simple demand: that the Democrats do anything and everything they can to prevent Trump’s Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavenaugh from being confirmed. This was one of over 80 such rallies on Aug 26 held in the portions of Occupied Turtle Island claimed by the United States.

NARAL (National Abortion Rights Action League) had a strong presence at the Alexandria rally. This makes sense, as Trump promised to “appoint justice who will overturn Roe vs Wade” on the campaign trail. Kavenaugh dissented from a court ruling allowing a teenage migrant to get an abortion while in immigration detention. Recently the Washington Post speculated that he might intend to go beyond overturning Roe to holding that a fetus has a constitutional right to life. Such a ruling would prohibit abortion in all 50 states. Since no constitutional amendment concerning abortion would ever be likely to pass, that means the only way a more liberal state could get out of criminalizing abortion and prosecuting women(as Trump called for) would be to secede from the US and make it stick.

The protest did not limit itself to the threat posed by Kavenaugh to reproductive freedom. Speakers called him out for hostility to labor, his support for human rights violations against migrants, and his support for the racist policies of Trump and the GOP. In addition, many in the August 26 rally carried signs condemning Trump for seeking to choose his own judge by this Supreme Court nomination if the “Russiagate” or related investigations lead to criminal charges and appeals to the Supreme Court. Kavenaugh is on record as stating that sitting Presidents are immune to all criminal charges (above the law) and can fire a special counsel at will. In effect, his statements show a belief that sitting Presidents are immune to indictment, to prosection, and even to investigation. He could be Trump’s insurance against ever going to prison, though it is less likely the Supreme Court could block a vote of impeachment and removal from office.

This issue may be the one that keeps Kavenaugh off the US Supreme Court. All ten Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee are demanding that Kavenaugh’s confirmation hearings be postponed. In a letter to Sen Judiciary Comittee Chairman Chuck Grassley, they wrote “Given the possibility of criminal wrongdoing by the President, doubts that Judge Kavanaugh believes a president can even be investigated, and the unprecedented lack of transparency regarding this nominee’s record, we should not move forward with hearings on September 4th.” This comes after former Trump campaign manager Paul Manafort was convicted by a jury of 8 felonies. On top of that Trump’s former lawyer Michael Cohen implicated Trump himself as an “unindicted co-conspirator” in a guilty plea to felony campaign finance and fraud charges.

Video-blowing whistles, signs and issues of the crowd, speakers on the Trump investigation and Roe v Wade issues

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Protesters demanding rejection of Brett Kavenaugh for SCOTUS disrupt Hart Senate Office Building

On the 23ed of August, protesters opposing Trump’s Supreme Court pick Brett Kavenaugh first disrupted the Hart Senate Office Building cafeteria, then rained down fliers in the atrium. The leaflets call out the clear and present danger Brett Kavenaugh poses to everything from worker’s wages to a woman’s right to choose.

Video compilation from raw clips by Marissa J Lang (via Twitter) 53 sec

A “guerrilla protest” rains fliers opposing Trump’s SCOTUS nominee inside the Hart Senate Office Building. Still from by Mariassa J Lang video clip

Protesters outside the Supreme Court the previous day (Aug22), photo by Mariassa J Lang

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