ShutDownDC activists paint murel at Amazon CEO Bezo’s DC mansion

On the 29th of April, ShutdownDC activists showed up in front of Jeff Bezo’s new DC mansion. Once there, they painted a murel demanding that Amazon protect their workers from COVID-19, now known to be spreading in Amazon “fulfillment centers” as online shopping soars.

The murel painting was combined with online actions against Amazon, whose profits depend on uninterrrupted and undistracted use of the Internet.

Video of murel painting at the home of Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos 16 sec

Photo by Shutdown DC

Photo by Athena4all via Twitter

Photo by Athena4all via Twitter

Photo by Athena4all via Twitter

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Sunrise holds Cancel Rent banners across from Wilson Building

DC Hub, the DC Tenant’s Union, and Sunrise are demanding that Mayor Bowser and the DC Council cancel all rent payments citywide for the duration of the COVID-19 pandemic. Sunrise started things off with banners on Freedom Plaza across from the Wilson Building. This was followed by a phone jam against the City Council and the Mayor.

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Essential not Expendable caravans crisscross DC

On the 27th of April, two motorcades and a bike caravan crosscrossed the city visiting locations where essential workers are placing themselves at risk for the public before converging in SE DC. During the closing rally in SE, cops demanded protesters leave-and some of the cops removed their own personal protective equipment to do so.

Photo of bike caravan by Jane Recker

One of the motorcades on the move

Workers (PEOPLE) are NOT expendable tools to be put on the shelf for preservation or used at the expense of being broken

Banner on the main stage at the closing rally with go-go

Whoever drove this cop car attracted the interest of protesters’ own security elements

Video featuring the bike caravan, including police incident at end 1 min 58 sec

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Motorcade protest demands extension of DACA, end of detention in pandemic

On the morning of April 27, a “CASAforall People’s Motorcade” drove around areas including the US Capitol to demand extension of DACA for the duration of the pandemic and an end to ICE detention.

The motorcade approaching the US Crapitol

Demanding Sen Warner defund ICE

CASA video of motorcade passing the US Supreme Court 43 sec

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CancelTheRent motorcade visits Mayor Bowser’s house

Mayor Bowser-at her house. This was but the first of many stops in DC, one of over 40 cities hosting CancelTheRent events.

In addition to rent cancellation, protesters demanded an end to now-lethal mass incarceration. One “correction facility” in the U$ now has 80% testing positive for COVID-19.

PLS’s video of motorcade approaching Mayor Bowser’s house1 min 21 sec

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Bodybags dumped at Trump Hotel over COVID-19 response-twice

On the 23ed of August-and again a day or two later, protesters showed up at Trump Hotel and laid down mock bodybags symbolizing those killed by Trump’s “response” to the pandemic. This is especially appropriate after Trump’s remarks about drinking or injecting bleach etc.

Still from Reuters video of Tax Chicken approaching Trump Hotel

Video featuring the bike caravan, including police incident at end 1 min 58 sec

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Nurses protest at White House for Personal Protective Equipment

On the 21st of April, National Nurses United read out the names of nurses who have died in the fight against the zoonotic COVID-19 coronavirus. They were protesting being literally sent into battle with little or no armor, and demanding that Trump ensure that US industry produced enough masks and protective gear for them just as Roosevelt forced US corporations to produce equipment needed to win WWII.

The only major steps trump has taken on ramping up production of ANYTHING used against the coronavirus seem to be circus stunts such as seizing a shipment of N95 respirators shipped by 3M to German police, and threatening to block shipments to Canada even as Canada ships other supplies needed against the coronavirus to the US. He has NOT ordered that production of automobiles be replaced with production of ventilators, nor ordered that production of say, the 2020 fall fashions be replaced with production of masks that can literally mean life and death for nurses. For those attempting to make war on a virus, masks are armor and ventilators are weapons comparable perhaps to air defense systems. US corporations have put profit aside in the name of defeating a common threat before, from 1942-1945,during WWII.

Now, Trump fiddles while the coronavirus and personal freedom alike burn (as well as the climate and everything else). First he calls for businesses to be shut down over the virus, then he calls for protests against his OWN policies.

Video cropped from National Nurses United Twitter video(vertical) 2 min 20 sec

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