Reportback from 2019 Women’s March

On the 19th of January, the Women’s March totally overflowed their Freedom Plaza rally site, filling that area plus a short march route past Trump Hotel and around a few blocks almost continuously. The counterprotesting “march for all women” was a tiny failure by comparison. Several women in Handmaid’s Tale uniforms made them look like fools.

Near the start of the march, a feeder march of union activists opposing the government shutdown marched from the White House to Freedom Plaza to join forces with the Women’s March. Many of them appeared to be in the lead contingent when the march stepped off

Later in the day, several MAGA-hatted disruptors joined a few antiabortion leftovers from the so-called “march for life” the previous day in heckling the gigantic Women’s March. One of them was a confirmed fascist who was present at the Jan 5 Jovi Val event and also counterprotested the counterprotest to the antiabortion march. They quickly left when an antifa activsts started pointing at them chanting “Nazis OUT!” only to reappear at the White House embedded in a MAGA-hatted pro-GOP of maybe a dozen or so. Women’s March participants quickly surrounded and isolated that GOP and fascist appearance, making them almost completely ineffective.

The weekend has seen an incredible amount of malicious behavior from people wearing MAGA hats, and there is suspicion a new local fascist group may exist.At least three separate incidents have featured browshirt behavior from groups of MAGA-hatted right-wingers: the harassment of the Native American elder on the drum at the Indigenous People’s March, the facists hassling the counterprotest vs the “March for Life” and now the same fash from the second incident harassing the Women’s March.

Video-the scene around Trump Hotel 1 min 23 sec

The union feeder march against the government shutdown

Counterprotesting the right-wing “March for all women” counterprotest that appeared to be mostly a single Catholic group from the previous day’s antiabortion march

Massive crowd at Trump Hotel

Closer view at Trump Hotel

A warning to the right wing and “manosphere”

Dense crowd on the march route returning from Trump Hotel

Fascist in red cap (near Freedom Plaza) was present at the Jovi Val event and harassed counterprotesters against the Jan 18 antiabortion march

Same fascists join what appear to be MAGA-hatted GOP activists at the White House

Women’s March participants quickly isolated the Fascists at the White House

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