Cops arrest four counterprotesters as half dozen fascists at White House make fools of themselves

On the 5th of January, barely over half a dozen fascists organized by Proud Boys expellee Jovi Val showed up in front of the White House. They were there to defend Cville car ramming driver James Fields and Proud Boys facing felonies for a brutal beatdown in NYC in October 2018. Instead, they spent all their time arguing with people, and their statements defending James Fields led to some kind of incident ending with four counterprotesters being arrested.

Both Jovi Val and at least one other “speaker” at the failed Jan 5 “rally” defended Nazi terrorist James Fields in their arguments with antifascists and bystanders. The announced purpose of the rally was brazen support foth for James Fields and for the Proud Boys facing felonly charges for the brutal Oct 12, 2018 beatings near the NYC’s Metropolitan Republican Club. James Fields is the Nazi who rammed his grey Dodge Challenger into a crowd of counterprotesters against “Unite the Right” in Charlottesville on Aug 12, 2017. Rather than holding a rally at all however, it seems the tiny number of fascists was only enough to argue with people around them. They had at least one bullhorn and a single US flag, but no signs or other banners.

The Proud Boys claim ” Jovi Val is “no longer a member,” apparently for being too overtly racist, but their “elders” have provided no evidence this is anything but talk. As for the question of overt vs covert racism, the Proud Boys themselves seem to prefer silent to audible “dog whistles.” They revel in supporting Trump and using violence to do so, and have often served as security for blatently white nationalist events. Former Proud Boys leader Gavin McInnes publicly disavowed the Aug 12 2017 Unite The Right nazi rally in Charlottesville, yet the Proud Boys were present in significant numbers there. They have also been spotted in DC in and after both overtly neo-Nazi and MAGA events. For his part, Jovi val was present at the Aug 12, 2018 Unite the Right II event in DC alongside Jason Kessler.

More on the background of Jovi Val and what was to be a pro-James Fields rally from the article warning of it.

Jovi Val, half dozen supporters make fools of themselves at failed White House rally

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