Impeachment protests continue as Trump shuts down part of Federal government

On the 22nd of December, a larger than normal crowd of passers-by stopped in front of the White House to cheer on the #KremlinAnnex protest demanding Trump be impeached. Speakers emphasized how indictment after indictment is dropping ever closer to Trump and prison may be his fate. This as Trump in a temper tantrum refused to sign a spending deal to keep about a quarter of the US government open because he didn’t get his wall funding.

Not only has Mexico refused to pay for Trump’s wall, so has the US Congress. Trump’s proposed “Berlin Wall on the Rio Grande” and his anti-Latinx hate are so objectionable that keeping part or all of the US government shut down all the way to Jan 20, 2021 is to be preferred to submission on the part of the Democrats to Trump’s demands. Social Security, Federal retirements, Medicaid and Medicare all are unaffected at this point. Meanwhile such criminals as ICE and CBP agents are being told to work without pay, with luck those criminals will never be paid for such so-called “work.”

The goverment may be “shut down,” but the Kremlin Annex is open for business as usual!

Video-singing pro-Mueller carols in front of the White House 5 min31 sec


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