Protesters at Supreme Court as Kavanaugh shows up for Day 1

On the 9th of October, “Injustice Brett KKKavanaugh” reported to the US Supreme Court for his first day of putting his agenda into action. Just to enter the building he had to get past protesters. A three-SUV motorcade that dove into the building past penned protesters was probably him. Afterwards protesters in “Handmaid’s Tale” costumes marched to the front of the building

It’s worth remembering that if the Democrats get control of the House of Representatives even the GOP is predicting an attempt to impeach Brett Kavanaugh. If anyone comes forward with a charge of rape or attempted rape for which the statute of limitation has not expired, a straightforward criminal prosecution could force impeachment upon conviction. It would also be hard to get to the Supreme Court from a prison cell, barring work release.

Video-protesting Kavanaugh’s motorcade,then the Handmaid’s March to the front of SCOTUS 1 min 12 sec

Waiting for Kavanaugh to show up

The last of 3 SUV’s in what may have been Kavanaugh’s motorcade which had to dive into the garage past protesters

March of the Handmaids after the motorcade had passed

Outside the Supreme Court as KKKavanaugh prepares to put his racist and misogynist agenda into action

Supreme Court of Gilead(replaces the US in the Handmaid’s Tale with fundamentalist regime), Day 1

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