March4BlackWomen demands renewal of Violence Against Women Act and more

On the 29th of September, the March4BlackWomen marched from the Mall to Freedom Plaza. While the top demand was reauthorization of the Violence Against Women act, Trump’s nomination of Brett Kavanaugh for the Supreme Court was the “elephant in the room” few could ignore.

The march had these demands:

Full reauthorization of the Violence Against Women Act set to expire on September 30, 2018(now December 7 due to the short-term budget deal.)

Our political hopefuls focus on intersectional women’s rights concerns like poverty, affordable housing, reproductive rights, immigration protections and center the most vulnerable.

Remove the gag order on advocacy and prevention focused agencies forbidding the use of the words: transgender, fetus, vulnerable, science-based, evidence-based, diversity, and entitlement.

It is worth noting that some right-wing men have been hoping the rise of Donald Trump would provide them an opportunity to gut the Violence Against Women Act, a law which among other things funds rape crisis centers. So called “men’s right activists” as well as the “Make America White Again” crowd seem to especially dislike visas granted by this law to migrant women in domestic abuse cases. Donald Trump is known for his utter contempt both for women and for migrants, thus the hopes by domestic abusers that this law will be gutted.

Beyond the core demands, speakers had additional demands, from blocking Donald Trump’s choice of a rapist(Brett Kavanaugh) to sit on the Supreme Court to calls for reparations for centuries of suffering under slavery and white supremacy.

Video-March4BlackWomen in DC passes Trump Hotel in a chorus of boos 1 min 12 sec

The lead banners as the march leaves the Mall

Circling up at the Dept of “Justice”

Marchers booing Trump Hotel on the way to Freedom Plaza


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