Stop the Hate-resist fascists in DC on August 12

Patriot Prayer, a white nationalist group on the west coast, has called for two rallies, one in Portland on August 4 and another Berkeley on August 5. This caravan is attempting to build ground support for the national fascist rally, “Unite the Right 2,” in DC on August 12.

It’s up to us to halt their march!

At last year’s “Unite the Right” rally, hundreds of alt-right nationalists came into the streets of Charlottesville. That day their hateful politics culminated in a fascist driving his car into the counter-protest, killing Heather Heyer in the street.

This year the alt-right is taking its ideology and malice on a nationwide tour.

It’s no surprise that the final stop is the front of the White House at Lafayette Square. Trump is the white nationalists’ President. While ICE separates children from their parents at the border, Patriot Prayer and Proud Boys hold anti-immigrant rallies. In 2017, amidst Trump’s tooth-and-nail fight for a travel ban that has institutionalized hostility against Muslims, a Patriot Prayer supporter yelled racist epithets at two young Muslim women on Portland’s public transit. Three other riders stepped in to deescalate, and the white nationalist killed two of them. When fascists rally in the US today, their violence reflects the President’s agenda.

If hate can bring out hundreds this August, we can unite in the thousands to stop them.

Crowd the streets to stop the hate tour in its tracks! Let’s show the alt-right that racism and anti-immigrant violence will not be tolerated in any city.

Video-Stop the Hate

Alt-right holding nationwide tour of hate-it’s up to us to stop their finale in front of the White House

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