DC Resistance Iftar condemns Trump’s Muslim ban and support for oppressive regimes

On the 12th of June, multiple organizations held the DC Resistance Iftar on Freedom Plaza. Iftar is the Islamic traditional sunset breaking of the fast during Ramadan. Community Iftars around issues of concern to all are part of this tradition. Before the sun set on the DC Resistance Iftar, speakers condemned Trump’s travel ban US support for the brutal regime in the Phillipines and the ongoing siege of Gaza.

A statement from a Filipino activist detained and tortured by Homeland Security for 28 hours after receiving a visa to visit the United States was read out by one of the speakers. This statement suggests that for some people, a visa to enter the United States may be nothing more than a dangerous trap. After 28 hours of torture, this particular activist was deported back to the Phillipines: out of US dungeons but still exposed to the murderous regime of Filipino president Rodrigo Duterte. Duterte was quoted on one protester’s sign as claiming only 3 million died in the Holocaust and that he wanted to slaughter three million drug users. Needless to say, his regime is a solid ally of the Trump regime.

Full statement released by Jerome Succor Aba on his torture by US Homeland Security, as read out during the DC Resistance Iftar

Video including part of the statement by Jerome Succor Aba read out at the Iftar

Waiting for sunset

Breaking the fast


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