Did MPD march unofficially in 2018 Capitol Pride parade?

The official list of contingents in the 2018 Capitol Pride parade did not include MPD, and there was a long time with nothing on the route before another, different contingent appeared to step off the parade. None the less, David Thurston got a photo of MPD officers escorted by two Pride staffers marching the route, possibly well ahead of the rest of the parade

This creates a bit of confusion: was the MPD LGBT Liason Unit just “inspecting the route,” were they marching unofficially on the route the way No Justice No Pride did the previous year-or did Capital Pride try to have it both ways by letting MPD march, then holding the second contingent (a military or military style color guard) long enough to make it appear that they were the first contingent. Every contingent after that was observed by an Indymedia reporter, and none of them were MPD.

At 11PM that same night(June 9), No Justice No Pride promoted a short-notice “Cops off K” march designed to keep the cops off the sex workers by keeping them busy watching something else.

Updated video of Capitol Pride 2018: Was MPD there, no Wells Fargo, least corporate parade in years

Related video: NJNP “Cops off K” march 11PM June 9

David Thurston’s photo of armed MPD officers marching on the parade route

This bus and military/military style color guard appeared to be the lead contingent-but were they really?

No Justice No Pride banner at CopsoffK march 11PM later that night


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