Rally and Actions on Eve of next J20 trial demand charges be dropped

On the 11th of May, activists held a protest in Franklin Square park in front of lunchtime yuppies to demand that the US Government drop all charges against all J20 defendents and cancel the trials. The keynote speaker was Chelsea Manning. The night before, DropJ20 tags appeared in Columbia Heights.

This report on the tagging operation was sent anonymously to itsgoingdown.org.

Also on May 10, a community discussion on the J20 cases and their relationship to the earlier Green Scare cases was held featuring no less than former Political Prisoner Daniel McGowen at St Stephens.

This call on itsgoingdown.org includes the line “We are writing this call, because we desire the cancellation of the May 14th trial or to have this and each subsequent trial come at a cost. This hostage situation cannot continue.”

With this communique, the graffiti, and public protests It appears that Jennifer Kerkhoff has pushed this matter entirely too far. She is being taken off the J20 cases after the May 14th trial, and if this trial like the November trial ends in acquitals, she can probably forget her dreams of becoming a Federal judge.

Video of the May 11 rally featuring Chelsea Manning

Rally demanding J20 charges be dropped

Drop J20 banner

One of the tags in Colombia Heights


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