3rd Trumpcare bill stopped after disruptive protests in Hart Building, Sen votes on 4th try 7-25

Update 7-24: Die-in at US Capitol as GOP plans 4th attempt. Sen McCain to return to Congress Tues 7-25 for vote(presumed YES), only one GOP public no at this point. Koch Bros piggy bank reported closed until GOP gets both Trumpcare and Trump tax bill passed. FOX News claims 7-25 vote is on straight repeal of ACA, but nobody really knows as of 10:30PM Monday, July 24.

Update 7-19: More protests, more arrests in GOP Senate offices as GOP calls for vote on straight repeal of ACA, with little chance of passage due to defections.

Update 11:30PM 7-17: Sen McCain too calls for pulling the plug, abandoning party-line healthcare bills.

On the 17th of July, the world got more proof that protest works and direct action gets the goods. Hours after a highly disruptive civil disobedience protest against Trumpcare inside the Hart building, two more GOP Senators declared they would vote no. With 4 no votes from the GOP and 100% nos from the Dems, this bill is again dead. No doubt Trump will try yet again, but Trumpcare has just struck out with three defeats in a row.

Protesters in the “People’s Fillibuster” in the Hart building were using the slogan “Kill the bill. Don’t kill us!” In addition to the very noisy Hart atrium action covered by TV news stations, there were sit-ins in the offices of some Senators. This was not even the first round of civil disobedience and arrests targetting Trumpcare. A week earlier on June 10, 80 protesters were arrested during a swarming protest in the Capitol Hill Senate Office Buildings.

Increasingly, protesters against Trumpcare have been demanding single-payer healthcare to replace the existing ACA. By trying to revert Obamacare back to the uncontrolled private market, the GOP may be unintentionally laying the groundwork for bringing the US up to the global standard in heathcare, which is single payer without private heath insurance and strict limits on things like how much can be charged for prescription drugs.

Originally the GOP had decided to hold up the vote until Senator McCain(a yes vote) recovered from surgery as otherwise the bill would be defeated. Now the protests have either deterred two more yes votes or embolded two more no votes, in either case killing the bill.

As has been said many time, protest WORKS. Trump’s agenda has been stalled by protests all the way back to Jan 20. The intense DisruptJ20 protests achieved their stated “no peaceful transition” objective, in the process denying Trump any honeymoon whatsoever. Days later came furious airport protests against his Muslim Ban, causing the first version to be stopped in court and delayng the second version for many months. Now repeated rounds of protests have caused some Republicans to save their own necks by declaring that Trumpcare goes either too far or not far enough, with the exact same results in either case. It is because of your action that Trump’s brand of fascism is being cut down one branch at a time-KEEP IT COMING!

Video of protest and arrests in Hart building atrium

Hart building atrium action against Trumpcare, similar to the Bush-era 2007 Iraq War protests in the exact same place. Photo by Amirah Sequera

Sit-in at Senator Dean Heller’s office. Photo by Biljana Milenkov

Senator McCain advises GOP to pulls the plug on Trumpcare


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