Old town Alexandria gets another protest against Neo-Nazi Richard Spencer

On the 11th of March, DC area antifacists assembled at Market Square in Alexandria, VA to protest neo-Nazi leader Richard Spencer. He runs a headquarters for area neo-Nazis from his nearby home. One participant reported Spencer’s neighbors as “very supportive” of the protest after the march arrived at his house. This the latest in a string of demonstrations that have been taking place at least once a week at Richard Spencer’s house/Nazi and alt-right HQ.

The building in question contains a chocolate shop on the first floor, Richard Spencer has the second and third floors, which serve both as his home and as a headquarters for area alt-right/neo-Nazis.

This march and rally was organized by the DC Resistance Coalition. The flags of Socialist Alternative and of the IWW were visible, and some chants related to socialist/working class issues. Many different groups have been trading off protests against Richard Spencer, with church groups protesting at his house on many Sundays, generally at 12:30PM.

Video assembled from “Resistance Wing” Ustream

Gathering at Market Square before marching to Richard Spencer’s home/Nazi headquarters-Scott Thompson photo

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