Native Nations Rising march erects tipi at Trump Hotel, marches on White House

On the 10th of March, the Standing Rock Sioux backed by thousands of Native Americans and allies from all over Turtle Island marched from the US Army Corps of Engineers to the White House. The youth led the march, carrying tipi poles. At Trump Hotel they advanced onto the sidewalk and set up a full size, traditional tipi right in front of the hotel.

At the White House, Standing Rock Sioux tribal chairman Dave Archimbault II gave this speech in front of the White House. The core of the speech was these three paragraphs concerning the threat that menaces us all:

“From the very beginning, those seeking to build an empire described our ancestors as “limited owners” or mere occupants of the land. They were free to do as they willed. Centuries later, we still see this happening. We see the alleged minority community interests of Bismarck, North Dakota outweighing the interests of our entire tribe. We see corporations being allowed to take shortcuts with the federal government that bypass regulations put in place to protect basic human health.

“We see this everywhere. Many tribes across this country and Indigenous Nations around the world are struggling with this very same problem—the imperialistic, conquistador spirit is so deeply embedded in Western and capitalistic society that hundreds of years later, our government is using the exact same arguments to disavow the safety and well-being of entire populations. Not only do they disrespect people of a different origin, they disrespect the treaty rights retained by the original Americans.

“We are in dark and unknown territory. Very real threats to our way of life and our freedom are being issued daily, and we are facing a realistic dismantling of our country as we know it.

“Fellow Americans; allies—I stand with you. I hope that you understand that this is the way my fellow Native Americans have felt for centuries. Now we are all in the same boat. We are facing a regime that has no regard for American values, and does not hesitate to fly in the face of the law to benefit the immature antics of an unhinged leader and his moneyed friends.”

Video of the march featuring the tipi raising at Trump Hotel(4 min 10 sec)

Raising the tipi at Trump Hotel

Stepping off at the US Army Corps of Engineers

A Trump “MAGAt” hat pierced by Lakota arrows

The march spread out on Penn Ave. When this was shot the march also stretched far up 15th st


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