DC antifascists confront puny “March4Trump” that never filled its permit zone

On the 4th of March, Trump supporters held a national series of “March4Trump” events all over the US, but the DC march was supposed to be the focal point. Instead, DC turnout fizzled with one twitter poster estimating perhaps 50 Trump supporters on site. DC area antifascists converged on their location for a disruptive game of anarchist soccer.

US Park Police stole at least one soccer ball that had been kicked through the area occupied by both sides. All the soccer balls stayed down at ground level, none were kicked high so no public hazard ever existed. Police also confronted the alleged owner of the sound system, demanding it be turned off with the threat that the owner would be arrested if anyone turned it back on. After some tense moments, the police set up a front line separating the two sides and from then on were much less confrontational.

There was a second racist, anti-immigrant event held at the White House complaining about H1B visas, unknown what its connections were to the March4Trump. There were reports that the Trumpers on the Mall were planning to march somewhere, but well over an hour after they had planned to march they were still on the Mall with antifascists standing in the way of the intended route. There were both one on one shouting matches and competing chants between the two sides.
Video-anarchist soccer and confronting the Maerch4Trump Correction to video commentary: the permit for the site was presumably held by the March4Trump, not Trump himself

Antifascist and Rainbow flags set up as a game of anarchist soccer gets going

A standard bearer with the Antifa flag

A soccer goal set up for anarchist soccer against the March4Trump

Everything is in the area circled in red. The March4Trump had a permit for this entire area but came nowhere near filling it


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