Protests in Annapolis demand fracking ban not Muslim ban

On the first of February, two related protests took place in Annapolis as Governor Hogan gave the state equivalent of the State of the Union speech. The first was a rally outside demanding that MD ban gas fracking outright, making the current moratorium permanent. In addition, a small crew planned to set up a banner inside demanding that Gov Hogan take a stand against Trump’s travel and refugee ban on Muslims. They got in, found the action impossible, and set up the banner outside as delegates left.

The banner crew got in with the banner and sat down to wait for the governor, only to find that all seats had been declared “reserved” with none for the general public. As a result they were ordered to leave without the banner ever being detected on them. Thus, they set up the “plan B” outside display as the delegates left. Several delegates stopped by the folks with the banner and stated they agreed with resisting the ban. MD Governor Hogan has yet to take a stand.

Inspirational video from the Annapolis fracking and Muslim ban protests

Protesters demand MD Governor Hogan support a permanent ban on gas fracking in the state

The banner intended for display inside the room as the Governor spoke

Plan B-setting up the banner against the Muslim ban for departing delegates

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