Jan 2017:The first Month of Resistance to Trump

23 Days of Resistance-a video compilation of protests and direct actions mostly in DC against Trump, against racism, and against fascism.

Begins with Jan 1 anti-DAPL banner hang at Vikings game then the Jan 2 “Little Counterinaugural” in DC where Black Lives
matter disrupted Mayor Bowser’s speech during the City Council swearing-in. From then on is the buildup to the DisruptJ20 Counterinaugural, featuring the Code Pink members dressed in KKK robes protesting Jeff Session’s appointment for Attorney General and protesters dressed at T-Rex dinosaurs marching against the Rex Tillerson (Exxon CEO) nomination for Sec of State. Next up is a big Refuse Fascism march on Trump Hotel, followed by the fantastic GLBTQ Dance Party at what was then Mike Pence’s house in Chevy Chase.

Then the shit hits the fan!

Spectacular Jan 19 Deploraball protest and fight scenes, including footage of a flaming Trump poster lifted into the air to illuminate the “racism elephant” and Nazis under attack leaving the deploraball.

The DisruptJ20 sequence starts with a pre-dawn VOA clip of protesters marching to a checkpoint, then the gorgeous (add credit here) footage of the Standing Rock/Black Lives Matter checkpoint blockade. The Anticapitalist Bloc footage includes the “hero charge” to rescue the elderly woman being pepper sprayed by cops, and two angles of an “umbrella charge” at police lines with a leading umbrella as a shield against pepper spray. The second clip shows part of the charge sucessfully breaking through the cops. These appear to be the same charge at the same police line though I am not totally sure of that. Certainly head-on charges are not what most cops (or other criminals) expect from modern opponents. This sort of thing is more like Roman legions duking it out.

Next up is another clip showing the limo driver boasting to the furious crowd that he voted for Trump, followed by his limo in flames. After that scenes from the Battle of K st showing gas grenade detonations and then a night march clip. Interestingly, the cops for days presented “alternative facts” claiming they had not used flashbangs nor stingball grenades, but protesters could never get nor afford the sheer number of these munitions used. The Baltimore Bloc showed images of recovered grenade components from the scene.

Finally we wrap up with the gigantic Women’s March passing the White House on Jan 21 and banners dropped over the Capitol Beltway on Jan 22. This is but the very first of 48 months of utter, unrelenting resistance to Trump that will never stop until they day he resigns, is impeached, or goes “4 and out.”

(not in video) Police grenade and baton round components recovered after #DisruptJ20, Baltimore Bloc photo

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