Punches, gas can’t stop the Deploraball protest

Update Jan 20: Ugly report of two after the fact arrests

On the 19th of January, rape apologist Mike Cernovich’s Deporaball was held at the National Press Club. This “alt-right” event for the neo-Nazi wing of Trump’s supporters. was named after Hillery Clinton’s “basket of Deplorables” remark concerning racists and misogynists supporting Trump. At 7:30 PM, just after the start of the protests against the Deploraball,there were conflicting reports of smoke or mace used, along with sound of “explosions.”

RT reported that protesters were throwing “signs and water balloons” at police. Reports of fireworks, called “explosives” by mainstream media

Right-wing twitter feeds attempted to claim the gas was smoke from devices used by anarchists, but an NBC journalist filming the scene could be heard to retch as he entered the smoke cloud, implying tear gas, pepper spray, that sort of thing. Smoke flares are easy to get but tear gas devices are much harder to get. This is is probable that police were the source of these devices. One report claims a police bike was thrown and then “leaked” which could imply an accident with poorly stored ordnance. Another says medics treated several people for pepper spray (not mace/tear gas) effects from “the explosion.”

Protesters were still on site an hour later, massive, chanting crowds. Now much more peaceful, probably most Deploraball attendees are inside.

A second confrontation was reported as some Deploraball attendees exited beginnging at about 9PM. At about 9:30PM, there were reports that Deploraball attendees were being pursued in the streets by anti-fascist. Unconfirmed report of police “spraying protesters at high pressure with unidentifed substance at about 10:30PM.

Video of the gas grenade incident, Gavin McInnes assaulting protesters, and protest that continued in spite of everything

Unicorn Riot livestream of the Deploraball protests.

Thumbnail from Unicorn Riot’s livestream

Photo by Alexander Rubenstein

Photo by Alexander Rubenstein<

This is the same Gavin McInnes seen on video punching or shoving protesters, now inside the Deploraball throwing the Nazi salute for Trump. Photo by “Drama Free Gay”


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