Refuse Fascism marches on Trump Hotel

On the 15th of January, staged the second of their nightly street marches that begin with a 4PM rally at McPherson Square. This march went through Chinatown and then on to Trump Hotel. A tense confrontation ensued marchers surging against the hotel’s barricades as security guards strained to hold them back. Eventually more guards and cops reinforced the barricade, foreclosing the possiblity of pushing through and storming the hotel-for that night.

The march then left the hotel, passing the White House before continung to march through DC streets. These marches are continuing on a nightly basis

Video including the confrontation at Trump Hotel

The march in Chinatown on its way to Trump Hotel

Guards strain to hold back the surging crowd at the barricades that have restricted access to Trump Hotel since the election


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