MoveOn, DRUM march against Trump’s planned registry of Muslims

On the 12th of December, and DRUM(Desis Rising Up & Moving ) marched from the Department of Justice to the White House demanding Obama shut the NSEERS muslim registry all the way down. This is so Trump cannot use it as the framework for a more expansive registry of every Muslim in the US and who knows who else.

NSEERS is also known as “Special Registration” and when George W Bush put it into effect over 1,000 Iranian-Americans who reported as demanded to register were arrested on the spot and clapped into detention centers on technicalities. One speaker at the Dec 12 rally reported that in one city 75% of the city’s Muslim community disappeared. It is not known how many were arrested, how many fled the United States for other countries, and how many simply moved and broke contact with all of the legal system and the government.

The Obama adminstration has suspended George W Bush’s NSEERS “visa tracking program” by removing all 25 countries from the tracking list but left the framework in place. Trump could add them back and more, using it as the beginning of his proposed registry. NSEERS has never resulted in a single conviction for terrorism, nor prevented a single terrorist attack, but could be the starting point for Trump’s reign of terror. Thus Obama is being asked to kill the program all the way dead before he leaves office.

Video highlights of the march including comparisons made to Nazi Germany by some participants

First they came for the Muslims but I wasn’t a Muslim so I didn’t speak up…

This is based on the orders given to Japanese-Americans to report to camps during WWII

We’ve been down this road before


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