Protesters march on Trump Hotel, burn US flag, throw paint

On the 9th of November, protesters marched on Trump Hotel at least three separate times. The first march started at the White House and marched to Trump Hotel chanting “No Trump, no KKK no racist USA.” A second, equally large march arrived from U before that first massive siege of the hotel could entirely disperse, and contained some militant activists. One group burned the US flag, which will be the flag of Donald Trump after Jan 20. Shortly therafter someone threw a paint projectile, scoring a direct hit on the building.

All night marches circulated between Trump Hotel and the White House. When the second march left Trump Hotel they paid the White House a visit. Construction for Trump’s inauguration forced a detour through the park, where some of the Standing Rock solidarity protesters were holding a drum vigil against the Dakota Access Pipeline. Energy Transfer Partners stated on election night that they plan to openly defy Obama and finish the pipeline within two weeks, and horizontal drilling equipment is being staged. Earlier in the day the Standing Rock Solidarity activists held protests at banks funding the pipeline.

After the second march passed the pipeline vigil and reached the West side of Penn Ave, things slowed down a bit, then suddenly heated up again. One of the protesters was assaulted by someone (a Trumper?) and cops arrested him instead of his attacker. The White House security lights came on and police swarmed into the area. A militant confrontation ensued as police tried and failed to keep the rest of the protest from following them out of the White House area. At one point police set up a line in a blocking position, then hurredly abandoned it rather than fight to kettle a protest that outnumbered them and had become extremely determined.. This march then divided, with two marches then arriving back at Trump Hotel by different routes at exactly the same time in a show of tactical skill.

These protests contained everyone from Hillery Clinton Supporters to anarchists, and everything in between.There were people there who’d never protested before, stalwart veterans of street actions who have never given up, and still more who had not been active since the days of George W Bush. There will be no honeymoon for Trump, just the utmost resistance to his administration and to the ugly racism, sexism, and economic exploitation he stands for. People are not holding back anymore, not with the US electing an open racist and outright fascist to the Presidency.

Video showing both marches approaching, then the flag burning and paint hit

Burning the AmeriKKKan flag in front of Trump Hotel after the second march reached the hotel

A well-aimed paint projectile scored a direct hit on Trump Hotel

Multiple marches led to mulitple sieges of Trump Hotel lasting at least until 11PM

Code Pink after the first march reached the hotel


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