Protests begin as Trump claims election

On the night of Nov 8-9, the night before the 78th anniversary of Kristallnacht, far-right Presidental candidate Donald Trump claimed victory as protests broke out coast to coast. In DC, the Light Brigade set up in front of the White House. The West Coast’s later time zone gave more time to set up, leading to mass marches including dumpster fires in Oakland and flags burned elsewhere. Twitter is abuzz with calls for massive Counterinaugural protests.

The true nature of the threat posed by Donald Trump cannot be understated. This man rose to power on the back of a racist white majority and the so-called “alt-right.” The alt-right is the explicitly white supremacist wing of the US far right. It includes suit-and-tie Nazis like the “National Policy Institute” which will be meeting at the Ronald Reagan Building on Saturday, Nov 19th and will be opposed by anti-racist/anti-fascist protesters.

With Trump in the White House, pogroms against Latino/Latina people become a real threat, given his calls for mass deportations, a expanded wall, and even attempts to collect the cost of the wall from Mexico. The President of Mexico has flatly declared his country will refuse to pay a single peso for the Great Wall of Trump.

Another deadly threat is to communities resisting gas fracking, oil fracking, pipelines, and energy export. Energy Transfer Partners has announced intentions to finish the Dakota Access Pipeline within two weeks with or without permission from the Obama administration’s US Army Corps of Engineers to cross under the Missouri River. If water protectors or winter weather stop construction past Jan 20, Trump could order an all-out assault by the military or simply permit the governor of North Dakota to do the same without repercussions.

Closer to home we can probably forget about any help from any Federal agency in stopping gas export out of Cove Point, MD. Under Obama, FERC has been a rubber stamp already, so probably this will now be true of every agency and eventually every court that could interfere with energy “infrastructure” projects at the Federal level. New Federal laws to pre-empt state level fracking bans are also likely, though direct Federal eminent domain when states refuse(as Nebraska has for the Keystone XL if it comes back) might be more difficult due to the structure of the US.

US Flag burns in anti-Trump march (probably Portland)-Mike Bivins video

Occupy DC photo of Light Brigade’s protest at the White House

US flag buns in West Coast anti-Trump march. This was probably at the portland march. Still from Mike Bivins video, on other Twitter posts he announced he was in Portland

New York City: Lady Gaga stages a protest from a sanitation truck, calling Trump the garbage he is. Photo by “Freddy”


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