Dueling protests as election keeps turning people out in the street

On the 29th of October, the No Red Button Campaign protested in front of Trump Hotel, warning that Donald Trump is just too unstable to be trusted with US nuclear launch codes. About an hour later, the best a contingent of Trump supporters could do was “lock her up,” Donald Trump’s infamous and unprecedented pledge to jail his rival Hillery Clinton if elected. In truth, both protests show that Trump is unfit for office.

Concerning nuclear weapons, perhaps the most infamous Donald Trump quote on this subject is “If we have nuclear weapons, why can’t we use them?” One of the speakers at the No Red Button Campaign rally reminded listeners that it’s not just members of the public saying Trump is unfit to command nuclear weapons, but 20 former US Air Force nuclear launch officers. The question exists of whether Strategic Air Command has made contingency plans for securing the US nuclear arsenal if this man “who can be baited by a Tweet” takes power. These comments imply such plans may in fact exist, especially in a branch of the military known for trying to plan for every possible contingency. Presenting Trump with a dummy “biscuit” loaded with invalid nuclear launch codes would be the simplest option. The “Biscuit” is the list of nuclear launch codes and is normally posessed by the President himself. The “Football” is the communications equipment required to use these codes.

With things like this on the line, it’s no wonder this election is already turning people out in the streets. Trump’s campaign is exploiting the reopened email investigation into Clinton to try to recover from the “locker room talk” and repeated charges of sexual assault. Trump’s promise as heard in the Oct 29 “Stormtrumper” march to jail his opponent if he takes power is unprecedented in living memory in the US. This is the sort of thing associated with US backed dictatorships, not the US itself.

Meanwhile Trump’s gutter racism is driving millions to vote for another candidate they despise out of shudders of fear about the racist “alt-right” coming to power.f. Possibly the issue that will trigger the most unrest in the streets though is Trump’s refusal to promise to respect the results of the election itself.

If Hillery Clinton is elected by a small margin and Trump challenges the election results in the streets, things could get exceptionally ugly. Bush vs Gore may have been but a warmup for the post 2016 election if it comes to this. Already Trumpers are claiming voting machines in mulitple jurisdictions have changed early voters’ votes for him to Clinton votes, even though voters would be unlikely to actually cast the ballot when the machine visibly changes their vote. Probably similar bugs or hacks have converted Clinton votes to Trump votes in pro-Trump areas, but as Hillery’s campaign strategy does not rely on challenging the validity of the election these cases are not making the news. Electronic voting machines are in fact computers, as proven by European actvists who make one play chess in reponse to an election official’s quote that they could not play chess. Trump is in a sense using the voting machines to play a different kind of chess at this point.

Trump supporters are preparing the way to turn a few dozen or hundred obvious problems of that nature into a challenge of the validity of tens of millions of votes,showing just how much trouble electronic voting machines can cause. Already this election is turning people out in the streets. From Oct 23-29 there was one protest by Sanders supporters against Hillery Clinton, one by Trump supporters calling for imprisoning Clinton, and at least three protests at Trump Hotel against Trumps bid for office. That’s five election-related protests in DC in less than a week. A disputed election will cause this to mushroom far beyond the Bush vs Gore street protests and counterinaugural.

Video of the No Red Button protest against giving Trump nuclear launch ability

No Red Button campaign protest at Trump Hotel

StormTrumpers: Trump supporters march on the White House

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