Hundreds picket Trump Hotel over labor dispute

On the 13th of October, the mainstream press was buzzing about the five women who have come forward to declare that they were sexually assaulted by Donald Trump. On that same day, hundreds picketed Trump’s brand new luxury hotel in DC over yet another crime by Donald Trump: his flat refusal to honor the outcome of an election by workers at his Las Vegas hotel to seek union representation.

At the Oct 13 picket, UNITE HERE called for a boycott of Trump’s Old Post Office Hotel over his defiance of labor laws requiring him to recognize the result of the election at the Las Vegas hotel he owns. Trump’s candidacy for office and widely reported racist remarks have caused business at other Trump hotels to decline 25% or more according to some reports in the ad-supported media. Now the sexual assault allegations will cause a further decline. In this sort of backdrop, UNITE HERE’s call for a boycott over Trump’s exploitation of those who clean the toilets, make the beds, prepare the food, and do all the other work that makes a hotel possible are likely to resonate with potential guests.

As the “Trump is a Pig” posters so clearly lay out, there is a growing consensus that Donald Trump is unfit for any kind of public office. A growing chorus of suppliers and contractors have reported he commonly refuses to pay his bills, then hides behind high-priced lawyers and settles for about 75% if sued.More and more women are coming forward to say they were sexually assaulted by Donald Trump.He has called for putting his rival Hillery Clinton in prison, something not seen in living memory in a US presidential election. Now it seems Donald Trump is more likely to end up in prison himself than to ever get to send a special prosecutor after his rival.

1 min video of mass picket at Trump Hotel


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