Black Lives Matter shuts down NY Ave,Chinatown, I-395 exit for Terrence Sterling

On the 10th of October, Black Lives Matter shut down streets near the 3ed and M st location where police shot Terrence Sterling off his motorcycle for the 3ed Monday in a row. Terrence Sterling was killed on Monday, Sep 11 and motorists were advised to avoid the area every Monday until Mayor Bowser and MPD release all video footage of the incident,release full details on the killer cop, and both indict and convict him.

This time around, after marching away from the initial blockade of NY Ave, Black Lives Matter marched to the iconic 7th and H st intersection in Chinatown, and shut it down. The area was packed with shoppers, yuppies, and people attending a concert at the Verizon Center. When activists circled up in front of Verizon Center a speaker on a bullhorn informed the crowd that Terrence Sterling could not buy a ticket and attend the concert because he had been shot and killed by police for nothing more than “driving erratically” on his motorcycle.

As usual, when marchers blocked NY Ave or the I-395 ramps, police claimed on their speaker that the march was “endangering lives” by blocking a major road. This was proven false by two incidents where protesters in the “square” formation parted to let an ambulance and a firetruck pass with no more delay than traffic would otherwise have imposed.

Video including an ambulance being permitted to pass at NY Ave,the Chinatown blockade, and the I-395 exit blockade

Circling up at 7th and H

The second NY Ave blockade was set at the exit from I-395

Some of the activists proceeded down the I-395 ramp to talk to motorists. One talking point was that Terrence Sterling could not sit in traffic nor drive home because police had shot him just blocks from this location


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