Hundreds protest Dakota Access pipeline at White House

On the 13th of September, hundreds gathered at the White House to demand that President Obama revoke all permits for the Dakota Access Pipeline. One of the speakers reported 22 arrests on Sep 13 at Standing Rock, where Energy Transfer is attempting to continue DAPL construction in defiance of demands from the Dept of the Interior and US Army Corps of Engineers that construction be stopped.

One of the speakers at the White House counterpointed the #NoDAPL slogan “water is life” by warning that “oil is death,” asking what did people expect to result from literally digging up dead things (fossil fuels) and burning them in power plants and engines. Bernie Sanders also showed up to speak in person from the stage. Many of the speakers invoked the victory of Native people over the Keystone XL pipeline as the precedent for the eventual defeat of the Dakota Access pipeline. Due to the amount of money Energy Partners has already spent on construction with a speculative permit situatioh, that corporation will be severely damaged by a defeat of the “Black Snake” Dakota Access pipeline.

Although much damage has been done by the bulldozers to sacred sites, construction has been slowed and made far more expensive by the stout resistance that Sacred Stone Camp and Red Warrior Camp have put up. Unleased attack dogs, pepper spray, and even the National Guard have not stopped the resistance. Speakers at the White House rally warned that winter won’t stop it either. Up to 5,000 people are now reported to be present at Sacred Stone and Red Warrior camps.

Video-March on White House, Oil is Death, and Sanders shows up

An eagle takes the Black Snake pipeline


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