TPP opponents warn Congress lame duck ratification attempt will face severe disruption

On the 7th of September, opponents of the Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) marched from Union Station to the Senate office buildings followed by the US Capitol. They gave Congress a simple warning: any attempt to ratify the TPP during a “lame duck” session will face severe disruption! Thousands of people were reported to have signed a pledge to obstruct and resist any proceedings on the Hill to ratify this “corporate coup” super-NAFTA.

There is almost no chance of TPP ratification after the inauguration, and there are long Thanksgiving and Yule breaks in any “lame duck” session. This means if activists have to “play football” with lockdowns, session disruptions, and street blockades on the Hill, they will be effectively going into the 2 minute warning a touchdown ahead, needing only to slow and obstruct proceedings, delaying everything until the session simply runs out of time.

At the Sep 7th protest, activists demanded that Hillery Clinton show her promise to oppose the TPP is serious by demanding that all the “superdelegates” who voted for her and who are members of Congress publicly vow to block consideration of the TPP in any lame duck session. This would probably kill the TPP outright, stopping a vote while Obama is in office while making it nearly impossible for Hillery Clinton to turn around and push for its approval later.

The fear of activists is that members of Congress who lose their seats will vote as a bloc for the TPP to boost their post-government employment prospects in places like K Street. Up to 80 members of Congress, mostly Republicans, are believed to be in danger of losing their seats due to the toxic effect the Trump candidacy is having on down-ballot races.

Video highlights of the TPP Protest

Solidarity with #NoDAPL Dakota Access Pipeline fighters in N Dakota. Also on Sep 7 Green Party candidate Jill Stein was arrested at a NoDAPL blockade in N Dakota. Hillery has done nothing on this issue and Trump has outright investment ties to it.

Marching away from that highly inapproprate monument to that murderer and slavetrader Christopher Columbus


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