Bike Around the Bomb circles area small nuke would destroy in DC

On the 6th of August, Global Zero’s “Bike around the Bomb” bike ride circled the area a small nuclear weapon would destroy in DC Heading north from the White House the ride went to U st, down 9th st, E on Penn to 3ed st, down to Indep Ave, and across back to 15th st. From there they returned to the White House. This route suggests a Ground Zero somewhere around K and 12th sts, missing the White House as a target just as the Hiroshima bomb is said to have been offset from its intended detonation spot.The size of the area suggests a device detonated by Daesh as opposed to the huge Russian nukes.

For the largest nuclear bomb ever detonated (the 60 MT Russian Tsar Bomba) the ride would have had to pass north of Baltimore, then go well out to sea by sea kayak before landing in Virgina well south of DC and then riding west most of the way to the mountains. That assume a “2 for 1 shot” aimed at taking out both DC and Baltimore with one device, something the Tsar Bomba may have been capable of, especially at its full 100MT design power.

Video of Bike Around the Bomb 2016


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