Slumlord Geoff Griffis gets another home demo in Cleveland Park

Geoffrey Griffis, managing member for CityPartners, LLC is up to his neck in the efforts to evict all residents of Congress Heights in Anacostia so a new “mixed use” development can take their place. On the 23ed of July under scorching heat, dozens of Congress Heights tenants backed up by residents of other properties facing deliberate slum conditions and other illegal eviction schemes showed up at Geoffrey’s luxurious Cleveland Park home to warn that he can’t try to put people out of their homes, then return to his home and not have problems. Protesters called out CityPartners LLC for a business model based on emptying out buildings so the condos can come.

Geoff was called out for sending thugs to tell tenants to be out by 5PM or else without court orders and intentionally allowing rats, roaches, and bedbugs to infest Congress Heights. He was also called out for donating huge sums to Mayor Bowser’s campaign fund instead of spending the money on repairs. Since he took over Congress Heights conditions have steadliy deteriorated and even court orders have brought only temporary relief. After all, if the tenants leave and the city and WMATA also vacate two adjacent parcels, he can build his condos and shops over a Metro station!

With all this going on, Geoff foolishly thought he could buy off the protesters with a case of bottled water on ice. This set off a furious round of shouting as he appeared, and almost nobody touched his water except to throw several bottles back at his house. With both sides expecting the heat, protesters brought a cooler full of ice water of their own. This was not the first protest at Geoffrey’s house and it won’t be the last unless he stops trying to illegally evict the tenants of Congress Heights and instead repairs the damage he has done and permitted to occur.

Details on Geoffrey’s plans for Congress Heights

Video including Geoff coming out in an attempt to buy off protesters with bottled water

Marching up Ordway St from Connecticut Ave

The scene in front of Geoffry Griffis home, quite a contrast to what he has done to Congress Heights

Geoff emerges thinking his tenants and the other protesters will sell out for a bottle of water apiece!

Some of Geoffrey’s water bottles were thrown back like undesired fish from a boat.

Geoffrey’s own rendering (probably by a contractor) of his proposed “mixed use development” intended to replace the tenants of Congress Heights


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