Beyond Extreme Energy disrupts FERC, locks down at Democratic Party HQ

On the 21st of July, six members of Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) locked down across the doors of Democratic Party headquarters in DC, holding the space for hours. The Democrats sent out two people to “negotiate,” but they said they had no authority to speak for anyone. Negotiations went nowhere, so the blockade went on for hours. The Dems were outraged that Green Party activists participated in the blockade but were warned that their pro-corporate, pro-fracking, pro-TPP politics were driving away their base. Suspicion that Hillary Clinton intends to return to supporting the TPP trade deal post-election could even hand the White House to Donald Trump, yet the Democrats refused to include an anti-TPP plank in their platform for 2016.

Earlier that morning, BXE) disrupted FERC’s monthly “public” meeting yet again, exposing the rubber stamp nature of how FERC approves eminent domain, pipelines, and fracking. Outside, those barred from entry wore blue dots over their mouths symbolic of blue dots put on ID’s at security checkpoints to identify those who are told they can never return. These dots can be peeled off ID’s but no doubt remain in FERC’s computer. Hours later the same activists delivered a letter to DNC chair Debbie Wasserman’s office around same demands as the later lockdown. These demands are that the Democrats include planks in the 2016 party platform supporting a national ban on fracking, opposing the TPP trade deal, and supporting strong action on climate change.

Video from the lockdown at Democratic Party headquarters

Blue dots symbolizing FERC’s blue dots put on ID’s of undesired participants in FERC’s monthly meetings (photo by Elizabeth)


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