A modest proposal for the Trump/RNC protests in Cleveland

From DC Indymedia https://dcindymedia.org/node/1181:

The Cleveland pigs have decreed that things like gas masks, food coolers, bicycle locks, and squirt guns are banned in a huge “event zone” covering a good part of downtown Cleveland during the Repugnican National Convention. Squirt guns are banned but due to the state’s “open carry” law REAL guns cannot be banned. This provides leverage for protest organizers.

As this is being written, both the New Black Panthers and some of the pro-Trump groups are already planning to march armed. Most of the groups that will be protesting do not normally march armed, but that could be made conditional on removing “event zone” regulations of items that are logistically needed such as coolers for cold food, locks for protester’s bicycles-and yes, gas masks in case the pigs open fire first with tear gas. State law says the city HAS to allow protesters to carry guns, no such law requires them to ban coolers and squirt guns. Thus they have some room to negotiate if they are provided with the appropriate incentive to do so.

Organizers of the mainstream protests can offer a simple choice: let us carry the equipment we need to carry, or we will carry the one thing you can’t stop us from carrying. There’s more than one way to make people think twice about using massive clouds of pepper spray on peaceful protesters or rooting through people’s bags for contraband cold food, after all. I think the Cleveland police would be quite happy to see mainstream anti-Trump groups marching with slung supersoakers under the heat of summer, rather than the slung rifles of this long, hot summer!


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