FERC chairman Norman Bay gets 2nd home demo-featuring Green Party Pres. Candidate Jill Stein

On the 15th of June, Beyond Extreme Energy showed up for the second time at the home of FERC chairman Norman C Bay. FERC is the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission, which among other things approves the use of eminent domain to seize land for pipelines carrying fracked gas.

The protesters from Beyond Extreme Energy (BXE) were at FERC chairman Normal Bay’s Dupont Cirle home to demand an end to FERC’s rubberstamping these gas pipeline and fracking projects, and especially of eminent domain for these destructive activities. This time around they were joined by Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein. Earlier in the day, Sen John Barrasso called Beyond Extreme Energy “extremists” over these very peaceful home demos. Jill Stein responded that “what is extreme here” is extreme energy and the expected 9 foot sea level rise by 2050

Jill Stein warned that this sea level rise would hit every harbor on Earth with destruction worse than what Pearl Harbor got on Dec 7, 1941 and thus requires a comparable economic mobilization to stop it. She called the upcoming climate catastrophe a “civilization ending hit.” Given that extreme energy extraction like fracking, tar sands, and MTR coal mining accelerates this process, it should be quite clear who the dangerous “extremists” are in this debate.

GOP Senator Barrasso demanded during an energy bill hearing earlier the same day that the greenwash group “Environmental Defense Fund” condemn Beyond Extreme Energy.Sen Barasso accused the totally nonviolent Beyond Extreme Energy of being a threat to the physical safety of FERC officials-and their families. Politico magazine in covering Barasso’s outburst called BXE “extremists,” in these times a clear reference to ISIS/Daesh. In this way, Sen Barasso is seeking to exploit the Orlando terror attack and other recent attacks by Daesh to trash talk peaceful opposition to the oil and gas lobbyists he works for. Barasso is chair of the GOP convention’s platfrom committee and thus will no doubt play a role in deciding how to integrate Donald Trump’s racist proposal to ban Muslim immigrants to the US into the GOP platform. Between this violation of the First Amendment and the utter destruction by resource extraction corporations Barrasso is defending, he is poorly placed to call anyone else an “extremist.”

BXE for their part is totally nonviolent and the home demos used to hold FERC officials accountable do not even feature the loud bullhorns and neighborhood confrontations the HLS (Huntingdon Life Sciences) home demos were famous for. Some of those demos (against Goldman-Sachs) took place only a few blocks from the home of Norman Bay, possibly coloring his expectations. More likely he has been strongly affected by the public shaming he got last time around. It has been confirmed that he and his wife live in the house in question-and that they have been “skulking around” ever since the last home demo there.

As for the EDF or “Environmental Defense Fund,” they have taken so much corporate money that they had their office stormed by Rising Tide DC back in December 2008 or 2009(not sure which year). The ugly remarks in the Senate and in politico are a reminder that the real priority of the US government, the GOP, and the FBI never were to protect the people and remain in as always the protection of the rich and powerful FROM the people. Norman Bay thinks he can terrorize people in their homes and get away with it. He thinks he can sign documents that allow armed police to enforce eminent domain for gas pipeline builders, then not have to worry about being held personally accountable for these crimes. Even nonviolent naming and shaming is too much for Norman Bay, as it makes him lose face before the entire neighborhood. When called on the carpet for what they do at “work,” he and others like him whine to Congress, the FBI, and the press accusing ordinary people whose land has been stolen of being the extremists in this fight. The only extremists Norman Bey has encountered in this fight so far are those whose payroll he is on and works for: the frackers and gas pipeline/export industry.

Video featuring Jill Stein of the Green Party in front of Norman Bay’s house speaking on just what is “extreme”


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