Video-Protesters battle police, interrupt Trump in New Mexico

On the 24th of May in Albuquerque, New Mexico, protesters fought a significant battle against police and disrupted yet another racist Donald Trump event. Opponents of the racist hate spewed by would-be Fuhrer Trump sucessfully stormed through a police barricade to reach the Convention Center where the Trump event was held. inside, Trump was repeatedly interrupted by protesters, chants and booing could be heard in the background. Protests went on outside well after Trump’s event had ended, at one point with rocks and fireworks being traded for tear gas or pepper spray, at another point protesters marched over the roofs of police cruisers in victory

With just seven weeks to go to the GOP Convention in Cleveland, Donald Trump has a major problem. He chose months ago to introduce violence to his events, but his brownshirts and now sometimes even the police cannot win the resulting battles. They’ve been hammered from Chicago to Pittsburgh to the California GOP Convention. Even here in DC they’ve had Code Pink block their entryway with a sit-in, and a casket delivered to another event. Now they have faced the full force and fury of anti-racist protesters in New Mexico. There are seven weeks to go to the GOP Convention, and that is in Cleveland. For Trump that choice of sites means the convention could be Chicago on steroids. Cleveland is a “rust belt” city with a substantial anarchist and hard left presence and would be a difficult place to hold any GOP Convention, much less this one. The Cleveland cops are stocking up on riot gear but as we’ve seen from Seattle to A16 to Occupy to Black Lives Matter that simply cannot suppress dissent and enforce unity.

Trump has succeeded in crushing much of the dissent in his party, but not in the rest of the country. He has infuriated people of color with things like raw and false accusations that “all Mexicans are rapists” and calls for deporting 18 million people and building a wall. Gutter language against African-Americans is also common from the “StormTrumpers,” and the number of KKK chapters in the US has at least doubled since the beginning of his candidacy.

Meanwhile presumed Democratic nominee Hillery Clinton has started running on gun control, the issue that handed control of Congress to Newt Gingrich in 1994 with help from the “Hillerycare” HMO based health care proposal. Since that became prominant in the news her once double digit lead over Trump has evaporated and the two are essentially tied in national polls. Both also poll hugely negative, with nearly 2/3ed of the US public opposing Trump and a slightly lower margin hating Hillery, and many hating both given the numbers. Bernie Sanders has thumped Trump in every poll taken, but it appears that the “Superdelegates” will ensure he cannot be nominated in Philiadelphia. No doubt DNC protesters will have something to say about that.

Video compiled from multiple news clips set to music

Protesters pierce police barricades

Cops assault a protester 10-15 feet from Donald Chump

Protesters jump on and over cop cars outside

Tear gas and maybe smoke from the fireworks fog up the air


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