Anti-TPP activists perform street theater, then march to DNC

On the 18th of May the US International Trade Commission (US ITC) released its economic impact statement of the TPP or Trans-Pacific Partnership trade deal.

Outside, both the Rubber Stamp Rebellion and the No Lame Duck Uprising were present, performing a skit about how the ISDN or “Investor State Dispute resolution” corporate courts would let oil companies sue the US for demanding they clean up their spills or limit their drilling. The skit ended with Uncle Sam, hat in hand, begging the taxpayers for money to pay off the TPP ISDN judgements to Big Pig Oil.

Afterwards, everyone marched to Democratic National Committee Headquarters to deliver an alternate TPP economic impact statement created by reputable institutions using sound methodology. The DNC barricaded their doors but sent out a single representative to collect the statement.The US ITC statement they no doubt also have received was denounced as ignoring many TPP impacts that would lower economic growth by leaving people unemployed as their jobs were shipped abroad. These newly unemployed people would be buying less, causing still other businesses to decline.

Video of the TPP skit featuring Pig Oil and his fracking buddies

The skit in front of the US International Trade Commission

Hillery Clinton’s Democratic National Committee headquarters barricaded their doors against TPP protesters delivering a more accurate alternative to the US International Trade Commission’s report


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