Rubber Stamp Rebellion begins with AM and PM blockades of FERC, 7 arrests-and a home demo

On the 16th of May, the Rubber Stamp Rebellion began with an 8AM blockade and noisefest outside the offices of FERC, the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission. This was followed by a PM rush hour “pipeline” blockade stopping all traffic out of FERC’s driveway. That night, FERC Commissioner Tony Clark got home only to find protesters were there too. FERC is notorious for rubberstamping almost all permits for oil and gas fracking and pipelines. They are also the source of eminent domain authority for these projects.

During the earlier 8 AM morning rush hour “soft blockade,” the sounds of fracking compressors and chainsaws were played as FERC staffers ran the gauntlet to push through protesters.

This time around the protests don’t stop at the office. It has been announced by a mainstream press outlet that four FERC commissioners will be receiving protests at their homes this week from Beyond Extreme Energy as part of the Rubber Stamp Rebellion. Just like with Huntingdon Life Sciences or Skanska/U-WA vivisection, FERC commissioners do have the option to never see a protester again. All they have to do is stop rubber stamping permits for fracking, gas pipelines, LNG export terminals, and especially eminent domain for these projects.

Even after seven arrests, the Rubber Stamp rebellion wasn’t finished for the day. Protesters showed up a the home of FERC Commissioner Tony Clark in Loundon County, VA demanding an end to the automatic approvals of seemingly every fracking and gas pipeline project.

Video highlights of the FERC blockades plus(last 38 sec) cop trying to order the camera turned off (a common problem at FERC)

Blocking FERC’s driveway at about 4PM

Soft blockade at FERC’s back door at about 8AM

Rubber Stamp Rebellion at FERC’s front door at about 8AM

Protest at FERC Commissioner Tony Clark’s HOME, photo by Elizabeth as edited by Beyond Extreme Energy. Notice the similarity of the text with that used to notify neighbors of investors in vivisector Huntingdon Life Sciences


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