Protesters deliver coffin to GOP HQ during Trump’s DC Visit

On the 12th of May, a visit to GOP headquarters on Capitol Hill by Donald Trump drew immigrant protesters and Code Pink as well. The protest appeared to have been either spontaneous or organized on very short notice,as seemingly no information had been available anywhere the previous night. Despite this short notice opponents of Trump’s gutter racism managed to drop a coffin right in front of GOP headquarters. Inside RNC headquarters, staffers were told to either support Donald Trump or leave.

There were also reports of pro-Trump demostrators, and another video showed over 100 media camerapeople at the scene. One wag claimed that was to shoot video of about 20 protesters, but the small crew put points on the board with that coffin. The Washington Post reported the coffin as standing for the death of the GOP and of its racist policies. The major protests against Trump in Pittsburgh and Chicago were at well-publicized public appearances by Trump rather than his day to day meetings to shake down reluctant GOP co-conspirators. His speech before AIPAC back on March 21 drew hundreds of protesters. The tens of thousands of Trumpers who went to AIPAC had to get past Code Pink’s sit-in at a severe chokepoint created that day by police lines.

As for why DC isn’t seeing thousands of peope laying siege to Trump events and forcing their cancellation, gentrification is probably to blame. A deliberate strategic campaign to de-house and drive away enemies of the ruling class in the “Washington” part of Washington DC would look little different than the nightmare of gentrification that has taken place since the days of former mayor Williams in this town. Trump will have no such protection when he gets to the GOP Convention in Cleveland. Cops are desperately buying riot gear there, but the raw racial hate Trump has stirred up means the Cleveland cops will face the same difficulties they would if the KKK was having their convention there. Actually, with Trump as the GOP nominee and both the Nazis and KKK endorsing Trump, that’s exactly what is happening in Cleveland this summer: a Klan convention and huge counterprotests against it, all week long.

Video of coffin delivery originally uploaded to Twitter by “Frank Thorpe V”

Still from video originally uploaded to Twitter by Frank Thorpe V

Code Pink showed up too-Photo by Emmarie Haumann

Photo by Amy Mek


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