Thousands march in Democracy Awakening march against money in politics

On the 17th of April, thousands participated in a massive march against corporate and other cash in politics. With this march, Democracy Spring transitioned into Democracy Awakening.The march wound past the House Office Buildings and the US Capitol before passing the US Supreme Court and finally ending at a faith rally in front of Union Station. There a “Golden Bull” evoking the Biblical Golden Calf and the Wall St Bull was placed on a stage symbolizing what Congress and the Supreme Court worship.Chants included a demand to overturn Citizens United-and Occupy’s famous “we are the 99%” in contrast to the 1% who buy and control politics.

During the post-march faith rally, a report came in that police or the courts are refusing to accept payment for citations issued during the past week’s civil disobedience protests. No doubt this is a tactic to raise the stakes for anyone risking arrest twice, by blocking final disposition of previous cases.

Video of the march

The march turns on Independence Ave

March near the Supreme Court

Final approach to the Supreme Court, demanding the overturn of Citizens United

The Golden Bull for Congress!

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