Texas SB2 abortion case draws huge pro-choice protest, smaller right-wing to Supreme Court

On the 2nd of March, the US Supreme Court heard arguments in the case of the Texas abortion clinic restriction law HB2. A lower court upheld a law imposing numerous architectural requirements on clinics and requiring doctors to be affiliated with hospitals. Huge crowds outside the Supreme Court chanted “Stop the Sham” referring to bogus claims this law was meant to protect women from doctors. A much smaller number of right-wingers was buried in this crowd, many of them surrounded by an arm-locked line of pro-choice activists. One of the right-wing speakers was from “Concerned Women for America,”(CWA) which is listed as an anti-Gay hate group by the Southern Poverty Law Center.

Although most of the right-wingers were surrounded by a militantly pro-choice crowd, nobody moved to physically assault them. This was in stark contract to the violent brownshirt assaults on protesters who dare to confront Donald Trump’s campaign rallies.

Some of the anti-choicers had explicitly religious signs using religious arguments and entirely discarding the sham that Texas’ HB2 law has anything at all to do with protecting women from anything. Ahh yes: theocracy, Christian State, ISIS Texas Style/American style. One of the antichoice contingent’s signs even featured flames. Ask any Syrian refugee what you get from theocracy and hate!

Video-huge pro-choice protest surrounds smaller antichoice contingent, showing the speaker from CWA anti-Gay hate group(2:28)

Some of the right-wingers are buried in this crowd but cannot be seen from here they are so heavily outnumbered

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