Koran burners STOPPED near the White House

On the 12th of December, the “new furor” exemplified by Donald Trump boiled over into an attempt by right-wing nutjobs to burn the Koran at the White House. With minutes to go, the Secret Service noticed an abandoned backpack and closed the street and park, denying them their intended location. Pushed to 15th st, the right-wingers pulled out a Koran and began to tear it up-only to lose control of it as counterprotesters challenged them for the book. The man tearing out pages started yelling “take it! take it! and someone did exactly that before he could set flame to it. Given this invitation, police made no attempt to stop the man who rescued the book and the pages and got them safely out of the area.

Had the Koran been burned (and especially if it was burned at the original location at the White House), a major international incident could have resulted. A similar incident in Florida a few years ago led to the death of a dozen people in Afghanistan in strong anti-US riots. There is no question that video of the Koran burning at the White House would have been a gift from the US right to the makers of ISIS/Daesh propaganda. For the Koran to burn in front of the White House while police protect those doing so would be considered by millions to be evidence that the US was at war with all of Islam and all 1.4 billion Muslims on the planet.

Video:anti-racist protesters confront would-be Koran burners(1:31) Clip of Koran being taken back courtesy of John Zangas, as I was on the 17th st side when Secret Service split the crowd by clearing the park

John Zangas’ Youtube video with the footage of the Koran being rescued and several interviews (4:58)

The Koran in the air as those who would burn it lose control of it-still from John Zangas Youtube video

Pages fly as a far-right notjob begins to mutilate the Koran-still from John Zangas Youtube video

The rescued Koran being taken safely away north of the White House

Would-be Koran burners surrounded by anti-racist activists

What’s wrong with burning books?


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