“Solutions 21” corporate event disrupted at COP21 climate summit

On the 4th of December,the “Toxic Tour” defeated the French protest ban long enough to stage a disruption of the corporate “Solutions 21” event at the COP21 climate summit in Paris. Both protesters and reporters were physically dragged out by undercover cops. One of the targetted corporate presentors had gone so to present gas fracking as a “solution to the future” even though methane leakage from fracking is a major contributor to climate change. Protest bans and house arrests of organizers have failed to protect this kind of outrage from all dissent as the fossil fuel industry had no doubt hoped.

Video-undercover cops drag protesters from corporate “Solutions 21” COP21 event

Earth First Journal story featuring the same video, as posted to youtube by New Internationalist magazine

As for the undercover cops, they appeared to be poorly armed and this intended to suppress dissent rather than secure anything against armed terrorists.

There has been an aggressive corporate attempt to take over the climate change summit, so protesters are targetting these events in defiance of the “state of emergency” ban on all dissent. Just getting news from Paris has not been easy. There were direct police efforts to censor coverage of this disruption, for instance.

The police ban on all protests, and house arrests of multiple organizers have prevented the huge mass protests that were planned for the COP21 summit, but have not stopped smaller events that could be organized covertly, out of sight and reach of French security forces.

The stakes in Paris have become dire. In addition to corporate attempts to hijack the climate summit, the limitation of protest to the smaller events organized by the toughest, most difficult to stop activists sets an ugly precedent. Corporations and politicians are no doubt loving the lack of large street protests, so long as the direct action disruptions don’t escalate to a level that makes them regret the “state of emergency” restrictions.

In other French news, the virulently racist and anti-immigrant National Front party won 6 out of 13 seats in the first round regional elections. Holding these elections so close to the Daesh/ISIS attacks seems to have helped Marie Le Pen’s National Front, a party similar in some ways to the neo-Nazi Golden Dawn in Greece.

Still from the New Internatiobnalist video

Still from the New Internatiobnalist video

Still from the New Internatiobnalist video

Still from the New Internatiobnalist video

Two days later: an Indigenous flotilla in kayaks . This photo appeared in both Lacy,s and Adam Eidinger’s Twitter feeds.


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