Saudi Embassy security gets rough with Code Pink protest of death sentences

On the 3rd of December, Code Pink protested at th Embassy of Saudi Arabia against the many sentences of death by beheading recently handed down for political dissent. One of these sentences is for a poem condemning the country’s oil industry. When protesters attempted to deliver a letter from the mothers of the condemned young men, the security guards responded with force to remove Code Pink from the embassy steps. Code Pink reponded by calling out Saudi Arabia for supporting Daesh (Isis) and the security guards for protecting funders of terrorism and war.

Before the march to the Embassy steps, a group of Nubian protesters showed up condemning Saudi Arabia for building destructive dams in their homeland. This issue is reminescent of US and Canadian policies of stealing oil, gas, and uranium from Native American land.Code Pink issued a statement of solidarity with the Nubian protester at the scene.

Video of the incident on the steps of the Saudi Embassy


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